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About Me
Name: Angie
Favorite colors: Pink and white
" animal: Panda
" anime/manga: Sailor Moon
" video game: Legend of Zelda series
" book: Good question!

Age: 23
Hobbies:Acting, sleeping (when I have the chance), spending time with my boyfriend and my cat


News/Updates: 8/15/16: Wowza! It's been years, am I right or am I right? So I am basically going through a small quarter life crises, and just finished season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal, and I thought to myself: self, why not go back into fanficiton! So, I have decided to post the first chapter of Reigning Roses! (Ha, it's only been 7 years since that side project started lol) We'll see how it goes. I might end up posting something else, but who the heck knows. Hopefully, I'll be back in the fanfiction world for a bit! I sincerely miss writing for fun now that I am out of college!

6/30: YAY! I updated A Blue Eyed Beast! Be proud for me! Hahaha. (It's the last chapter!) I'll try to get some things up that I put aside, but I can't promise anything. I've just been REALLY bored now that I have no life since I'm in the high school to college transition... I should be busy in college though, I plan on double majoring, doing theatre, and I'm apart of the honors we'll see how everything works out. :P

5/9/10: Hello, to everyone. It's been awhile. Almost a year. Ha. I haven't touched my fanfiction in forever. School, theatre, has kept me busy, many times to the verge of a break down. I miss writing, and I miss sharing it with everyone, but I haven't had much time to do anything besides learn lines or do papers. :P College is coming up soon, so perhaps I'll have a little extra time and I'll get back into the swing of things. I'm graduating the 24th, so I'm sure I can manage to get some updates out. I know I've been bad. :(

6/20/10: Ah, thanks to summer break I have finally updated A Blue Eyed Beast! Yup, that's right. lol. There will be an epilogue and then it will be finished. Then I'll be working on the sequel to Crystalline, The Morphinist. I haven't decided which fanfictions I will work on after that, but it will most likely be either Illusion, Reigning Roses, or a new story I planned awhile back: The Truth About Gravity.

5/8/10: Oh goodness. How long has it been?! -counts of fingers- Okayyy, apparently it's been 9 months. Wow, sorry 'bout that, folks. You see, four days after my last update my boyfriend broke up with me. Needless to say...I was...more or less depressed for a while. Writing became a rather dull activity for awhile, so I'm sorry. But now I've made it through a musical, a play, I met a guy, started dating again, and now I'm finally feeling like I can write again. This year has been insanely busy with AP English, homework in general, and so much theatre activity going on, but I really would like to start working on my fanfictions again. I have really missed this pastime! I won't make any promises but I will say that I am trying to update. Thanks for the encouragement I have received from some of you about The Blue Eyed Beast! It has meant a lot! Thanks for your patience and understanding!

8/13/09: Hey everyone. Sorry for my 5 month absence. School ended in early June, but after that I was mainly busy with volleyball up until yesterday. I didn't make the team this year, so I should have much more time to work on my fanfiction, which I have sadly been neglecting for various other things. And I'm just lazy at writing. haha. School begins for me on the 26, but I will attempt to keep writing dillegently. Once again, I'm sorry for the wait. I'm working on chapter 8 of The Blue Eyed Beast now, along with chapter one of Reigning Roses, chapter two of Illusion, and Nostalgic Eclipse. When I finish The Blue Eyed Beast, I will start posting those fanfictions. Until then!


(SM)Reigning Roses -- I could clearly remember the day Usagi was diagnosed with her mysterious disease. At most, she had two weeks to live. And so, that day, I made my plan.

(LoZ)Illusion -- The Illusion started the day she met him. It was a grand illusion, one like a dream. But no one ever wants a dream to end, especially not when it's pure perfection.

(Full Moon)Nostalgic Eclipse -- one shot? In a bad turn of events, Mitsuki commits suicide and becomes a shinigami. On her first assignment from the Death Master she must make a choice that could either turn her into a ghost, or take the soul of an innocent person.

Future Submissions

Sailor Moon

(rewriting chpt 1)
This Isn't A Game Anymore -- After getting stuck in Usagi's house because of a storm, Mamoru and Seyia decide to play cards. But of course this isn't just for fun--they're playing for Usagi! When Mamoru suffers a life threatening event, Usagi is left with a decision. What will she do?

Running Away -- After a battle that injures almost all of the Sailor Senshi, Usagi decides to run away to America to fight the enemy. She arrives and finds an old friend. He wants to be more than 'friends', but Usagi thinks diffrently...or at least she thought she would.

The Truth About Gravity -- summary soon


check stories in-progress


The Morphinist- A sequel to Crystalline, songfic, one shot. After the events of Crystalline, Jacob realizes he can't stay away from Bella. He decides to return to her, but under her unfavorable circumstances.


Vampire Knight

Bloodlust and Roses -- summary soon

Backstage Prince

Akari -- summary soon

Completed Stories

Zelda: She Played A Broken Lyre -- Link and Zelda have feelings for eachother, but neither has the guts to tell the other. When they do tell each other things get out of control. Was their decision a good one, or will the two learn that their lives, that seemed right,are all wrong?

Zelda: Even if I Can't See Your Face -- Link suffers a fatal injury, and may not survive. Zelda decides that she will go into the past to alter their future, so that Link never goes on his journey to meet her younger self and never gets wrapped up in the heated war for the triforce. Will her journey prove fruitless, or change their lives forever?

Sailor Moon: I'd Rather Not Live Without You -- Seiya loves Usagi, but he can't compare to her fiance, Mamoru. Without Usagi, he can't live. If only Usagi would have reached him sooner, maybe their forbidden love wouldn't have pushed them both to the limits of life.

Zelda: The Silence Before the Cucco's Crow -- -OneShot- I held on tightly to my sides, falling to my knees on the balcony connected to my room. The tears that were threatening to fall, I hardly tried to hold back. The wind that was whipping my golden hair was freezing, actually it may have started to rain, but I could no longer tell what was happening to me physically. My body was numb. Everything seemed like a blur, a haze. I was on the edge, only hanging on by a thread.

Twilight: Daybreak -- Jacob's POV OneShot- In one last attempt to get Bella to turn down her wedding, Jacob makes a visit to Bella's house. With promises of eternal love, Jacob plans on making Bella his and all he needs is her consent. Will Bella choose Jacob over Edward, or will she lose Jacob forever?

Twilight: Crystalline -- Song Fic ("Reptillia") Jacob Black and Bella Swan have been the perfect couple for forever, but what happens when the new guy Edward Cullen comes around?

Sailor Moon: A Raven's Unrequited Love -- Oneshot Sailor Stars Rei is in love with Seiya Kou, but so isn't Usagi, her princess and dearest friend. When she goes to confide in Usagi about her secret, she finds out what everyone has wondered: Why Usagi gave up on the abroad Mamoru. She also discovers that her own happiness will have to wait one more round for her princess' sake.

Zelda: A Blue Eyed Beast-- "Every full moon, I change into that foul beast. I'm forced to walk on these four legs, and people run away in fear." Link explains the pain of his transformation into a wolf, and expresses his opinions on how it effects his relationships.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Reigning Roses
I could clearly remember the day Usagi was diagnosed with her mysterious disease. At most, she had two weeks to live. And so, that day, I made my plan to show her how much I loved her: a rose for every day she lived.
Sailor Moon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,290 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Published: 8/15/2016
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OneShot. Rei is in love with Seiya Kou, but so isn't Usagi. When she goes to confide in her friend, she finds out more than she was expecting, including why Usagi gave up on Mamoru.
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Though many thought of me as a sickly young girl, I was more than that. I was something I didn't want to be, and I couldn't change that destiny. If only it hadn't started out this way. Sailor Saturn tells her story from the beginning.
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