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11/23/2011 - It has been. A long long long time. And I'm sorry for that. And after this ridiculously long hiatus. I've decided to continue where I left off on Fallen For Namek.

Might be a few days, but it's going to happen.

~Ryoko Michiru -- Piccohan revival.

01/23/2008 - WOOOOOWWW It's been a while eh? So guess what? I'm officially confused... Can someone please show me where I mention Piccolo's blood being blue??? -.- I can't find it... Though apparently someone says I have it in there. Oh well. And hehe. I've got my inspiration back! So look forward to more chapters!

~ Ryoko Michiru -- The Return of Piccohan!

02/20/2007 - I'm better. Thanks to all the well wishers. Love you guys, really I do, that said... Please don't kill me for chap. 5 ... ~sit's back, waits for impending flames~

~ Ryoko Michiru -- Piccohan is the monster in your closet!

02/04/2007 - Alright folks. Ruptured Ovarian Cyst. Hydrocodone. Doesn't do anything for me... -.-'; Pain makes for Incoherent Writing. Therefore, Chapter 5 is delayed... sorry. I'll get better soon...

~ Ryoko Michiru -- Piccohan in pain...

-sniff- I'm sorry... really I am... but please understand I didn't kill that one who is dead... Osanai killed the one who is dead... blame Osanai... -dodges Osanai's fist- ACK! Sorry Jeeze!!!

Osani: So let me get this straight? You want them to like me, and you're blaming the death on me???

Ryoko: Well... you did do it...

O: YOU'RE the one writing the story!!!! -hits R on head- Explain it to them!!!

R: Oh... hehe... right... sorry... owww... -turns to audience- everyone... please do not hate Osanai... just yet... I'm sure she will be doing many more dastardly things later on that will be much more worth your enmity!!!

O: THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!!!! -pulls out sledgehammer, runs after R-

R: ummm... I... think I hear my mommy calling...


R: Ack... and that's the problem with you own fictional characters... they know too much for your own good...

hehe... I'll update asap.

~ Ryoko Michiru -- Beware the sledgehammer of DOOM!!!

:INTERMISSION: At this point I have no intentions of turning Gohan chibi. This WILL NOT be Gt Gohan style. Sorry if this upsets anyone. This is MY story. Yea ok, I'm using Akira material and I'm trying to avoid serious fines on copyright infringement. Hence the constant disclaimers. So please. Stop telling me what I need to do with MY story. I'll decide what's best. Yea, maybe Gohan will have some age/size issues later on. But that won't be anytime soon and that's IF it does happen. So this is my plea. No more sending me messages telling me how to write MY story. If you have so many issues with it then write your own. Duh. I don't care if you leave me reviews, I encourage it. But please, no more messages about how you think I need to write my story. Ideas are welcome, but don't get all Pissy if I don't use them right away, or even at all. Once again, if you've got so many great thoughts, write your own.

~An agitated fanfictionist.

Chapter 4. DONE. It's shorter than expected, but I've been swamped. Sorry. Well, anyway, please enjoy and review. Also... no flaming Osanai... you might not like her... yet... but I believe before all is said and done she may just redeem herself. Then again maybe not... Her entire role in the story is still kinda up for grabs... she's still just a child to me... -.-';

Oh, well... I hope you enjoy this latest addition.

~Ryoko Michiru -- Piccohan... on haitus???

Chapter 4... so close... almost done... can smell finish line.. wait, what it that??? LOADING...

check back soon. hehe Chapter 4 is almost done.

~Ryoko Michiru -- Piccohan for President!

K, just noticed, there are a few typos... sorry. I haven't had any complaints yet though, so I'm not overly worried. I promise to triple check from now on. UPDATE: Ch. 4 is well under way!

~Ryoko Michiru -- Piccohan is fun to poke...

Alright. I'd like to apologize again... Unfortuantely chapter 4 will be experiencing a short delay. (dodges randomly thrown things) It's really a good reason though! Promise! You see for chapter 4 there's a visual... and I really wanna show everyone what I'm seeing. So I'm going to draw it, and leave the link up. hehe. Sorry... it won't take long though, I've got a four day break starting Friday. So... please forgive me, and I promise to make chapter 4 double long!

~ Ryoko Michiru -- Piccohan for everyone!

Wow... so I was sitting at work today thinking of Piccohan and realized that I really want to write alot more than I had originally intended for this story... (FFN) So I'm going to apologize in advance to anyone who was looking for a quick yaoi in which Piccolo and Gohan 'do the deed' by the end of chapter 2. Cause I'm on ch. 4 now and It AIN'T HAPPENIN!!!!!! hehe. love you all... please don't hate me for this... but sit back and enjoy the long ride... cause it will be...

~ Ryoko Michiru -- Piccohan forever...

cries with Happiness

Wow, everyone here is so nice, I've gotten Great reviews and really awesome pm's from people. So I'd like to thank

'Meo-Chan', 'ROUGEFURY', 'Lina Ichigo', and 'Simba-rulz' for their support and I promise to keep the story updated.

Til Next!

Ryoko Michiru

ps. yes, I'm FULLY aware that there hasn't really been any tragedy in Fallen for Namek thusfar... geeze people, it's only at ch. 3! Calm down!

Fallen for Namek reviews
Gohan confesses feelings for Piccolo, gets rejected and tragedy strikes. There isn't much now, but I intend for an ongoing story. Piccohan, obviously.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 4,766 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 1/23/2008 - Published: 12/17/2006 - Gohan, Piccolo