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My names Nisa.

I'm 5'5, got brown eyes and have long brownish-black hair.

A lil bout me-

I'm 17 and out of my mind.

I'm an honor student but you totally wouldn't believe that if you met me.

I love music...Hate classical though. Rock is okay. But hip-hop and R&B are the best.

I'm the messiest person alive. You cant even see the floor of my room nor my walls. Floor coz there's always a lot of clothes lying on the ground and test papers,assignments yada yada...and the walls coz they're covered in posters.

My favourite colour is blue.

I studied the piano for about five years but if you asked me to play 'mary had a little lamb' from memory, I'll need the book.

I'm a bookaholic. Not in the nerdish sense.I simply can't seem to put down a book once I start reading it.

My time for completing HP5 was 5:30 mins. And I read it straight through the night.

I'm the most tomboyish person I know.

I mostly wear jeans and tops.Skirts only to church and thats not often.

My bedroom colour is a pale blue.

I am a chocoholic. I don't think Ive ever gone more than a day without chocolate.

My favourite authors are Mathew Reily,Clive Cussler,James Patterson and of course J.K Rowling.

Im not even the least bit photogenic.My face always seems to be really odd in pictures.

I love to hang out with my friends. Fav places for hanging out are malls.

I dont get an allowance. I just ask and hopefully i get.

I dont collect anything.

I'm shy around the opposite sex.

I got a temper the size of China.

I can't remain quiet when i see injustice being done to others.

I'm the person who has a fight with their Mom everyday...I once put up a calender to check the number of days , my Mom and I haven't fought and at the end of around 5 months...I hadn't even got one day.

I'm totally not the person to say sorry in an argument. I speak my mind and the argument, most of the time, just gets worse.

My fav subject is maths. Then comes physics. ... You need to use logic in both. I guess thats why I like them.

I have danced in public, I mean like in a programme,only once in my life and swear not to do it anymore. Parties are fine.

I wear glasses. Thin black ones. I kinda like them. People say they make me look intimidating.

If they had degrees in procastination...Ill be receiving my PhD.

I'm strongly attracted to the 'bad boy' character.

Centre of attraction is not for me.

My favourite books - Mathew Reily's The Contest,The Scarecrow...HP...

Im sporty.

I like movies with a lot of humor.

I make friends very easily and hold onto them. I may not be everone's best mate but Im pretty sure no one can get anything to say bad about me.

I am extremely ambitious.

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