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Maybe I should stop apologizing for not writing stuff... but then I'd feel kinda bad... So I AM sorry that I haven't updated my stuff, but I'm sure that EVENTUALLY I'll get something updated...

Background Stuff:

Name: Alice... Is it my real name? Hells no, but it's a lot better than being called 'Paranoid' or 'N/A' or 'Blank' or 'DotDotDot'.

Place: Hicksville. Not really, but close enough. The suburbs of Cleveland, OH...?

B-day: December 4th (Dude, I'm gonna be 18 this year!! God, I'm getting old.)

Likes: Apparently writing, belting showtunes and Joshie Groban music when no one's around, reading, soccer, diving (but I suck at it), drawing, stage stuff (I tried on-stage, didn't like it... now, I'm crew exclusively), music in general, Ilse (my guitar. I just started teaching myself), piano

Dislikes: Chinese food (I have a good reason.), the movie Borat, back/belly flops, shoot'em-up games, my stage-fright

Religion: There are two ways I've put this previously and I keep flip-flopping between the two. "Decidedly Atheist, Spiritually Hopless" and "Lost in the Tide".

If you feel so inspired to speak to me, my AIM is mallaithechroi4 or saturnsfirespnr4. just tell me where you got the SN so I don't get all freaked out and evasive. I tend to do that. : ) But I like talking to people, so it's all good (even if I am socially inept, heh.)


"Crew: We have the technology! We can change the world one screw at a time."- Newt (yes... I have a friend name Newt)

Let's go sail into a thunderstorm. It'll be buckets of fun.

("Stop making me laugh! I'm MOPING!"- my sister (okay, so it was in a really weird dream, but... it was 'said'.))

(:centering clay for ceramics:

Me: Is it centered yet?

Orit: No...

Me: Now?

Orit: No. You have to get angry at it!

Me:darkly: Clay, I hate you. Your mother... was a BOULDER!!)

(April:explaining a picture she drew: Well... I was trying to draw all the parts of a ham sandwich all smiling and then I posted it and I realized, "I forgot to draw the ham!!"... so I just drew you another picture of a ham slice going "WAIT!!")

(Jenn: OMG!! That's not fair! Your brown has so much hair in it!!

Me: 'Scuse me?)

(Me:upon hearing loud music: Ugh... are they having a party AGAIN?

Jenn:excitedly: Who?

Me: I dunno. I think they're rapists.

Jenn: Let's GO!


Jenn: That was bad timing...)

Story time:

In treble choir, we were singing a medley that includes 'Popular' for our choreographed spring concert. One girl suggested that we have an 'Elphaba' that everyone messes with while we're singing.

Choir Director: "Show of hands, who wants to be Elphaba?"

Four people, including me, raise their hands.

Choir Director: "So... What would the Elphaba figure be doing for the whole time? Not sing?"


Choir Director:" I don't think I like that idea."

Girl:"Wait... Did Alice raise her hand?" (picture a mass of 22 girls turning to look at a girl who's just kinda chilling, leaning against a wall)

Cacophony: "Let her do it! She's quiet!" "She was Elphaba for Halloween, right?" "And she has long and dark hair." (What they meant to say was that I don't talk (like, eerily quiet), I'm uncomfortable in social situations, I don't wear make up ever, and I need to 'Popular-ized')

Choir Director:looks at music, conveniently not listening: "I don't think I want anyone not singing. Just let the audience be Elphaba."

Can you imagine my disappointment? :sigh:

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