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Hey everyone you have found your way to the profile of the-power-of-4, This is a joined account between four people who decided to come together and do a story so here comes a little about all of us:

Emelie - I am a 18 year old girl from the very cold, very much snowing Sweden. I do have my own account on this site as well if you wanna check it out. it's under, emelie172.

My favourite shows are - Lost, Desperate housewives, Grey's anatomy...when it comes to writing here I do mostly charmed though.
favourite charmed one - Well Prue of course, who else.
Least favourite charmed one - Phoebe she annoys me in the later seasons, and Billie too but she's no charmed one.
favourite couple- Prue/Andy no contest, Piper/Leo are cute too and Paige/Henry are just adorable together, like two puppies.

Jess - I'm a 16 year old girl from Leeds, in England. I have my own account on this as well, under Jess.91

Fave shows - Charmed, Friends, 4400, Ghost Whisperer, Scrubs
Music - My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Lostprophets, 30 Seconds To Mars, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Funeral For A Friend, Greenday.
Fave Charmed One
is Piper.
Fave Charmed Pairings - Piper/Leo, Prue/Andy, Paige/Kyle, Paige/Henry, Phoebe/Coop, Phoebe/Cole (before source) Phoebe/Drake

Terri- I'm 18 from England, also have my own account on this site. If your interested, (I don't expect you to be but...) it's Random3.

Fav shows - Charmed, Friends, Buffy,'t think of anymore at this time.
Fave Charmed One - Prue! (I will argue my point if you wish) :o)

I'm completely stumped as what to write and if I'm not careful I shall end up filling this space with a load of...nonesense. (That made me sound so English, didn't it?)

For more, check my bio on my account. Although I think you might get less info there. :o)

Ok so im De-anne and im almost 15 and im an aussie(that means im from australia)i (like everyone else) have a seperate account on fanfic and that is de-anneisapurplemonkey and have 2 fan fics.

Ma fav shows are...Charmed, Home & Away, Desperate Housewives, Commander In Cheif, Courting Alex, Phil Of The Future, Rove, The O.C., Americas(and Australias) Next Top Model, Lost, Medium, Big Brother, Australian Idol (i love singing its ma passion.

Ma favorite charmed one is Piper, for obvious reasons. i don really have a least favorite.

ok so to the pairings obviously piper/leo and then prue/andy paige/glen(havent seen henry in the show though) Phoebe and jason( phoebe is ok wit cole but jason and her should have gone further) and yea

ill re-update as things come up. now im the last author to put there profile here so now its time for u to go down a little and click on the story and then let ur eyes do the

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