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Umm yeah, so here we go . . .

Umm, RanTsuki's not my real name, it's actually my chinese name literally translated into Japanese. So, okay, I'm just another ordinary 17-year-old girl(that's roght, i'm now 17!) who happens to go to a really creepy all-girls-school that never stops bullying the pupils brains and forcing them to work under several mountains of homeworks and projects a day. And since right now i'm in friggin science class...and am now currently flunking it (in a way), So, you've guessed it, I'm a pretty lousy updater. Don't hate me for that. And, just as a side info, I ONLY WRITE HITSUHINA FANFICS. I just don't know why. Don't believe me? Check out my list of stories, you'd find a list of one-shots and a long chaptered fic all labelled 'hitsuhina'. I just think they're the sweetest couple, ever.

O-kay. I enjoy writing fanfics, (obviously),doing beadworks ,talking, as in chatting with people(sometimes i even talk really fast that it was kinda hard to tell what i was saying, really)goofing around the house, doing wireworks, you know all those crafty little things,baking(yeah, baking), learning new languages and otehr people's cultures ( you know this is SERIOUSLY FUN, i mean try and get a look on a foreigners face when you've just spoekn their language , this theorem excludes english of course, there's practically nothing sppecial about talking in english with english people anymore) , and goofing around with my friends

currently on teh process of deciding waht major i should be taking later on in university. so far has limited my choices down to3 but is still head over heels on deciding which one id really be gruelling. i swear ill find more time to write once in university.

and lately i've been MOST obssessed with that taiwanese girlband. S.H.E. god, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE ELLA! there's just so much about her that you never get bored, and she reaches out to people you know, teh way she talks and stuff. and somehow whenever she was around everybody, every atmosphere, every situation would come hurtling down her knees. She has that sort of warm presence that puts peace into people's mind. and damn, how would i not envy syuch a good posture like hers?? If could be given a chance to meet her i think i'd go definitely crazy. I really wanna hug her. .

and NEWS and hey!say!jump, and god how i ADORE TEGOSHI YUYA! he's just so cute, my second place goes to four people at once( abit greesy i know) Nishikido RYo, Koyama Keiichiro, Yamada Ryosuke, and Chinen Yuuri. Haha.

I don't have any top 5 pairings, coz I only dedicate my life to writing hitsuhina goodies (so far. who knows when I'll discover another cute pairing and starts getting gung - ho all over it? I just hope it's not anytime soon...).

Erm...i come from a country by the name of Indonesia ( for those who don't know, it's somewhere near Malaysia and Singapore in the South East Asia). I'm a chinese, and i'm proud of it, (even though i have no bloody idea how to converse in Mandarin, haha.but am currently trying pathetically to be able to speak in it)

I am absolutely obsessed with sweet and fluffy guy-girl realtionship stuff.just to let ya know..

Stories in progress:

--Chronicles Of The Past -- chap 21now up!

final-chapter-to-be still on progress.

Stories being brewed:

--Night's Rivulet--

this is (yet) another hitsuhina fic. Although i'm planning to eliminate their title as shinigamis. i guess im kinda tired of shinigamis. so now, im going to give them ( especially hitsugaya) a whole new look and a whole new title : a vampire. OHOHOHOHOHOHOH. yes, Hitsugaya, our sweet, sweet shiro chan will play as a vampire in this new fic, meanwhile hinamori, will play the sweet innocent little girl who stumbles upon the world of vampire bcoz of her 'blood'. Long story made short, Hitsugaya is a member of some sort of a vampire clan sent to protect her from the evil ones. Oh, and don't worry, teh settng of the fic will actually take place in modern Japan. they will not wear haoris and shingami clothes anymore. they will be dressed the way WE are. so please...wait for it! For those who think this might have something to do with twilight...well, i was inspired by twilight, but I swear to you the plotlines gonna be different.

(working on the 2nd chapter and still brewing most of the plotline)

--still no title whatsoever--

A post apocalyptic war situation where Hitsugaya, a boy who was sold out of poverty to the local military training camps engages in battles and wars accompanied with his sole best friend Ichigo ( i know, please dun laugh). and hinamori will take part as.. a girl from the local village they were assigned to take down. and then things and fluff will happen.ohohohohoh.

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