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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I know I've changed my login a lot so I'm setting it on one name that will not change for a while. I am now IrishJenjiEyes.

So how about a few things about me? Hmmm... let's see here...

I love to write. It's like my passion. I also love to read. I always have a notebook with me and am always writing, even in the middle of a school class when the teacher is talking:-) My favorite movies, well there are too many movies I like that I can't name them all. Some of them are:

Anastasia, Yu Gi Oh, Cry Wolf, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, The Hollow, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Some of my favorite books are:

Hardy Boys, The Hollow, Eragon, CSI Miami(which I have four of), books by Patricia Cornwell, Yu Gi Oh comics

Some of my favorite TV shows are:

CSI(all of them), Numb3rs, Yu Gi Oh, Sonic X, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, The O.C. The 1970's Hardy Boys(gots both seasons!), Dog The Bounty Hunter, NCIS, basically every crime show... even Nash Bridges! Oh yeah, and Yu Gi Oh GX

I live to eat chocolate ice cream, my favorite saying for my pictures of Knuckles from Sonic is "You can crack your knuckles but this one aint gonna.", I love this site, love the library, I think Ewan McGregor is hott!!!

I'm facinated with the story of Anastasia, I love Kaiba and Marik and Bakura. They are awesome. I love hockey and have been to many of our hometown's games which we have done really good, except that all of out players are 17 to 20 years old.

I like mystery, horror, action, and comedy. I hate romance even though it is okay from time to time. I love The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson(?). He rocks! I think the princes, Harry and William are adorable. I use two accents even though I'm American, I use my English accent sometimes without even thinking.

I'm really funny and tell jokes even when I'm in trouble. My friends think I'm great cuz when they are mad at someone or sad, I just tell a joke and they laugh. I love to draw anime with my friends, K.M. and K.M. (I don't want to put their names in here because they already get publicity:-D)

I love sharks and the best movie of sharks is Deep Blue Sea. It is awesome and Thomas Jane is superdy dupper hott!

I have an anger problem but I try not to show it on here. I write my feelings into my stories which means that most of the time if my characters are happy, then that is what I'm feeling at the time.

Well you know some about me so read my stories...




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Steve doesn't have the best home life and wishes it could be more like the Curtis's. Or at least one where he's accepted. Set in Steve's POV. Summary has changed because my original idea for the story is completely different from how it's turning out.
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