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I used to write under a different name. But I've changed it and deleted all my old stories, so don't bother looking for them. And don't bother asking what my former pen name was, because I won't tell you. Only one person knows who I really am and I'd like to keep it that way.

I've given myself a complete makeover and have new ideas for stories, mainly from the Disney channel.

Stories will be up soon. As I work full time and spend weekends with my other half, you'll have to be patient, as I will only be able to write in the evenings. And once I reset my Beta profile, that time may be cut short. I will probably start uploading my first story sometime in November. Thanks for your understanding. :)

As mentioned above, I will be focusing on fanfics of shows from the Disney Channel. However, I will only be writing fics about:

- The Suite Life Series

- Hannah Montana

- Good Luck Charlie

- Shake It Up!

- Sonny With A Chance

- Wizards of Waverly Place

- A.N.T. Farm

- Jessie

I have no plans, as of writing this (November 21st, 2011), of doing a So Random! fic. I also have no desire for a JONAS L.A. fic as I don't like that show; what's the point of writing a fic about a show you don't like?

I am also thinking of plans to do the same thing to shows on Nick (ie, making them mature). Nothing's set in stone yet but when I decide, I'll update my profile.

I would like to thank BorisYeltsin for the numerous ideas he has given for all the stories I plan on doing. In fact, I have made him a co-author of my fics! Leave him some feedback, too! :)


Hotel Life: A Suite Life Story has officially begun! Please leave feedback if you like it! As of Chapter 2, co-writing credits include: BorisYeltsin!

Do you like shows on the Disney Channel?

Have you ever found yourself getting irritated with the laugh track blaring every five seconds?

Have you ever wondered what your favourite live action Disney shows would be like if they were aimed at a much older audience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my fics might just be the answer...

I am going to attempt to rewrite entire seasons of my favourite shows from Disney (I've listed them above) for a more mature audience. My fics will therefore include violence, swearing, drugs and sex. If that has just put you off, then maybe you'd be better off not reading my fics, which will start off with...

Hotel Life: A Suite Life Story

There will be three Hotel Life fics, one for each series. These are the first in my Disney Channel Mature Series, or DCMS (which I have dubbed it). I will try and provide story arcs and continuity as best as I can, as Disney are quite lax when it comes to those.

Here's what you can expect from the trilogy:

- Swearing. Yes, twelve year olds DO swear. If you are a twelve year old yourself, or if you are a teacher, you would know this. (Although, if you ARE a twelve year old, please see the Rating below.) So expect rude words ahoy from every single character. Even Mr. Moseby.

- Violence. I don't think there should be an explanation for this as it's quite clear.

- Sexual situations. Including but not limited to: masturbation (teenagers are hormone riddled. I should know ;D); sex scenes (see pairings guide below); sexual language (eg sexting, things like that) and lots and lots of unconvential pairings! (see below.)

- Drugs. Yup. I can reveal that Tapeworm is on drugs (how else can I explain his behaviour? He's on something, I'm sure of it).

- OOCs. OMG, are the characters OOC in this! Obviously to make them all realistic. I'm quite proud of Lance so far (Chapter One is still a WIP).

I will be including this in my summary (albeit a VERY condensed version) of course.

Now, on to the rating!

This WILL be rated M. I can't really stress that enough. So if you are under the age of eighteen and get upset by EXTREME Flanderisation of your favourite characters and all the naughty things they will be getting up to, then PLEASE DON'T READ THIS FIC. I will be less than impressed if I get a poorly written review (or even a impeccably worded review) saying something along the lines of 'OMG!!!111!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ZAC AND CODY I HATE YOU DIE' and I will just copy and paste this paragraph word for word. Or swear at you or something.

However, if you are under eighteen and have no problem with EXTREME Flanderisation of your favourite characters and all the naughty things they will be getting up to, then I have no problem with you reading this fic, provided you give me constructive criticism and such.

Lastly, pairings.

Wow. Where do I start? There are standard pairings, like Zack/Maddie and then there are unconventional pairings, such as Carey/Esteban; Carey/Moseby; London/Maddie, etc. So if you don't like non canon pairings and femmeslash, then PLEASE DON'T READ THIS FIC. If you do like non canon pairings, as well as canon pairings and femmeslash, then you'll like this fic. Lots of pairings.

OK, I think that's everything regarding this story. Oh no, there's one more thing. And this is important.

The first part of Hotel Life (so the first in the trilogy) will be the only fic I'm updating for now. So updates will be fairly regularish (I'm transcribing an episode at a time so I can use some lines of dialogue and get outfit descriptions and such for when I write up a first draft in a small notebook to then transfer to a final draft on Microsoft Word. So fairly regularish). Then, after I'm done with the entire first series, I will start work on the first series of Hannah Montana, as well as series two of SLOZAC. So updates will become less and less frequent for each story, the more I add to my workload. So bear that in mind when I'm juggling three stories on the go and one of them hasn't been updated for about a month. So thanks for understanding!

And as always, you can follow me on Twitter! I sometimes tweet about working on chapters and stuff: (my full penname wouldn't fit)

Thanks for reading this extremely long bit of info! :)

Next Update:

Hotel Life: A Suite Life Story; Chapter Four: Hotel Inspector

Summary: On the day that the hotel inspector, Ilsa Schmidt, is coming, Zack and Cody go to a ball game. They return as Ilsa is conducting her inspection. Unfortunately, a guest spots a rat - literally - and Mr. Moseby is suspended. The rat belongs to Zack but for some reason, Ilsa doesn't believe him. Under the rule of a racist hotel inspector, Zack and Cody need to rehire Mr. Moseby - and they'll need to break all of the rules to do so.

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