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Ph33r d4 2-t4i1

Name: Shannon/Zipperz/Shana/Hoshiko

A/S/L: 21/female/good ol Jer-Z

Occupation: Reoccurring student at Middlesex County College/Stop and Shop bakery (sooooo not fun anymore)

The basics: I love writing, reading, singing, dancing, cooking, playing video games (Naruto 4 on GC rocks my socks!), playingDDR, making LJ icons, stalking my high school friends on Facebook, going to GameStop and chilling with the ex-fellow employees, hanging out with the friends, the family and the boyfriend, and just having a good time in general.

My writing credentials: Ok, so I already have an account on (LazyNinjaLuvr), but they switched servers and are currently on my "You're being gay" list, so I'm going to be posting here for awhile. I love getting feedback from people about my stories. I've got 2 on AFF that are completed (I had 3, but because of the switch, the 3rd one got deleted). I started writing when I was 14 with WWE stories, but have spread my writing wings if you will, and have expanded to anime, particularly Naruto. 3 years later Since it's been awhile, I must update my credentials. I've had some great stuff going on with, along with some new stories. I've also becmoe quite fond of Teen Titans, which will be my focus for awhile as far as writing is concerned.

Favorite animes/manga: Naruto (Japanese version mostly, but I can tolerate the english dub), Hellsing, Ph.D, Tramps Like Us, Battle Royale

Do I watch hentai? Yes, yes I do. I'm 18 and I'm allowed, so shove it about the hentai. Darling and Hooligan are the best cuz they're so freakin' funny! 3 years later I'm 21, and I still watch hentai. Surprised? I'm not.

Works in Progress:

Dog Catchers: Neji, Kiba and Shikamaru return to Konoha with their fellow ninjas to Konoha victorious after defeating the Akatsuki. But their victory dance turns horizontal after one too many shots of sake, and poor Kiba seems to be in the middle of it all.3-some yaoi Neji/Kiba/Shika My first yaoi story (my friend who you all know as Boys On Boysenberry-Hime is very proud of me for writing my first yaoi).

Sacrifice for Shikamaru: A mysterious kunoichi appears outside the gates of Konoha battered and bruised. When she comes to, she asks for a chance to leave her Sand village past behind, become a Leaf nin, and help in the retrieval of the long lost Sasuke. Will she find love in a certain genius shinobi, or die trying? Many pairings, WAFF involved, death and dying possible. This story is my pride and joy. I started it about a year ago and was a big hit on AFF. I hope all of you will enjoy it as well. (And yes, the OFC is a ninja version of myself, I'm selfish like that lol).

Druken Master: Lee's had one too many to drink and innocent Hinata becomes slave to the drunken master. Lee/Hinata one-shot. This one is a gift to my boyfriend, Ray, who wanted a strange Lee pairing, so this is what I got. Hope all of you enjoy it when I finally get it up and running!

NinjaChat: Konoha gets modern with the invention of computers and the internet. Each ninja is required to have one for mission research purposes, but they find that there's a lot more to the internet than looking up coordinates and shinobi bios. Cybering galore and some Naruto fansite discoveries. For this one, I may need some help from all of you. I would like to use the names of stories and fanartsfrom online that really exist that the characters stumble upon. For example, Neji finds a Lee/Neji fic or Sakura finds a site that has drawings of her naked. If you'd like me to use your story or fanart, please let me know. Leave the name of the fic, your nameand the link so I can give you proper credit.

There's one other story that will be started very soon. Boys on Boysenberry-hime and I will be starting a beta. I realize that she has quite a fanbase at this point, and I hope to help her popularity rise and get a few comments myself. We are currently waiting for profiles from our friends so we can put them in the story as well. It will either be a Real World/Big Brother/Surreal Life version of Naruto, or a Lost version of Naruto, we haven't decided yet. Hopefully we will be getting started very soon.

3 years later Still all works in progress, sadly. Being how I cleaned out my old laptop awhile back without backing everything up elsewhere, I lost a good majority of my works. And recently, I lost my flash drive, so I lost my old stuff. (I sense an awful pattern befalling upon me). So I'm starting from scratch once again and I hope I can do much better this time around.

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