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I LOVE yaoi. My favorites are X, Tokyo Babylon and maybe even a little Savage Garden. But with SG, I'm more fond of Darren because I usually dig guys with black hair. ^_^
I don't do humor at all. Most of mine will be drama with a touch of angst and maybe even a tinge of romance. I usually post up self-RP's I've done. Some are lengthy, some are short.
And I just recently got addicted to Harry Potter. My two favories are Severus Snape and Sir(i)us Black. I'm not exactly a Hermione or Malfoy fan. I practically despise them. ^^ I like angtsy stuff. Especially suicidal Severus of depressing Black.
Off of that, when I'm not writing, I LOVE making dolls. I mean the cartoony ones like at http:/// Call me conceited, but the only dolls *I* ever like are the ones *I* make.
The link for 'website' is actually my journal. Be aware that I voice opinions freely in there (like my rights say I can) and it curses a lot. If you want my WEBSITE, it's http:///shana/angel.html