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Author has written 8 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and Ben 10.

I'm semi-retired from fanfiction since 06/24/2009 but it still holds a special place in my heart. I love reading and writing in general.

Please share your comments, observations, and criticisms in reviews.

Story Notes:

Buddies & Buddies 2 - These two fanfictions are adaptations of homemade comics I drew back in the mid 1990s. These stories were largely inspired from the zany humor of The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon series, along with the "Archie" Sonic comics and the Genesis / Game Gear video games. Though much of the humor in these two fics is random, there is actually a continuous storyline progression. It's basically my twisted interpretation of the Sonic characters and their world(s). The "Buddies" referred to in the title are Sonic & Tails. The stories explore what a mess Sonic would be without his little buddy Tails, and the consequences of Sonic attempting to replace Tails by buddying-up with new partners like Nack the Weasel / Fang.

End Of An Era - Whatever happened to the original Mega Man characters like Roll, Dr. Light, Protoman, Dr. Wily, and the Classic Mega Man himself? This is my personal rendition of the final chapter of Classic Era Mega Man, and I feel it is a plausible theory of how that story might have played out.
Actually I had been wanting to write this story since I first played Mega Man 7 & 8. MM7 was an inspirational game which seemed to contain a lot of foreboding premonition, alluding to a dynamic and potentially tragic conclusion to the saga. MM8 didn't quite live up to my expectations, although I thought the animation was great and Dr. Light's voice in the English version was hilarious! But MM8 also inspired me to write a more exciting followup to MM7. Hopefully I succeeded to some degree, or at the very least made an entertaining fanfic.

The Age Of X - A personal favorite of mine. This is the story I'm most proud of. Somewhat of an indirect sequel to End Of An Era, this fanfiction tells the story of how X & Zero met, became friends, and eventually parted ways. The Age Of X basically covers the span of Mega Man X1 - X5, if X5 had been the final game in the series as originally planned by Mega Man series creator Keiji Inafune. But this is no mere word-for-word rehash of those five games. It's more like a darker interpretation of the events in these games, with a focus on the characters' personalities and motivations. Most of the focus is on X1 & X4 since those are my favorite games storywise. There are some elements from X6 - X8 included too. You do not have to read End Of An Era before reading this story, as it stands on its own.

End Of Summer Confession - This story was a surprise, even to me. I was only a casual fan of Ben 10 at best. I found many of the ridiculous and contradictory plot elements to be irksome. Ben 10: Alien Force raised even more unanswered questions and forced plot devices, but I appreciated the fact that they were willing to age the characters and experiment with taking the series into new directions. I found it interesting that Gwen was suddenly into Kevin, whereas previously the only guy she was really close to was Ben. This particular fanfic is set during the end of the original Ben 10 and it focuses on that special relationship between Ben and Gwen. Is it friendship, familial, or something more?

Just for the record, I'm not especially opposed to or in favor of Ben/Gwen or Kevin/Gwen couplings. Each has its own appeal as well as valid objections.

Valley Of Shadows - With this story, I'm merging the SegaSonic/video game world with Sonic X. Station Square and human society are not presented as an alternate dimension. Rather it is all contained in the singular "world of Sonic", referred to as Mobius in this fanfic. So in other words, the various adventures in the Second Series of Sonic X still remain true. But the tales of Sonic and company meeting Chris and hiding out at his house in the First Series have been omitted for the purposes of this story. Valley Of Shadows is not connected to my "Buddies" stories.
Did you catch the U2 reference in this fic? It is brief but not so subtle. There are references in the whole theme.

Felidae Giganticus - Also known as MyBigFatSonicOneshot. In my opinion this is probably my best Sonic fanfic ever. All the elements just really came together perfectly when I was writing this. It has humor, adventure, and family elements. It is not connected to any of my other fanfics, except in spirit.

Cream wants to grow up too fast and go on adventures. In the process, she gets herself caught up into a whirlwind of trouble. Vanilla wants to protect her daughter and Vector tries to look out for them both. Meanwhile Tails tries to be a true hero, out to save the world as usual.
Yes, this story is inspired from a Darkwing Duck episode, for those of you old enough to remember. And there is, in fact, a Jurrasic Park reference in there too.

In The Hoghouse - This story is about the conflict that arises between Sonic & Tails because of their different personalities. Tails feels that Sonic is too reckless, carefree, and sometimes self-centered. Sonic feels that Tails is too uptight, especially for a sidekick. The issue is exacerbated when Tails starts dating and his new girlfriend comes between him and Sonic even more. The contrast between Sonic & Tails is a recurring theme in all my Sonic fanfics. But this is the first time when I've dealt with it so directly. And it's the first time their girlfriends have been so invovled.
Did you catch the Michael Jackson reference in this fic? The clue is: Off The Wall.
I loved and miss him dearly...


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Trapped In The Closet - R Kelly (for the sheer ridiculousness)

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Honorable Mention...

Pretty Little Head - Nellie McKay (although I don't share ALL of her world views)

Pet Peeves:

The mismanagement and discombobulation of the Mega Man series / storyline.
The overcomplication of Sonic Adventure 2 storyline.
People who spew hatred just for the heck of it.
Plastic surgery (except for correction of deformities and rehabilitation). Enrique Iglesias is okay for removing the mole.


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