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Hey guys! Akimii here!

So... I have to say things about me? '-' Okay then.

Hi! My name is Rebecca Kaillany, but my friends usually call me by my nickname "Akimii". The name was originated from the character "Akumu" from "Glitchtale", an Undertale AU created by the amazing Camila Cuevas.

Basically, I am known by my friends because I like writing MILLIONS of stories about TMNT, almost all of those stories are written in English, which is kind of surprising for them, considering that I'm Brazilian.

I am also known for creating my weird AUs, which in big part of them, Raph is a girl, and she usually has a love relationship with one of her brothers. Of course, it's not all the time, but almost all the time she's like that.

And I also like to fuse TMNT and other games, series, etc. I can't say it's a crossover, because I don't usually make TMNT characters meet characters from other timelines. But yet, sometimes it happens.

Welp, as I consider myself a good writer for a 12 year old Brazilian kid like me, I'm accepting any partnership with any writer that is willing to be my partner. I don't see anything wrong if people make alternate endings to any of my stories, just please make sure you ask me first.

All reviews are welcome!

~ Stay determined!


OC's descriptions: (Actual OCs and future ones too)

- Flower Fall OCs:

Eve: A mysterious girl, childhood best friend of Raphaella. The Queen trust her friend things she doesn't trust her brothers, like girly secrets and sometimes even private things, which should be shared only between the royal members of the Rose family. But Eve doesn't trust her friend that much...

Jasper: A handsome, famous, loved prince. Son of the King Oruku Saki, Jasper lived his life as the King's favorite child until it was his time to rule over his kingdom... Or he could marry a Queen and become King of two lands...

Xever: An unusual florist - one of the few people -, someone who began his career because a lovely Green princess gave him a little "Morning Glory" flower after a disaster that destroyed his family's garden and flowers. Since then, he kept that gorgeous flower safe in his personal garden, hoping he'll one day find that princess once agianso he could at least say "Thank you."

- GenderSwitch! Universe OCs (In GS, only Raph has the gender switched. All the others have their normal genders)

Leonardo: Underlust! Sans in a turtle body. A perverted, rapist turtle that doesn't care about his sister's feelings... At least, not anymore. He pretends very well, the king of the liars. At least he's not gay.

Michelangelo: A cold version of the Mikey we all know and love. Instead of a happy little sunshine, he acts like a complete jerk around his brother's, but he's always the same angel around his father. In his mind, Raph is nothing more than a servant, that was born to do whatever he wanted.

Donatello: Once the brother (the only brother) that tried to heal his sister. As she never showed any progress, he gave up on her. Now, she's like the air for him. He doesn't see, he doesn't hear... But he can't live without.

Raphaella: The extreme opposite of her male counterpart. Fragile and emotionless around her brothers, she's weak both physically and mentally. Easily manipulated, she never bothered with Leo when he rapes her, she never argued with Mikey when he's bossing around and she pretend that never cares when Donnie ignores her completely.

Splinter: Almost the same as the original one. The only actual difference is that GS! Splinter never has time to any of his children. He's always too busy or asleep. But every time he can, he uses his time to stay around his sweet little child, the most fragile out of all of them, his favorite Raphie.

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Broken Line by rhaellion reviews
Raphael had gotten used to his anger at Leonardo. It burned but it was familiar. The anger he felt growing towards Splinter wasn't familiar and it burnt hot and bright inside of Raphael, threatening to erase away the connection between them as it morphed into resentment. What did it matter to Raphael though? Splinter favoured his brothers anyway...
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Mikey brings home an unconscious Turtle, and to everyone's surprise, it is another Leonardo from an alternate timeline. But there is something about him that gives them the creeps, especially Leo. A "What-If" story in which "Akari" Leonardo meets the present Turtles. Cover by Kastanie31
Ninja Turtles - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Angst - Chapters: 5 - Words: 12,109 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 47 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 12/9/2017 - Published: 8/1/2017 - Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo - Complete
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