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My name is Steve. I am 13 and in the eighth grade. I like Pokemon, Runescape, Maplestory (just a little, not commited much anymore), writing fanfic stories, drawing comics, Mario (especially Toad, he's AWESOME) programming with C, Java, and VB.

I also like to watch Pokemon, although the old Pokemon shows were a lot more awesome.

I've made an MORPG (but it's not online...curse teh internet company...).

I have my own website - actually, I have three. I m fluent enough in HTML to at least use breaks...I don't really make web sites a lot...

I have a Myspace, although I prefer Cyworld (go Asians!).

I consider myself an "outsider". Well, it's pretty obvious - I go to a magnet school and I cross stitch...

I know what every single symbol on the keyboard is called and I know what unicode value it is.

I take geometry (don't know why I put that in there)

I press and hold shift when I want to type a capital letter.

I know a whole bunch of corny pickup lines, yet I've never used them.

I crashed into a pole and suffered a minor concussion, not to mention becoming the laughingstock of the whole school.

The only game system I have is a Nintendo 64. Oh yes I know I'm a n00b!

I have never asked anyone out and I probably never will until...who knows when?!

I am extremely hypocritical.

I have a really bad yet really good sense of humor that it's practically my sixth sense. (Get it? Sense of humor? Five senses? Hahaha...nvm)

I am not good at sports. One time I was playing football and I was the guard. I got pwn3d big time and our team lost like crazy.

y = 2x2 + 5x - 9

I correct people's mistakes almost all the time (except my own, of course.)

I write fanfics about various subjects. So if want to see my Maple fanfics but I'm working on my Pokemon ones, sorry. I'm just completly random :)

My stories are mostly based on another story of the same subject. (ex. sequels, prequels)

Also if you want to give me suggestions about stories then go ahead.

If you would like to leave a Review, don't be shy and go ahead!

I will also be adding/removing some other things on my profile, so just wait!

BTW my Runescape username is Juicebox360.

My Maplestory account name is Juicebox360 and it is in Windia.

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Ok, this one sucks.I know. but still please R&R thanks!
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