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Poll: Debating on whether to delete all my Megaman oneshots or not (the ChaudxOC ones), because I don't feel that they're an accurate representation of my writing ability anymore. Should I get rid of them, or not? Vote Now!
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Author has written 15 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Mega Man, Sherlock Holmes, Legend of Zelda, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Hi! I'm Pharaohs Queen!

I'm a twenty-something aspiring writer with a husband in grad school and a daughter just over a year old. I lovelovelove to write, but I also enjoy cosplay, video games, theatre, singing, dancing, reading, and playing with my daughter.

Currently, you can follow me on Twitter @PharaohsQueen89 for real-time fanfic updates, writing prompts every Monday, and general fun shenanigans. You can also follow me on Tumblr: pharaohs-queen (the dash in the middle is important). It's currently mostly dedicated to an rp with a friend, tho there's some other stuff.

Currently working on: Hero of Time, Wandering, Not My First Choice, and several books. Woot.

Fics! UWAH! (in order of creation and 'publication')

Within the Traces of My Memories... (COMPLETE)

First one ever! yeah! so it's not the best... but I try! When people review it I'll update it! I'm working on chapter 13 right now and I have totally changed a major plot element... so re-read it please! I don't know if I'll ever finish it... I'll probably be in college and working on this instead of my homework... T-T but that's okay!! (as long as I get my work done eventually!) Chapter 13 is now up! (you know what's funny? i'm close to being DONE with my college career and i'm STILL working on it! XD) ... Oh man it felt SO GOOD to finally type COMPLETE for this... Btw, my prediction came true. I FINISHED college and I was still working on it. XD

Megaman NT Warrior: Requiem's Awakening (COMPLETE)

I just recently became Megaman obsessed, (and I got my cousin hooked. :P), and this popped into my head. What would happen if a second Navi like Bass is created? The world will explode!! That's not what really happens, but could... Takes place 7 years after the events of the manga. You don't have to read the manga, but don't rely on the anime to explain everything I write about. All I have to go on is the manga...sigh...but it's cool! I FINALLY FINISHED!! 15 chapters, a prologue, an epilogue, and an afterwords... and over 100 reviews! :D thanks everyone! this is the first multi-chapter story I've finished!

One Night (oneshot)

Another Megaman story that takes place 5 years after the events of Requiem's Awakening. Please read that first before reading this one, or things that the characters talk about will make you very confused. For older readers who like heavy fluff (NO LEMON OR LIME) and many 'awww...' moments. ChaudxOC (April Cossack)

One Moment Can Change Your Life (oneshot)

WHEEEEEEE!! Another fluff outlet_ Takes place almost two years before Requiem's Awakening. Read at least up to chapter 3 in that, or you will be very confused. For those of you who do read Requiem's Awakening, I put some very subtle foreshadows in this. Pay attention! For older readers who like heavy fluff (NO LEMON OR LIME!!) and 'aww...' and awkward moments! ChaudxOC (April Cossack) (I love that pairing... _). And my cousin gave me the idea for this. I just took it and made it better. _ (I LOVE YOU ERIN!!). I had a lot of fun writing this too.

Hellos and Good-Bye's (short story) ... (cuz there are no parings)... (gasp-eth)

YAY!! THE SERENADE STORY!! FINALLY!! I worked during my free period in school for this... but yes. I had a sudden urge one day to write something from Serenade's point-of-view. I got the insperation from the song 'Inner Universe' from Ghost in the Shell. (I love that song... _) I was reading the manga and working on Requiem's Awakening at the same time when, BOOM!! the song came on, and I just thought of Serenade and Mr. Famous as a kid running after him... sigh... teehee... I had fun writing this, but it is kinda depressing at the end... DUDE HE FREAKIN' DIED!! (which is a spoiler if you haven't read vol. 6 and 7 yet. sorry.) so be warned. slight spoilers. and I made up Mr. Famous' 'real' name. so don't quote me on that part.

Traditions: Old and New (oneshot)

yeah... I know... creative title, eh? Takes place after Requiem's Awakening and The Date, but before Two of a Kind (If anyone wants, I'll make a timeline for you... _) It's been just a few months after their marraige, and it's Christmastime already!! Chaud and April are very excited, but Nocturne is wondering if this will change anything... WARNING: UBER SPOILERS FOR REQUIEM'S AWAKENING. and some VERY VERY heavy fluff, (gasp) but nothing too bad, or I wouldn't be writing it. _ ChaudxOC (April Cossack).

Death of the Silent One (short story)

sigh... k... now I realize, what with everyone telling me and all, that angerly killing a character when you get flamed is not the best thing to do. I recived my worst flame ever and it hit me pretty hard, so I lashed back. And I'm sorry to those who've had to put up with my bad attitude. But I'm still not taking my complaints down, so the rest of the world can see what it's like when an author gets a horrible flame during a depressing moment of her life... But, because I wrote in anger, this isn't really my best work... I could've gone further, but I didn't, so suck it up... anyways... A couple years after the events in the manga, Chaud and Protoman are training in the UnderNet, but they are both getting bored with the lack of challenges being presented to them... seeing as Lan and Megaman aren't battling anymore, they go deeper into the UnderNet to search for a greater challenge. And of course, the one Navi they don't want to see shows up. Rated T for blood, and unrelenting hatred and killing. Deathfic. Not a happy ending. (heck, I was feeling pretty emo that day...) no pairings.

The Newfound Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (short story collection)

Yes, I know. Cheesy. But everybody loves Sherlock Holmes_ I also wrote this for a school assigment, and I thought it was cool enough to put up here. There will be several installments (4 or 5 cases, I think, broken up into at least 2 pieces each), and they will all be intertwined. Reading at least the Holmes novels is recommended, but not required, because references are made to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original masterpieces. The first case is 'The Case of the Missing Book' (part 1). Doesn't sound very interesting, but if you really knew about it... shudders. Anyways... fyi, humans have had a treaty with the elves for a century plus now, and half-elves have sprung from the mixture of the 2 races (remember that now). Sorry if Holmes acts a little OOC (but his doing drugs was actually in the stories, I didn't make up that part), Doyle's writing can be kind of hard to try and imitate... _ but... HOLMES IS STILL AMAZING!!

The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time (Chapter 15 up)
The link (ha) of the trailer you are required to watch is above. But yeah... so here's my happy Zelda fic that will amazing some famous movie company so much that they will film it and also cast me. :D It is slightly based on the Ocarina of Time plot, with a few of my own twists and turns thrown in. anywos... SYNOPSIS!! Link was only several weeks old when his parents were killed and he was rescued by Impa, a Sheikah guardian. He was raised in a small village across Hyrule by Talon, a farmer, and trained in the art of weaponry by Impa. One day, Talon takes Link to sell their yearly harvest in the Hyrule Castle Town Market... except that never occurs. What will happen to Link when he is chosen by the Triforce of Courage and sent back in time by Princess Zelda? Will he fulfill his destiny as the Hero of Time... or will he, and the Kingdom of Hyrule, be destroyed?

Deadly Challange (short story)

Somebody told me in a review of "Death of the Silent One" that I could expound on... basically everything, a bit more. So I did. and that's what this is. Longer, better, bloodier, and more depressing. Still not a happy ending btw... yeah. again, I'm feeling emo-like for no reason... huh. weird.

Megaman NT Warrior: Requiem's Return (COMPLETE)

Sequal to Requiem's Awakening. 4 years have passed since Requiem's creation and disappearance. SciLab is on the verge of a technological break-through: the pure melding of the real world and the cyber world. Here, the boundry between Navi and human disappears and/or melds, and all who enter this realm are the same, human and Navi become one. Word of this powerful technology is leaked, and a new group rises from the dust of the UnderNet to take it and use it to their advantage. What do they want it for, and can they be stopped?

Family (short story)

takes place between ATLA and LOK. It's a typical day for the Beifong family: Lin, all of 8 years old, is receiving training from her mother Toph when a special visitor stops by. A fun family scene that just popped into my head one day and refused to leave until I wrote it down. Subtle Toko fluff and adorable little Lin.

Secure in My Father's Arms (short story)

Lin Beifong, now a teenager, is kidnapped on her way to a date with Tenzin. When a ransom note is sent to her mother, the Chief of Police, Toph goes to rescue her daughter... and Lin's father tags along as well. Something of a continuation to "Family". Takes place between ATLA and LOK. ToKo fluff and "d'awww" moments.

Wandering (chapter 3 up)

Toph desperatly needed some time away from the rest of the Gaang, so she heads out. But the place she chose to blow off some steam wasn't as isolated as she thought... a wanderer has come across the angry little Earthbender, and decides to take a closer look. This was originally an RP between me and a friend, and I've decided to prose-i-fy it. (Also, it's taking me a long time to prose-i-fy it because it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to read through the RP without screaming in joy. FEELS. MY OTP FEELS)

Not My First Choice (chapter 11 up)

A new ATLA fic (it's been my obsession recently...), mostly centered around Toko, my OTP. BECAUSE THE INTERNET NEEDS MORE OF IT. What would be a more fitting punishment for Zuko than to be used as a pawn and placed in an arraigned marriage with a disabled Earth Kingdom girl? The Fire Nation gets access to land, money, and supplies, and he has to deal with this... Toph. But, when she has the chance to run away and teach the Avatar earth ending, she grabs it with both hands and disappears from Zuko's life. At least, for a little while.

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ONESHOT. It's Chaud and April's first Chirstmas together! Snowball fights, hot chocolate, mistletoe, and traditions. It just might be the perfect Christmas! CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR REQUIEM'S AWAKENING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ChaudxOC. rated T for lotsa fluff
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