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Good morrow lords and ladies!

I'm Lor! I'm 16, and I LOVE ANIME AND MANGAS!

Fav animes and mangas:


Yu-Gi-Oh GX

Yu Yu Hakusho


Furuba (fruits basket)


Card Captor Sakura

Love Hina

Black Cat


Chrono Crusades

A.I. Love You

Full Metal Alchemist

and many others...

Fav Pairings:

Jaden x Alexus or and OC

Syrus x OC

Yugi x OC

Yami x Tea

Seto x OC

Tristian x Serentiy

Duke x OC (Tristian wanted Serenity way before Duke waseven known)

Yusuke x Keiko

Kuwabara x Yukina (i think Kuwabara is the biggest dumbass, and ugliest bastard. but him and Yukina are actually a little cute together, and he seriously needs a girlfriend, lol)

Shizuru x Sakyo (if he didn't die...he was sexy, why did he have to die? ;;cries;;)

Koenma x Botan (duh!!)

(everyone else in yu yu hakusho should be paired with an OC)

Hideki x Chi or Yumi (Hideki could go with either one, they both like him, maybe they won't mind sharing?)

Shinbo x Ms. Shimizu

Minoru x OC (or me! he's so cute, he's a little young for my taste, but he's still really cute!)

Tohru x Yuki

Kyo x OC (definitely not Kagura, she's too old for him, and in the mangas, she doesn't really love him)

Ritsu x Shigure's Editor (can't remember her name)

Hatori x Shirgure's ex (also Tohru's teacher, they really seemed to hit it off)

Rin x Haru (for those of you who haven't read the mangas, Rin is the horse)

Uotani x the rooster of the family (it was love at first sight with those two ;;sigh;;)

Kisa x Hiro

Aya x his secretary (or Shigure, they seem to be really close, and yes i am somewhat into yaoi, but i'm not a big fanatic about it)

(everyone else needs an OC)

Inu x Kagome

Miroku x Sango (but i'm sure everyone knows that he'll cheat on her)

Koga x OC (Inu had Kag first. Koga shouldn't interfere, and as far as Ayame she needs to understand that no matter what she does, he won't love her back)

Sesshomaru x Rin (once she grows up because right now, it just be wierd)

Shippo x the thunder brother's little sister (she was in one episode, she fell in love with Shippo and he looked like he loved her back)

Hojo x one of Kagome's friends (they're all head over heels for him, and Kagome and him will never happen)

and many more...but we're not mentioning the others...not enough space

Other interests:




singing to music

dancing (even though i suck i don't care)

hanging with my friends

surfing the web

some athletics

going for walks (mainly to get away from my sisters! lol)

animals! (anything furry, fuzzy, cuddly or deadly ;;evil laughter;;)


wanna be's


preppy snobs (they all shall die!)

siblings (sometimes)

liars (unless they have a good reason for it)

the list keeps going and going and going...another thing i don't like is that stupid energizer bunny, it's pink! i don't like pink! (sry that was stupid and random, but that's me, lol)

Hopes and Dreams:

Well, the only hopes and dreams i have, would be to get my degree in animation, and to live in Japan, (stuck in the US right now -.-) and to be a manga artist. And if that doesn't work out, i'll open my own shop. But, only time will tell as to what my future will be.

special note! hello peoplz!if you want to im me instead of just review or e-mail me, that's ok. i like hearing what my readers have to say. well anywayz i only have aim, and my name on it is flaminwings8 if you want to go on ahead and im me sometime! later!

98 percent of teenagers do or have tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.

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