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Hi! This is Athemia (I do not support giving out real names on the net). Here's my Bio :)

Name: See above

Age: 14

Gender: Um, Athemia is a female's name...

Location: Everywhere! Joking :) I live in Australia

Hobbies: Horse riding. I don't do it much, cause my mum thinks I'm going to fall and break my leg -.- I also like graphic designing, going on the internet in general, art and reading. I've also discovered that I've got a talent for writing... (I'm being modest here) hence the reason why I'm on fan fiction.

A Bit More About Me: I'm asian, live with my mum, and currently am going through year Eight. I have one cat, wierd friends, and have a very short name :P

Current Obsession: Twilight series, by the fantastic Stephanie Meyer. I only found this place because I was looking for Twilight related things and I found someone's fafic on Twilight. I haven't gone a day without reading at least one chapter of Twilight, and I've never spent more than $12 on a book before, but when I saw Twilight I had to get it, even though it was $22, and I'm getting my mum to get New Moon for me through the net. I've never gone through so much trouble to find a book :P

Things I Have in Common With Twilight characters:
- Bella: I have been known to sleep talk, and I don't like dressing up too often
- Edward: I like to tease people :) I like to think of it as a talent
- Alice: I've got black hair! Even though it's straight to the extreme, not spikey
- Charlie: I'm usually at home alone, since my mum comes home at seven to eight... if she's early.
- Angela: I'm usually the more quiet one in the group. Most the time I prefer to watch people talk, not do the talking

Things I have in Common with Artemis Fowl characters:
- Artemis: My friends say I'm more-than-averagely intelligent, but I wouldn't (me being modest ).
- Holly: Well... I don't like it when people are treated wrong, and I don't usually hesitate to say it
- Root: Sometimes I get bossy :P
- Foaly: Slightly paranoid at time. Note: at times
- Butler: I don't know if I have 'found my center' but I don't feel the need to be talking every second of my life


I've just realized now two of my friends are on here o.o;; normally a good thing but if you see their pages you'll see whatI mean.

My friends, Brizo and Laxicat, so hard to find, so I'm posting their profile URL here for future reference :P
Brizo: -X-
Laxicat: -X-

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