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Author has written 8 stories for Gravitation, Hitman, StarTrek: The Original Series, Biker Mice From Mars, and Mentalist.

Hi everyone! My bio was written in November 2010, so it's been a while.

The best way to get in touch with me is via my deviantArt lyrics account ( or, even better, my Facebook artist page: https://www.facebook.com/dyien.songs

I hope you like my songfics :) Please do read them with the music specified for increased enjoyment. My super-long-term goal is to finish my Biker Mice fanfiction one day and post it online.

Everything below here the line was written in 2012 :)

Open-minded, international, sometimes crazy; thinks guns and knives lok pretty; is a lyricist (

I love fanfiction, cuz some of the stories people come up with and the way they write amazes me at times, and for many many other reasons.

fanfiction: Must say that one of my favs is Decembergirl's Biker Mice From Mars ff, if memory serves me right, it's called "The Survivor's Log", Bookworm's fanfictions, and of course... Stoker1439 fanfictions!!! You can find these ffs at www.bikermice.com... though they are about the 90's series and not about the present one. I personally prefer the old one :D

Another fav cartoon is the 80's Rainbow Brite... it's so much better than all the violence kids are brainwashed with today.

I used to love anime and manga (thanks to my dear friend M. who introduced me to it):

Took me 30mins to get through the first 5 pages cuz it was my first ever time reading manga - Fushigi Yugi :)

Others I've seen/read/know well enough: DNAngel, YamiNoMatsuei, Gravitation, Ouran High School Host Club, Hellsing, Akira (only seen the movie), Fruits Basket (seen a couple of eps only), Princess Mononoke (the movie), Spirited Away (movie)...and... can't think of any other ones *is ashamed*

Unfortunately I no longer enjoy anime like I used to, due to someone overdozing me on them a few years ago. I also seem to prefer watching real people now.

Thanks to another friend of mine I know and love... HALO!! The game and the universe, because the game itself is more like a movie than anything else. Will admit I've never owned a game console in my life (only had gameboy colour), nor do I have an Xbox or PS. And I'm fine with that. I've read the first three books in the Halo-verse (The Fall of Reach, The Flood, and First Strike).

Books... Fav authors are Anne McCaffrey, Terry Pratchett, David Weber, Tom Clancy, Anthony Horowitz (cuz of the Alex Rider and Power of Five series), and Michael Crichton. I'll also admit to enjoying Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles cuz of the implications about human nature involved. I also like Pushkin (google him if you don't know who he is) and poetry and lyrics-wise there is NO ONE who can beat the one and only... Vladimir Vysotsky (that's how wiki spells his name in english anyways).

What else? I love music (off all genres, styles, and content) - as long as the music is good and the lyrics have meaning and sense.

I'm on facebook.com (profile restricted to friends only though) - look up Stephanie Dyieneph and you'll find me. More info can also be found at as well as at - my lyrics dA site.

I have written some Biker Mice fanfiction myself but never got around to finishing it - I DO however have several songfics, which I tend to post on here. Oh and the songfics even have music ;)

Anyways... I think that's it for now. Never written a proper, open bio like this one before o.O



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