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Author has written 5 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Inuyasha, Death Note, Fruits Basket, and Kingdom Hearts.

'Wings, translucent in the pale glow of the moon contrasts sinfully against raven hair and tanned skin. Violet. Violet wells stared lovingly to the woman striding down the street with a bout of confidence. La Rouge was a stretch of fame and glamour, and one had to show they would not be crushed by the weight of the glitz. With quick, deciphered movements, large skin wings ripped from the watchers back; saliva could be contained no longer as is dripped from the gaping mouth.

She was a beauty who would not be passed up.'

- The Suffering, by Etolie. If you would like to read more, PM me! :shamelessly whoring off books:


Aesthetics and Identity, Beate sumpto, and The Sound of Rain Falling are being taken down in favour of other stories. I apologize to everyone who was supporting any of those fics. -2/26/08

New URL for Homepage link! It's my collab pen on AFF, so for any of you who need your fix of smut, click the link and send in your requests! Beate Sumpto will be moved to this account, as well as chapters 5-continue of Whereabouts Truth. -3/7/08

Close to twenty projects now, along with doubleshifts and over all apathy. This is the reason for my slow, slowupdates. Please trust me, I'm working diligently! Below this twitty paragraph is a list of completed, current, and future works. Take a moment or four to read and understand why you will not be receiving weekly updates. It took like, two hours to type, and it's barely organized. I'll get around to that...later. -4/14/08

After a month or two of silence, Buried Future has been updated! Woo! But, the next chapter is being written out... painstakingly so. So get ready for that long silence again! :laughs: - 4/24/08

I'm quiting the FF community. All stories will stay up, but will not be updated. Good bye. -5/18/08

I lied. Not quitting. I'm back. DDx Not really writing anything yet; trying to catch up with what I do have written. Might add some new stories for Atelier Annie (yuri and yaoi). I've been playnig lots of games lately. I don't know when I became a DS junkie. It happened though, and there's no stopping it. xDD I might take a while to update. I need to buy a new router. - 4/1/10

Current Projects

Buried Future- L/Light; MYSTERY, Romance. 7/10 chapters completed. Don't expect an update any time soon, folks. I'm miffed with all the confused reviewers. Honestly, what is so Ra damned confusing? Despite the fact that it is based more around mystery. Sigh. (Death Note)

The Whereabouts of Truth- Haru/Kyou; Drama, Romance. 4/5 chapters completed. This story will be swapped over to AFF after the fifth chapter, but, if I feel up to it, I'll edit the content to FF standards. (Fruits Basket)

VULGARism- Naraku/Inuyasha; Action/Adventure, Romance. 3/? chapters completed. I apologize to the whole of two fans who have not received an update since...when? I've been in a rut, but am slowly pulling out of it. :huzzah: (InuYasha)

Future Projects

Leash and Collar- Seto/Jou; Drama. 1/? completed. This has not been posted yet. Summary: Jou is a Host for a well known 2-Chome club. So what will Seto do to keep his puppy from the clutches of grotty old manpervs?. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Hana to Mori no Yume(A Flower in a Forest of Dreams)- Marluxia/Vexen; Drama, Romance, Angst. 1/3 chapters completed. This has not been posted yet. Summary: Vexen has walked in on his current lover in the midst of an affair, and uses to trauma as an excuse to use up his ever growing vacation days. Whilst burning to a delicious crisp on DI, he meets a local worker, and finds himself in quite the pickle. (Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories)

Light- Zax/Tseng; Drama, Hurt/Comfort. In the process of plotting. This has not been posted yet. Summary: Tseng and Zack are closer than most SOLDIERS are with TURKS. Where did it begin? In Banora, on the reconnaissance mission, of course. (Final Fantasy: Crisis Core)

Enter the Psycho Queen- Sephirothcentric; Humor, Angst. In the process of plotting. This has not been posted yet. Summary: Sephiroth and Zack have a heart to heart on the family matters. (Final Fantasy: Crisis Core)

Mother- Yazoo/Reno; Angst, Hurt/Comfort. 1/? chapters completed. This has not been posted yet. Summary: Overused 'what if Yazoo never died' plot, in which Yazoo find himself unbearably alive after the explosion at ShinRa. Now, truly alone in the world, he seeks out one person he knows will end his pathetic excuse for a life. (Final Fantasy: Advent Children)

The Audience Killer Loop- Seto/Jou; Horror, Romance. 1/5? chapters completed. This has not been posted. Summary: Jou plans to commit suicide, but makes the mistake of choosing a rooftop across KC. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Deprived- Mori/Kyouya; Angst, Romance, Smut. 1/6 chapters completed. This has not been posted. Summary: Six years after the Host Club have graduated and moved on, Kyouya finds himself obsessed with his rapist. (Ouran High School Host Club)

Diary Swap- Al Cid/Vaan; Humor, Fluff, Oneshot. This has not been posted. Summary: Larsa and Penelo have come up with a way to keep in touch with everyone, whilst building relationships, but Vaan has been partnered with an impossible, egoistical Sex God. (Final Fantasy XII)

Kudou- Seto/Jou; Humor. Romance. 1/? chapters completed. This has not been posted. Summary: Seto and Otogi's masters have brought home a new pup, but Seto doesn't take kindly to mutts. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Laughing Fang- Nakago/Huan-Lang; Hurt/Comfort. 1/? chapters completed. This has not been posted. Summary: Huan-Lang has left the bandits in search of enlightenment, and therefore misses the news of their Boss' death. In the struggle with vagrant Qu-Dong soldiers, he is saved by a foreigner, and slowly he falls for the blonde. (Fushigi Yuugi)

Illuminati- Marluxia/Vexen; Angst, Romance. 1/? chapters completed. This has not been posted. Summary: Vexen feels he has failed in life; his daughter hates him, his studies have hit a block, and his wife's anniversary is coming up. With all the stress, can any one blame him for committing suicide? Marluxia, a fallen angel, and creator of Radiant Gardens takes the lost soul in. (Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories)

Wheel of Destiny- Axel/Riku, Luxord/Zexion, Marluxia/Vexen; Romance, Humor, Angst. 1/? chapters completed. This has not been posted. Summary: Broken into three stories revolving around a little video shop cleverly abbreviated as DIVE(S). (Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories)

Friends- Kairicentric; Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Oneshot. This has not been posted. Kairi ponders the meanings of Nobodies, and wishes dearly to befriend her own. (Kingdom Hearts II)

Memory of You- Vincent/Cid; Horror/Angst. 1/? chapters completed. This has not been posted. The disappearance of Aeris leads Cid Highwind and son Zack into a fervent search inside the haunted ShinRa Mansion. What Cid finds is not what he expected. (Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core)

Jukebox- Inui/Kaidoh; Fluff, Crack, Oneshot. This has not been posted. Inui wants more than anything to push Kaidoh to be the best, but he also feels his partner needs rest. (Prince of Tennis)

Feline Obsession- Inui/Kaidoh; Crack, Romance. This has not been posted. 1/? chapters completed. Kaidoh has stumbled upon a bundle of pure cuteness concentrate. With the help of Inui-sempai, can the snake shot nurse the fuzzball to health, whilst defending himself from unlikely advances? (Prince of Tennis)

Savior by Moonlight- Sai/Naruto; Tragedy, Romance. 1/5 chapters completed This has not been posted. Summary: Whilst on a mission, Naruto finds himself falling under some rather bizarre symptoms. When he questions Sakura, they both come to a frightening conclusion. (Naruto: Shippuuden)

Hydrophobia- Sai/Naruto, Sakura/Lee; Angst, Humor, Romance. This has not been posted. 1/? chapters completed. Summary: Sai is a newly trained psychiatrist and not totally up to the job of taking on case number Forty-eight. (Naruto: Shippuuden)

Fright Night- Kain/Zero; Smut, Comedic Horror, Oneshot. This has not been posted. Summary: Zero is slowly succumbing to his bloodlust for Yuuki and is now confused by the looks and touches of the esteemed Akatsuki Kain. (Vampire Knight)

I am Here- Ergo/Vincent; Smut, Oneshot. This has not been posted. Summary: Vincent and Ergo share a rather disturbing, intimate moment in the library of memories. (Ergo Proxy)

Chronological- Yazoo/Reno; Hurt and Comfort, Oneshot. This has not been posted. Summary: Reno and Yazoo have met up in secret, to sort out the mess, and see where things may lead their relationship. (Final Fantasy: Advent Children)

Completed Projects

The First Time- Cloud/Kadaj; Humor, Angst, Oneshot. Kadaj and Cloud find themselves pondering the luminescent of the Ajit City's trees. (Final Fantasy: Advent Children)

SEXIG- Xigbarcentric; Humor, Fluff, Oneshot. Demyx as learned a new pet-name for our beloved sniper. (Kingdom Hearts II)

:cue deep sigh:

And there it is. The long list of shit I will be dealing out to you all. :D

If you're still hanging around, here's a list of bands that inspire me to write this shit.

Mindless Self Indulgence


Dir en Grey

The Candy Spooky Theater

Coal Chamber

Kanye West (I know! Weird right? But hey, gotta respect the guy. He made Akira reference in his 'Stronger' PV)


Abingdon Boys' School



Asian Kung-Fu Generation

B-Voice (No one will know this one! XD)

Rick Astley





Ketchup Mania

Budo Grape


Many thunks to these people:

Charisma-Spin: She is mah only woman! Seriously though, easily one of the kindest people you will ever have the privilege of talking to. Plus she reminds me to actually write. Bwahehehe. She hovers around the KH Mania forums with myself, so drop us some lines!

Ogden(changes this part every few days ago so I can never keep up):A cool dood...if you're into the Holier-than-thou type. He gives good advice though; because of him my sister forgives me for attempting to set them up. :D

Shigure Haven: For giving me the courage to post in the GIRLS ONLY forum. Bwahehehehe.

Faith Cross: A sweet, sweet girl who calls me big brother. I-I feel so loved. :sobs:

And many, many more people who I cannot think of because it's like, two in the morn' and I'm dead tired.

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