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Hi! WhiteMint here!

My first series I've ever written is about an Akatsuki basketball team (and Sakura-chan!) called Akatsuki Basketball (AB for short, I know, I'm really lazy to think of a creative name)

I kinda stopped with this one cause I got bored of it. Sorry! I still update it from time to time though. Maybe.

Clutz: For Sakura, the first day of school was always the worst day. Little did she know that she definitely underestimated the horror until she found herself getting the attention from the entire Akatsuki basketball team... rated T for language, oneshot

(side story) Classes With Akatsuki: read the title

Sakura's Initiation: Whether or not she wants to join, Sakura is forced into the Akatsuki basketball team. Of course, she then realizes that she just walked into the pitfall of doom, aka initiation time.

(future story) Akatsuki Recruits: We don't actually want more people to join the Akatsuki basketball team, so if you want to join, you're in for hell in the form of 'basketball' tryouts. Don't you dare touch our Sakura-chan!

My second series is a more serious harem romance where the settings are influenced by ancient Chinese style novels. I've read a large number of those and I absolutely love how romantic and beautiful they are. So in an attempt to imitate those novels, I'm now writing a series called The Imperial Princess. I've also written a cute side story that got into my head when one of my dear reviewers suggested C/Shi as a possible suitor called A Noble in Secret. In the future, I'll probably write another side story with the Sannin involved. But it's yet to be written.

Bio of all characters in The Imperial Princess

Main Heroine

Sakura Haruno
age: 15
title: Imperial First Princess
occupation: doctor, medicine maker
hobbies: playing guqin, martial arts (B-rank)


Madara Uchiha
age: 30
title: Emperor of Konoha, Ruler of the Land of Fire
occupation: emperor of the Land of Fire
hobbies: martial arts (S-rank)

age: 17
title: Mizukage
occupation: emperor of the Land of Water
hobbies: martial arts (S-rank)


Itachi Uchiha
age: 20
title: Imperial Prince (one of two heirs to the throne)
occupation: 3rd rank official, prince, anbu member, akatsuki member
hobbies: writing calligraphy, shoji, martial arts (S-rank)

Shisui Uchiha
age: 21
title: Imperial Prince (one of two heirs to the throne)
occupation: 3rd rank official, prince, anbu member
hobbies: martial arts (S-rank)

Shi Raikage
age: 21
title: Prince of the Land of Lightning, heir to the throne
occupation: Imperial Pharmacist
hobbies: teasing Sakura, martial arts (S-rank)


Shikamaru Nara

age: 16
title: Imperial Head Tactician
occupation: 3rd rank official, heir to the Nara Clan
hobbies: cloud gazing, shoji, martial arts (B-rank)

Neji Hyuga
age: 17
title: heir to the Hyuga clan, former branch member
occupation: -
hobbies: martial arts (A-rank)

Sasori Akasuna
age: 24
title: woodcarver (grandmaster level), unknown background
occupation: akatsuki member
hobbies: puppetry, martial arts (S-rank), bullying Deidara


age: 22
title: sculptor (grandmaster level)
occupation: akatsuki member
hobbies: bombs, martial arts (S-rank), pushing Sasori's buttons

Hatake Kakashi
age: 35
title: martial arts instructor
occupation: anbu member
hobbies: reading icha icha, martial arts (S-rank)

Kabuto Yakushi
age: 22
title: apprentice to Orochimaru
occupation: doctor, researcher
hobbies: martial arts (S-rank)

age: 15
title: apprentice to Orochimaru
occupation: picking herbs and flowers
hobbies: martial arts (B-rank)

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