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Nickname: Sazz or Sazzi

Gender: Female, duh

Age: Fine...13, k?

Look: Brown hair, black eyes, Chinese

More Description: Well, I do OK in school, and loves the book series 'Warrior Cats' by Erin Hunter

Fav TV shows: Teen Titans, KND, Suite Life of Zack & Cody...I don't watch TV much

Fav Movies: Freaky Friday, Skyhigh, New York Minute...The oncoming TT movie, even if it wasn't shown yet

Fav. Teen Titans characters (first to last):


2. Terra

3. Robin

4. Jinx

5. Bee

6. BB

7. Cyborg & Raven

Fav. Shippings:

R/S, BB/T, Cy/Bee, Jinx/KF

Fav Quotes from Teen Titans:

"Where did you learn History from, a cereal box?" -Raven, Revolution

"If I am not your girlfriend, then what am I?" -Starfire, Stranded

"You just put on two thousand pounds. I'm so jealous" -Raven, Deep Six

And who could forget Robin's significant shout...

"Titans GO!" - Robin, DUH

Quotes from Sazzi:

"Four words. Homework. Must. Be. Perished."

"What goes in first - the milk or the cereal?"


Starfire isn't stupid. She's just naive and innocent, and not familar with Earth customs, like the way the other Titans aren't familiar with Tamaranian customs. Oh, and just to let you know, I happen to be a Starfire-hater hater...(hides jackhammer behind back)

Terra, a really good character, but people seem to hate her though, mainly for two reasons: 1) Betraying the Teen Titans and/or 2) Standing between Raven and Beast Boy. Firstly, Terra told Beast Boy she was sorry for everything she'd done. AND she helped save the city by sacrificing her life to stop the volcano she created. In return the Titans forgived Terra, for they owed their lives to Terra. See? The Teen Titans themselves can forgive Terra, then why can't you?

Next, I'll go to the second reason. I have nothing against the BB/Rae shipping AND the BB/Rae shippers (even though I'm a BB/T shipper), but some (not all, ok? Just some) BB/Rae shippers hate Terra, just because that Beast Boy takes interest in her, and vice versa. I find this hideously immature and unfair. The shipping BB/Rae is a non-canon couple. (producers had once proved that there'll be more brother-sister relationship developement between the BB and Raven) So BB/Rae shippers shalln't get all tight lipped just because the show didn't go their way.

Also, since I'm already talking about Terra anyway, I noticed that a lot (and I do mean A LOT) AU highschool fics tend to make Terra as a 'slutty, bitchy, preppy' character along wih Kitten and Blackfire. I can't deny that Kitten and Blackfire indeed fits the 'slutty, bitchy, preppy' description in certain point of views, (after all, Kitten acts like the description, and Blackfire DID act mean to Starfire by arranging that marriage) but those words don't suit Terra. I must agree that 'bitchy' suits Terra when she's bad, but (I've told people this a MILLION times) SHE HAS TURNED GOOD IN AFTERSHOCK PT.2! It's not as if Terra still acted the way she did in Aftershock Pt.1. She acted nice in Aftershock Pt.2, (at the near-end anyway) and insecure in Things Change. If you don't get the point, TERRA IS ON THE GOOD SIDE, not the 'slutty, bitchy, preppy' side. Also, Terra hit me as a more boyish girl than a girlish girl, and I doubt Terra cries over a chipped nail... So people, stop making Terra something she isn't.

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