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Hmm. If you really need to know a bit about me, im just a male living in Michigan. Hmm... I'm Black/African American, whatever floats your boat, and I hate Harry/Ginny and slash. Ginny dying a horrible, painful death by the hands of... Anyone would make me love the fanfiction. I also don't really like Harry/Hermione, or the way JKR set up the romance for the 6th book, which I didn't exactly enjoy. Darker Harrys, as long as they arent on the brink of mental retardation as i see mostly all thetime now, are the best. I love them with a fiery passion which cannot be extinguished. The best pairing of all time, in this one's opinion, is Harry/Tonks, which I am sad to say is no where near the amount of popularity the crappiest pairing, (Second to Harry/Ginny) Tonks/Remus gets. Go ahead and try and flame me for that one, but I don't really care all that much. Some Tonks/Remus fans logic is somewhat goofed if they say it's wrong for Harry to love a woman about maybe 7-9 years older, but love it when Tonks dates Remus,a man quite older. If i remember, Sirius and Remus are the same age, and Tonks wasn't really born in their first year, now was she? That would make it at the very least an 11-year age gap...

My favorite pairing, as stated above, is Harry/Tonks. I love Harry when he's with any girl who isn't an immature brat with a school crush. Slytherin girls are a must for me in a fanfiction, or at least a ravenclaw. Hufflepuffs except Susan? Nope. Gryffindors except Angelina and Alicia or Katie? Triple no. Harry with Marrietta Edgecomb? Sickening. Thats the number 2 worst pairing ever in this one's opinion. Ginny and her were almost tied for ugliest people of all time, and Ginny and Umbridge actually tied, Ginny almost being uglier. My horrible jokes aside, I only have one idea for a serious fanfiction anytime soon. I love Humor/Parody, so expect to see me mock almost all the fanfiction population on cliche ideas in my stories. Now, as for my actual Favorite pairings, Harry/Tonks, Harry/Fem.Blaise, Harry/Pansy, Harry/Cho, Harry/Fleur, Harry/Harems that arent horribly written or needlessly include Ginny and Hermione, and Harry/Well Written Oc. I have only seen a well-written OC in "Harry Potter and The Daughter of Darkness", a very nice fiction.

The other fandom I embrace is Naruto, although they for the most part have the most horrible problem with Slash/Yaoi and High-School Fics. Oh... The dreaded High school fics! Oh whatever. I don't see why Naruto/Hinata is so popular. It is possibly the worst pairing i have ever found. Most don't shape Hinata's character, creating a girl nice to look at who still stutters and turns beet red when she makes contact with Naruto, in some cases even when they are engaged. That is ridiculous. If someone would bother to shape the girl's personality, then it might be enjoyable, but I hate her boring past really. Her past isn't as tragic as most seem to portray it. Also, Mary Sues in there are ridiculous. This is what you commonly see:

"Like, Hi Naruto! I am like your older sister who left for a mission for many years and has come back to train you in a strangely unknown before combat style and many Jutsu! While I am here, I will purposely flirt with Sasuke, Neji, and any boy the authoress finds attractive! I am perfect in every way and have 2 demons sealed within me! I am even stronger than Uchiha Itachi, which should be impossible, because no one before even seemed to remember my name! I am like, the lord of all dragons and have a bunch of swords and know telepathy and-"

You get the point. There's also:

"Hey bro. It's me, Dan/Joey/Some other non-japenese name. I am 40x more powerful than Uchiha Itachi, and have 8 Demons sealed within me! I look strangely like Cloud from Final Fantasy, but ignore that! Our mother was the lord of demons and dad was the Yondaime! I am here to teach you the Yellow Flash technique, and every power known to ninja! All the characters will become non-important and all will be centered with me!I Have this dragon/demonic soul sword that owns and can control lightning and fly and stuff-"


My favorite pairing is Naruto/Anko.

June 18th of 2006- I made a profile.

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