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Author has written 18 stories for Card Captor Sakura, Daa! Daa! Daa!, and Full Metal Panic.


E-mail (Yahoo) : witch_animaru0912@ yahoo com

It's been two years since I last wrote anything remotely resembling a story. I thought I outgrew writing fanfiction a lifetime ago, but I find myself returning to finish what I have thus started. Nowadays, though, it has little to do with the characters I loved when I was growing up, but rather as a form of creative exercise. I really would like to resume writing, journalistic, creative, or whatever. Maybe I never should have stopped writing.

Unfortunately, updating all my stories at once is beyond me. Aside from the fact that our old computer has finally given out while I was away (I haven't been able to save the precious backups and the storylines I have written for all my stories), I think my stories would be undergoing changes. Whether those changes would be minor or major, I cannot say for now, but at least I could assure readers (if there were any followers left, and new ones are always welcome) that there will be a trickle of updates soon. A trickle, I say, because I couldn't promise the youthful enthusiasm I had before, of making torrential updates all at once. I do have a life now, which doesn't revolve around the internet, I'd soon have a kid to raise, so don't expect too much of me.

For now, I content myself with updating this profile. I haven't removed previous entries, as this profile has turned out to be a journal of sorts for me, and it would pretty much give you an idea on how much has changed since I first ventured in this site nearly a decade ago. I do value history, at the very least, and it makes for good moments when I want to reminisce. I know this site is a haven mostly for confused, lonely, geeky teenagers with a handful of eccentric friends, for self-proclaimed otakus who haven't quite given up all that anime yet, and some, like me, who return because it has been a good place for them when they couldn't find it anywhere else.

If you enjoy a good story as I do, feel free to read through my works. I've been re-reading them over the years, and while I'd really like to revise my finished stories, I think I should first finish the incomplete ones. If, and only if, I do finish some of these stories over the course of my life, will I consider making those revisions. So wish me luck.

Updated November 7, 2012, 12:30pm GMT8:00

Webby me

Currently building a website devoted to my stories, fan fiction and otherwise. Please visit: Witch Haven: Fan fiction website and update blog :) it's still under construction, though, so access might be limited to a few pages I've experimented on. I'm experimenting on having a discussion board for fellow FF mainstayers who wish to explore the site and share their stories there as well. Feel free to enter :)

Posted Friday, October 1, 2010 10:34 pm (GMT 8 hours, Manila Standard Time)

Please visit my Fictionpress account, at http://www.fictionpress.com/u/534140/ where I'd be writing serious stories for once. I just posted House of Light, which I will shamelessly plug to you, especially to my Filipino readers. (A new story has been uploaded there, a romance this time. Please visit, thanks!) :D

I WRITE LIKE...too many people, as it seems

I tried this interesting writing analysis tool. :) Here's what came out (I entered various chapters from my novels, as well as my nonfiction entrees):

--> I write like JD Salinger (came out twice).

--> I write like JK Rowling (came out twice).

--> I write like Jane Austen.

--> I write like Jack London.

--> I write like Dan Brown (came out twice).

--> I write like Chuck Palahniuk (came out twice).

--> I write like Stephen King (came out twice).

--> I write like Raymond Chandler (came out twice).

--> I write like Margaret Mitchell.

--> I write like Edgar Allan Poe (came out twice).

--> I write like Ray Bradbury.

--> I write like Bram Stoker.

--> I write like James Joyce (came out twice).

--> I write like Charles Dickens.

--> I write like Vladimir Nabokov.

--> I write like Kurt Vonnegut.

--> I write like George Orwell.

I also write like Arthur Conan Doyle, Arthur C. Clarke, HP Lovecraft (came out several times), Cory Doctorow (came out many times, nonfiction stuff), David Foster Wallace, William Gibson, Harry Harrison and Mario Puzo (Stephenie Meyer as well. Oh god. I didn't want that one).


Posted Tuesday, July 20, 2010 12:11 am (GMT 8 hours, Manila Standard Time)


It's been awhile since I visited FFnet, much less opened my account. Honestly, I never thought I would even do it again (at least not for a longer period of time). First off, I find it difficult to continue my stories because CCS's happy ending is currently disturbed by the plot of TRC, and I will never ever forgive CLAMP if they do something to harm my beloved pair.

There is, of course, the ongoing self-debate on whether I should continue holding on to my FFnet account. But as you can see, I'm still here. Currently I'm trying very hard to work on my stories, particularly Memories so I guess you should watch out for that one. But I cannot assure you anything. Bah, I cannot even assure myself of what to do in a few months' time...

So, there. Thank you for hanging in there for...what? I've been here since 2006 (2004 if you count from my first account through which the stories Beloved Enemy and Fated were first posted). It's already 2009, and I'm still here. Is it stagnation on my part (some friends say FFnet is just a phase)? Or is it determination? Whichever, what matters is you're all still here (I hope), even when I no longer deserve the attention. Arigato gozaimasu. I'll update when I can.

Posted Saturday, April 11, 2009 11:42 pm (GMT 8 hours, Manila Standard Time)


Hey there, aspiring iskos and iskas, the 2009 UPCAT results are out now. Of course, with the exorbitant tuition you have to pay to get in, I don't think I should force anyone who passes the UPCAT to actually enter UP. December 16, 2006 was indeed a sad day for SUCs, when the Board of Regents approved the tuition increase without the faculty and student regents.

Posted Saturday, January 17, 2009 10:47 am (GMT 8 hours, Manila Standard Time)


I have a message for my FF readers at my blog YIN entitled Fanfiction Updates...and an explanation. Please visit, to understand why some stories aren't still updated.

Posted Monday, January 5, 2009 1:42 am (GMT 8 hours, Manila Standard Time)


Happy new year, guys! No, your eyes aren't fooling you. There really is a new chapter for my fic. Consider it my gift to you all. :)

That being said, I'll see you all next year as soon as I can update. I hope that schoolwork won't be such a drag.

P.S. This has got to be my fastest update yet (on a story that has no stock chapter, that is).

Posted Wednesday, December 31, 2008 4:46 pm (GMT 8 hours, Manila Standard Time)


Just updated Sweet Deception (12:Choices, see story link below). My longest chapter yet. Happy holidays! :) I can't promise to update soon, or that I can update the other fics before the holidays end. I have tons of schoolwork to do, after all. Just, for now, enjoy the update. I'll try my hardest to write the next chapter soon.

Posted Monday, December 29, 2008 10:47 pm (GMT 8 hours, Manila Standard Time)


I just wrote a blog entry/ranting about Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles here. Check it out, and if you don't agree with me, then let's argue some. LOL. It's something about the antagonism between fans of the clone and the real Syaorans. If you ask me, the antagonism emanates from the clone fans. I just wanted to neutralize things a bit. Drop by and see for yourself, okay? :)

Posted Tuesday, December 30, 2008 2:50 am (GMT 8 hours, Manila Standard Time)


Hey there. I'm still working on updates on Sweet Deception and When Love and Hate Collide. I'd just like to share my blogs to you people. You might find what I've written there to be very different to my fics. Here they are: and . Please feel free to drop by. You can comment, even. That's that. Right now I'm writing a new entry for my blog Yang.

Posted Wednesday, December 24, 2008 3:44 pm (GMT 8 hours)

On Sweet Deception

Good news for those of you who are following my fic Sweet Deception. I have decided to finish it first before my other fics. It doesn't mean that I won't be updating the other stories, only that I'll be putting in more effort in updating said fic. In fact, I'm in the process of writing another chapter for it. So, that's that. Stay on standby, an update will be out soon.

More on the topic, the story flow is behind my plans by one chapter. The war should have started in chapter 10, but I only managed to add it in 11.

P.S. I just updated this story.

Posted Sunday, December 14, 2008 10:46 pm (GMT 8 hours), P.S. added Monday, December 15, 2008, 1:21 am (plus edits)


Hey. For anyone who still drops by, I'd just like to announce that I am currently in the process of mass updating. I have just finished another chapter for Sweet Deception (cue: fanfare and applause). Currently working on Memories, Gangster's Paradise, Catch Me If You Can, and When Love and Hate Collide. Should be able to do one or two of the aforementioned stories before I hit the sheets tonight.

P.S. It's fun to manga-hop at ONEMANGA, don't you think so?

P.P.S. Catch me if you can updated too. c'',)

Posted Sunday, December 7, 2008 8:27 pm (GMT 8 hours), P.P.S. added Monday, December 8, 2008, 1:03 am


Hey, FF community (at least anyone who bothers to drop by my profile)! It's been a long while (emphasis on"long") since I updated this profile (or is "blog" more apt a term?) and heck, I can't seem to update my fics massively as I have planned. Right now, I'm obsessing about the completion of Tsubasa Chronicle (the manga, of course) along with xxxholic. God, CCSakura and CCSyaoran can't really be dead, can they? I'd go on a killing spree (target: CLAMP) if they really are dead. I need closure now, more than ever. Admittedly, the ending of CCS before was hanging, but at least it was happy. And now I find out they're supposed to be dead, with two (supposedly one existence split abnormally) orphan sons? NOOOO!

So, there. However, despite my obsession, I have no intention of writing fics speculating on how these series (sequels, I should say) will end. It's just as in the case of Harry Potter--I respect the author's right to finish the story the way she wanted it, and no way would I want to preempt her. In this case, I'd like to see first how CLAMP plans to end everything. Then, if I didn't like the way it turned out, that's when I start writing fics for these two series (particularly TRC). So we're clear on that. I might consider writing fics on TRC, but it wouldn't have anything to do about the actual plot of the manga now.

I am also obsessing over the completion of the Daa! Daa! Daa! series--I mean, the manga translation and the fansubbing of episodes 60-78. I might have watched it, but I want to watch them again at my leisure. And I heard that the manga and the anime have different endings, so...

Anyway, update! Update! I'm planning to update some fics soon, including (I hope) Gangster's Paradise, Memories and Sweet Deception, so just watch out for them. And I'd like to add some fics to my one-shot collections. That's that, I'm back in fighting form, so to coin a headline we've used before, and I'm going to keep at it.

Now I need to go home.

P.S. I am also obsessing on Full Metal Panic! -- the light novels. grins

Posted Wednesday, November 12, 2008 7:09 pm (GMT 8 hours)

The author updates...on her writing plans and schedule.

News flash: I think I will have difficulty writing Sore Ga, Ai Deshou now that i have read the novels--way too angsty, if you ask me. But I love it and I'm recently getting frustrated 'coz I'm stuck with Burning One Man Force Chapter 3b preview (Can't read Japanese, but am desperately trying to learn it now). God...when will that kiss ever happen, in both the novels and the anime? When will Kaname and Sousuke have their happy ending? Just as well, I might announce that I plan on posting another FMP! fic. And yeah, expect an update on one of the CCS fics soon as well. My Happy Ending is up in my list, but I think I can do the others as well. Hell. Um. Even the Daa! Daa! Daa! fics will get updated. Especially Untold Love Story. That's it. I just want you to know I'm still alive. The excerpt from the planned fic here, as you see below, will only be brought to fruition once My Happy Ending...well, ends.

...Need to sleep...

Posted Tuesday, April 29, 2008, 3:35 am (GMT 8 hours)

I'm planning to write something new for a change--a parody. Well, before I can upload it here, the pre-requisite is that I have finished My Happy Ending, because the next fic will be a parody of my very own My Husband's Wedding. Not really a parody, but rather...it goes like this:

If FFnet is one big stage and every fic is a play, what happens behind every word written? Who's controlling who? And do the characters react differently?

For you to understand the joke in each chapter, you need to have read the original story. So I guess it's a marketing strategy again. But not really. Here's a sneak peek:

The Making of Chapter 1: See You Soon

“Do I really have to do this?” Sakura whined at me, but I shook my head firmly and told her to get a move on. Li Syaoran, her co-star, stood at the other end of the room, leaning against the wall and looking like the cocky bastard that he is. Why, if he isn’t so popular within the CCS fandom, I never would have hired that pig-head. That, and if I didn’t hero-worship him when I was a little kid, he’d never be in any of my fics. Well, I motioned for him to leave the scene—after all, he doesn’t appear until a few chapters later, so I don’t really need to pay him attention for the meantime. I turned to my star and ushered her to the little wedding planner’s shop.

“Do it.”

“I can’t.”

“Do it,” I raised my pen like a dagger, my eyes glinting wickedly. “Or we say our goodbyes now, my dearest.”

Sakura walked towards the table, forcing a smile on her lips as she approached. There, on the top, lay the almost-finished wedding invitation she is supposedly working on. Fairy motif because I can’t think of anything else at the moment, and it was full of pastel colors, beaded and sequined. It didn’t look like a wedding invitation at all, but who cares, as long as it works for me? In fact, I think it lacked creativity, but we’ll keep that one secret, shall we?

Sakura is supposed to think that it’s the coolest thing she has ever seen and done, but actually her eyes are a little bewildered because she still didn’t know how to act on being a wedding planner. Hell, yesterday she was just a happy kid, why the hell was she playing adult roles now?

She remains standing there like an idiot when she’s supposed to internalize the role. I approach her impatiently.

“You are a wedding planner, a successful one, for the past five years. You have clients from all over the country and you better get that through your clouded brain, Sakura.” Geez, I was being mean, I knew, but how the hell will I motivate her into believing that this fic is perfect for her?

“But Tomoyo and Eriol hate each other’s guts!”

“No, they don’t, not in this fic, and you let me worry about the others. Remember, they’re you’re best friends, and this invitation is for them.”

“Tomoyo could’ve done something better—” I cut Sakura off.

“Stop complaining or I’ll shove the invitation down your pretty throat. I’ve had enough with this nerve-thing of yours and you ought to get a grip of yourself.”

“All right, all right…” I almost pitied her, but I liked my story and I’m sticking with it, no matter what she said.

“Okay, again. Eriol and Tomoyo are getting married—this is not a funeral you’re planning, so stop whining, will you? They’ve been together for five years, the on-off thing and they’ve had it with waiting. So, they’re finally tying the knot and you will aide them in doing so.”

“But what do I know about planning weddings?”

“Hey, I gave you The Wedding Planner the other day, didn’t I? Don’t tell me you didn’t watch it.”

“Well…I was too tied up watching the new jdorama showing…”

“Figures. Well, I can’t help you now, can I? Don’t worry, you don’t do much of wedding planning here.”

“Oh…oh, I mean, that’s good, then.”

So we began.

After trying to (and almost failing) to internalize her role, Sakura sighed. She knew nothing about designing outfits, let alone wedding outfits, but then, I compromised her in this story. Or rather, Tomoyo compromised her, supposedly.

I turned away from her as she is supposed to be thinking about Li Syaoran and their impending meeting in the story.

Tomoyo was seated behind the scenes, her hands tied to her sides by some sort of bind—my doing. Of course, she normally would never let Sakura design anything, let alone her supposed wedding dress. Tomoyo could do it better, but I won’t have any of it. So I had to subdue her rages by tying her down.

“Damn that dress, it’s too ugly for me to wear.”

“You’ll wear what I want you to, missy,” I reminded her rather cruelly, but she merely scoffed at me.

“Yeah, and it won’t be my fault if I walk like the ugliest bride in Fanfic history.”

“Why you little—!”

I controlled myself. Then Tomoyo whined at me.

“Please, allow me to touch it up while Sakura gets ready for next scene—it’s so ugly, I can’t take it.”

“Fine,” I said begrudgingly. The dress really did need some improvement. Sakura’s really clumsy with a needle.

I turned back to Sakura. I think she just finished sighing out her sorrows on being the Maid of Honor, with Li Syaoran as the Best Man of the couple.

Li Syaoran, her supposed husband. You see, in my book they got married then they broke up, but stupidly enough, they didn’t do it legally, so—go figure. They haven’t seen each other for six years and she’s supposed to be apprehensive…not constipated, as I can see.

Oh, well. Her acting will improve with time and practice as she starts internalizing her role.

So far, so good, I thought triumphantly.

and that's it for now. See more when I continue and post it.

(written 12:41am, GMT 8 hours, April 17, 2008)


The better man does not always win. Remember, love comes not with the perfect man you see portrayed in all these fics we create and patronize, but instead, love makes even the most heavily-flawed man perfect in our eyes. Hey, give the guys a break—they’re only human like us. We don’t like being stereotyped, do we? Well, these guys…we can’t expect them to be perfect when we aren’t perfect ourselves. They make mistakes, as we do. They mess up. They can screw up and hurt you. They can be jerks as well as we can be bitches.

Point is…don’t try, ever, to look for the guys you see portrayed in books, movies and stories we see everyday. Fiction is what they are—you want happiness, settle for reality. Every guy and girl can become antagonists with the wrong people; they can be heroes and villains, friends and rivals.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in love with anyone, for that matter. I just think everyone needs advice on these things. Teenagers do have a tendency to get confused and get fiction and their lives mixed-up. They fit everything into the same framework: heroes, villains, rivals and all. Hell, I’ve been in FFnet for freaking four years, most of the stories revolves around the same themes, what changes are the names of the authors and the way the stories are written. Which goes to show that teenagers really undergo the same troubles and misunderstood one always end up writing the same stories, full of angst and dreams. Everyone wants to be the heroine; nobody wants to be the evil one.

This is why every now and then I try to find real gems of nicely-written stories with reasonably-original plots: it gets tiring to digest the same old themes (especially if it was written to express, thus with plenty of typos and grammatical errors). This is why I try my hardest to give my stories a good twist, why I try to write them earnestly. Because I have been there, I have done that. Because I am guilty of dreaming and writing the same things myself, pretending I was the poor Cinderella waiting for my own prince…until I learned better and grew out of it.

So, for younger teenagers out there, here are some lines I wish to share, lines from some songs which can very well help them cope with puberty and all its ups and downs:

On love:

I fell hard for your imperfections.

- Ever After, Bonnie Bailey

I believe that love is the answer…I believe that love will find a way.

- I Believe, Blessed Union of Souls

On self-love:

Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

-Whitney Houston

Don’t you ever wish you were someone else. You were meant to be the way you are exactly. Don’t you ever say you don’t like the way you are. When you learn to love yourself, you’re better off by far.

-Stay the Same, Joey McYintire

Echo, echo, we come and we go. I don’t want to be just another echo.

- Echo, Vertical Horizon

On youth and wisdom:

Half the time goes by, suddenly you’re wise.

-100 years, Five for Fighting

You live, you learn. You lose, you learn…You learn.

-You Learn, Alanis Morrisette

On doing what you truly want in your life:

If you were right and I was wrong,

How come you’re the one who’s gone and I’m still here?

-Vertical Horizon

-(Written and posted 11:00 pm MST, GMT 8 hours, April 13 2008)

ALL APOLOGIES to my readers who are still waiting (if there are still any of them left) for me to update my stories. Sorry, this hasn't been an easy school year for me. Right now I still have three deadlines to meet and ALL STORIES ARE ON HIATUS UNTIL WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2008, after which I can update them one by one. My presence at FFnet during the summer holidays is currently uncertain. College life is strenuous, as I am taking summer classes and driving lessons soon. Be that as it may, I am not going to give up my FFnet account entirely. They will be updated, no matter how slow, these upcoming holidays. For the meantime, give me enough time to do my work as a student. FOR ALL BROKEN PROMISES OF UPDATES, I am terribly sorry. I will resume work here soon. I hope you are all still prepared to welcome me back by then. I am ashamed to say that I have not made any progress on the chapters yet, but I will be working on it. Certainly, by the 26th everything will be much easier. But then, it goes downhill soon enough.

That's all for now. See you soon in my stories.


Published on March 14th, 2008, 3:00 pm GMT 8 hours (MST)

P.S. I'm currently accepting beta-reading. If you're interested, please feel free to contact me through e-mail or the private messaging service.

PS--Added on March 17th, 2008, 1:50 am GMT 8 hours (MST)


Deceptions (Inspired by A Cinderella Story)

She was the nerd, always the nerd. He is the hearthrob, always the hearthrob. They were chatmates, though. After being online friends for so long, he asked to meet up with her, and she agreed. Only, on the last minute, she changed her mind and made Tomoyo show up in her place. Soon, Tomoyois falling in love with the guy she fell for onlineWill he ever want to know the truth, when it's obvious that he's head-over-heels in love with Tomoyo? Will he ever notice the difference of the Tomoyo he meets with everyday and the one he talks to online? And if he does, which one does he like better?

What is Mine...

All her life, she has been in rival with her stepsister Meiling, even to the point that she took Eriol away from her. Pained, she left Japan, confused and unsure where to turn to. Then she meets Syaoran, the arrogant, domineering and proud heir of the famous Li clan. She falls for him eventually, but he thinks she's just a gold-digging, scheming bitch. And what if she finds out that Meiling was a part of Syaoran's unforgotten past? And what if Meiling returns to their lives after a broken engagement... determined to take Syaoran away, too...

Point of Rebellion: Ice and Fire (This is the Original Story from which I derived COLD FIRE, an ongoing experimental fic of mine)

She came from an indecent family with hidden problems. Her mother was an alcoholic who died in a car crash. Soon afterward, her father remarries. She stayed with him for a few years until she can't bear her stepsister Meiling's snide remarks about her, plus the fact that she seemed to be an excess baggage to her own father. She falls for her stepbrother Syaoran who thinks she's nothing but filth and unworthy of his attention. Her love turned to a desire for revenge... to the people who hurt and belittled her... especially... Him.

Love: The Second Time Around

She was 15 when she met Syaoran. Then amnesia took him away. He forgot the near past — including her. His family asked her to leave him to avoid confusion, which she painfully did. Now, she is a dressmaker who was hired by her best friend Tomoyo, the best wedding planner in all Japan. Syaoran is back with his new fiancee Meiling... And what's painful is that she is the only one who remembers. Is their love powerful enough to overcome amnesia?

Turn Our Hearts Around

One night... One dance... One dream. How could such a Cinderella-ish story ever have a happy ending? Will he still think... or dream of her once he found out who she is... what she is... at school.

Take Me Away (From Reality)

She saw him only once, at a public concert where he played. He was a rising-to-fame star, she was a nobody. She wished then and there to take courage and approach him, but her inhibitions held her back. What if she's given a chance to know him... within another identity, an alter ego?

Convenience (Like Memories, but not quite)

They were two heartless people who never believed in love. They were married to merge two gigantic business empires as one. The marriage would have worked, if only they didn't fall for each other. And they might have been able to save it... if only they admitted to each other, or to their selves, that they felt the same... Love.


Sakura and Syaoran had been best friends since forever. But for some 'stupid' reason, they fell apart. It began with his latest girl friend, Yuriko Akane. Sakura knew she's just playing with him, but he doesn't believe her... not after Yuriko discovered her diary containing her deepest feelings for her 'best friend,' and showed it to Syaoran.

Back to Where You Are

She had always lived in seclusion, for her father's job made it impossible to stay in one place for long. She didn't like to say goodbye always, but nevertheless, when Tomoyo offered her the hand of friendship, all she could do was accept. But Tomoyo's best friend (Who happens to seem to be attracted to his best friend, who, in turn, likes his guy best friend Eriol) Syaoran, hated her so. Then she had to say goodbye again. Years later, she returns to exact her revenge from Syaoran, who made her life back then impossible to live...

Glassed Ice

The Ice King meets Campus Nerd. How will two outcasts relate to each other? One who had low self-esteem, one who was too snobbish. Will love develop, or will the Ice slip away from the Glass?


'Always a bridesmaid, never a bride' seem to fit her best. She hides her loneliness from her happily-married friends (Thanks to her), and nobody knew her fear of commitment. Then she meets him, someone she actually liked, but there's one problem. He is her best friend's fiance.

I'm Yours Alone

He's a movie star, but he finds all the fame and wealth nauseating. He decides to go some place else incognito, where he meets her, who has no idea who he really is. He throws a little lie here and there so he can somehow stay with her but... what if his little lies start to catch up with him?

Please Be Mine

A playboy who falls for an Ice maiden... How can he convince her to trust and love again?

If Only...

He's her best friend, but she loves him more than that. He has always searched for love in the wrong places... until he meets someone he believed to be 'the one.' Her life turns upside down on this news... but still, she stood by him. Will she be able to confess her feelings and risk losing their friendship, or just give him up in fear of losing him?


An actress with a hidden loneliness, a businessman without a heart... How can they help each other?

Can't Buy My Love

He thought he could pay her to love him, but how wrong he was. She tries to teach him a lesson on love and wealth, but it seems he doesn't want to learn... For he looked for someone who thinks the same way he does...

Facades of Love

She thought he was a simple guy...how wrong she was. The sweet, thoughtful man turned to a shrewd, heartless being. He laid down the terms of their relationship right after he married her...and all the deceptions hurt her so.

When Summer Ends (ET Fiction, supposed prequel of Finding Love...might be written if I finish one or more of my on-going stories at present. Instead of being the prequel, I think it'll be a sequel.)

She had gone to England for a summer break from university. She met there a sweet and charming European, Charles Matthews (Very generic name, don’t you think?), who was on England to mend a broken heart and get over a broken engagement. She was instantly taken by him. But before her vacation came to an end, she also met Eriol Hiiragizawa, a sweet and smart half-English, half-Japanese. He became her refuge for her confusing relationship with Charles. She came back the next summer, when Charles had hinted they might end up together, after all. Eriol, meanwhile, became her best friend abroad (Sakura is her bestest best friend). Then… on her last vacation, Charles failed to show up. Eriol told her that he and his fiancée had made up…and he left an invitation to the wedding. Her heart broke, and what added to her confusion was Eriol’s confession of love, just a few days before she will leave England for good, and the fact that they might never meet again. Destiny finds a way to bring the two together, and who said that true love can’t happen in less than five minutes?

I don't know how to go on with all these stories brewing in my head so I wrote them here. There are about 50 synopses I did not include here yet...darn! And I am serious, not even exaggerating it. I may be off the mark by ten or fifteen more, coz the last time I counted, the ongoing stories included, I had about 75 story synopses...No joking.

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Incorporated by Majah reviews
[AU]Two different worlds: cyberspace and real life.Wherein anything done inside this computer world can be legal in real life. Sakura gets involved as she signs a binding contract online which became valid IRL...with Li.[read detailed summary]
Card Captor Sakura - Rated: T - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 36 - Words: 264,463 - Reviews: 1635 - Favs: 680 - Follows: 654 - Updated: 10/7 - Published: 11/8/2004 - Sakura K., Syaoran L.
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Card Captor Sakura - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,562 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 3/16/2007 - Published: 10/30/2006 - Sakura K., Syaoran L.
Beloved Enemy reviews
SS, ET repost. Syaoran's mother died years ago. Blaming Kinomoto Fujitaka for the incident which caused the tragedy, he goes to Japan to exact revenge. Instead, he falls for the enemy's daughter... Revised and edited prologue up.
Card Captor Sakura - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,591 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 3/16/2007 - Published: 10/30/2006 - Sakura K., Syaoran L.
My Husband's Wedding reviews
COMPLETE SS They married six years ago and separated a month later. Epilogue up, sequel My Happy Ending up, if you'll search for it...
Card Captor Sakura - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 28 - Words: 71,061 - Reviews: 852 - Favs: 291 - Follows: 181 - Updated: 12/26/2006 - Published: 3/25/2006 - Sakura K., Syaoran L. - Complete
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