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Oh, gee, it's been a long time since I've put anything onto my profile.

Anyways, a bit about myself, in a tribute form, of course (I just took a random good one).

Name: Foxfaceisthebest (if you really wanted to, you could call me Lalo. That's what my little sister used to call me.)

Age: 2,910,758 (I'm the oldest person on earth!)

Gender: You've got a 50% chance of getting it right (okay, well, technically 51% of the US is female, so... I don't know. I guess that makes it 51, 49. And I think about 99% of Fanfiction writers are female, SO...)

District: I've seen multiple different maps with different district locations, but I think I'd be 9. Around there, at least. Okay, whatever you consider Minnesota to be.

Personality: Uh... Hunger Games nerd. (My personality type is INFP, which is... well, I don't know. I think it describes me pretty well.)

Appearance: Dark hair, dark eyes, light skin.

Reaped or Volunteered: I'd definitely be reaped. I don't want to admit it, but I'm too much of a coward to volunteer.

Reaction: Gee, I might cry.

Strengths: I can swim, and I'm a Hunger Games nerd.

Weaknesses: Everything else.

Training Score: -9,128 (I OUTSMARTED THE GAMEMAKERS!!!!)

Alliances: Ew. No.

Bloodbath: I'd be too scared to enter that mess. Actually, I'd probably step off my pedestal early because I don't want to die painfully.

Placement (HG): According to a PlayBuzz quiz, there's a small chance I could win. (WHAT???)


Favorite HG Character: Foxface (duh) or Beetee. I just really like that they're nerds, like me.

Favorite HG Book: Either the first one or Catching Fire. I'm not a big fan of Mockingjay.

Other Books I Obsess Over: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Matched, Land of Stories (yes, it's a middle-grade book, and no, I don't care)

Movies or Books: BOOKS!

Favorite Season: Winter (also, there's this common misconception that winters in Minnesota are super cold. They're not that cold. Maybe where you're from winters are super hot. Ever thought about that?).

Occupation: Student.


Favorite Color: Orange. Like Effie's hair.

Marvel or DC: Why do people keep asking me this?

Favorite Sport: SPORTS???

Harry Potter House: (Not something I write in, but still cool) Hufflepuff

Harry Potter Patronus: Hyena.

Divergent Faction: (Also not something I write in) Erudite


The Broken And The Brave: The 134th Annual Hunger Games

Status: I've decided to discontinue. I lost my tribute forms and it's too old to come back to.

Chapters: 13

Chapters Left: 0

Maybe: The 125th Annual hunger Games

Status: In progress

Chapters: 2

Chapters Left: I don't know.


1.) Submit as many tributes as you'd like (I changed this). But, for every three you send in, one must be a bloodbath (if you send 3 in 1 has to be a bloodbath, 6 in 2, etc.)

2.) No review tributes. Keep it a surprise, and I think that's technically against the site rules.

3.) I will reject tributes if they're either too Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu-ish or just a complete mess.

4.) Bloodbaths don't have to be as detailed as non-bloodbaths.

5.) Reservations last 7 days. If you don't have it in by 6, I'll PM you, and unless you've got a really good reason, the spot's open after 7.

6.) Have fun and drown me in PMs!


Name: (Please, either generic or relating to the district’s industry. If something is super out there, I will ask you to change it.)

Gender: (If non-binary or transgender, please tell me which tribute slot they’re in)

Sexuality: (Optional. I mean, would a 12 year-old really have thought about it?)

Age: (12-18)

District: (1-9, 11-12. There’s no District 10 slot)

Appearance: (How did I forget this? Also, if it's a district with specific physical traits, please keep this in mind. For example, tributes from District 3 tend to be "ashen-skinned")

Personality: (Be specific here. Give me something to work with. At least a paragraph.)

Describe tribute in one word: (Give me something. Again, something I didn't put up here at first, so if you submitted before this, don't worry about it)

Backstory: (Again, specific, even if it is boring. At least a paragraph.)

Reaction to Quarter Quell Announcement: (not optional, though if you submitted a tribute before I put this up here, it's fine that you don't have it)

Family: (Please include a brief summary of them and their relationship with the tribute)

Friends: (See family)

Other Relationships: (Anybody who comes to say good-bye, or of any importance to the tribute. See family)

Reaped/Volunteered: (Remember, it’s rare for a District 1, 2, or 4 (except 4 is a bit meh) tribute to be reaped)

Reason/Reaction: (Please be realistic with volunteering reasons.)

Reaping Outfit: (Not optional)

Token: (optional)

Opinion on Captiol: (optional)

Opinion on Games: (optional)

Quirks/Mannerisms: (Optional, but these are cool)

Chariot Outfit: (I will most likely choose the better of the two, but put something down here. Don’t rely on your tribute’s district partner, if they have one, of course)

Training Strategy: (What do they do? Do they focus on survival skills? Weapons? Any interactions you’d like to see?)

Suggested Training Score: (Be realistic)

Interview Strategy: (Cunning, wise, likeable, fierce, etc.)

Interview Outfit: (You can be vague here)

Interview Quote: (Not optional. You can use quotes from other people, just tell me where it’s from)

Strengths: (Maximum of 6)

Weaknesses: (Minimum of 4)

Fears: (Nobody has no fears (gee, double negative, there), so put something down)

Preferred Weapon: (Please don’t just put down knives here. Is it a dagger? A butchering knife? Be specific)

Suggested Character Arc: (Please put something down. This is an important part of the story)

Motive To Win: (Well, if they want to die, tell me)

Suggested Placement: (Be realistic)

Preferred Placement: (Be as unrealistic as your heart desires)

Cornucopia Strategy: (I may change this if every tribute from an outlying district is running away)

Bloodbath Death: (I may change this depending if I have too many/not enough bloodbaths)

Games Strategy: (Be somewhat interesting)

Preferred Death: (You can be vague here. Died because of stupidity? Did someone turn their back on them? Be interesting)

Final Thoughts If Dying: (Again, be somewhat interesting. I may change these around a bit, too)

Thoughts if Won: (See final thoughts if dying)

Why Should/Shouldn’t Your Tribute Win: (Think back to third grade! Remember when you had to learn to write persuasive essays? Well, give me a bit of that! Also, this could be the difference between life and death for them, SO...)

Fight, Flight, or Freeze: (Please remember that freeze is the most common)

Willing to Ally: (I’d prefer not to do any romance with other tributes, except if it was there before the Games)

Can They Swim: (yes or no. Simple.)

Climb: (can be a bit more of a kinda)


District 1 Female: Elegance Grace, 18 (Professor R.J Lupin1)

District 1 Female: Silk Von Dame, 18 (Matthew.MJ.Richards)

District 1 Female: Anthea Frey, 18 (its-suzuka)

District 2 Female: Luciana Ludwig, 16 (Professor R.J Lupin1)

District 2 Female:

District 3 Male: Ziron Cassidy, 16 (Hawkmaid)

District 4 Male: Lazarus Neptune, 15 (DefoNotAFangirl)

District 4 Female: Ripple Bryton, 18 (Hawkmaid)

District 5 Male:

District 5 Male:

District 5 Female: Paige Turner, 15 (ardhoniel.LotRStarsWarNinjago)

District 6 Male:

District 6 Female: Chivonne Sorel, 14 (its-suzuka)

District 7 Female: Sparrow Lavere, 17 (Matthew.MJ.Richards)

District 7 Female:

District 8 Male:

District 8 Female:

District 8 Female:

District 9 Male: Cirrus Leaven, 18 (ardhoniel.LotRStarWarsNinjago)

District 9 Female:

District 11 Male: Axel Salgado, 17 (its-suzuka)

District 11 Male:

District 11 Female:

District 12 Female: Reserved for Professor R.J Lupin1


(My thanks to the people of District 1) Nevada Chrystal - 59th Hunger Games SYOT

(My thanks to the people of District 5) Elysia Raiden - 57th Hunger Games: Welcome to Oblivion

(My thanks to the people of District 8) Stitch Yarnn - Pure Innocent Destruction - SYOT

(My thanks to the people of District 9) Sunnoria Miller - Monachopsis

(My thanks to the people of District 10) Sable Bear - Raindrops

(My thanks to the people of District 11) Barric Colton - Monachopsis

(My thanks to the people of District 12) Colby Idan - Can You Escape The Rain: The 15th Hunger Games

(Extra thanks to the people of District 12) Ashton Brennen - The 446th Hunger Games: SYOT


(My thanks to the people of District 4) Monique Rivera - Distorted: The 16th Hunger Games

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"Listen, Cato. I love you, but I can't do this if you don't truly love me back." A dark figure came from behind Clove and she didn't notice. "Cato?" She looked behind herself because his eyes fluttered away from her. "Clove!" A strong arm pushed her out of the way and took a sword to the chest for her. Clove shot a knife at the killer and looked at the dead, wait, that's not Cato..
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Maybe: The 125th Annual Hunger Games reviews
"Every 25 years they decide that killing children isn't enough for them. That they need to kill them uniquely." The 5th Quarter Quell is here. What's the sickening twist they've added this time? SYOT, OPEN! Drown me in PMs! Rated T because it's the Hunger Games. I do not own the Hunger Games, because my name is not Suzanne Collins.
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District 13 is now sending tributes, now that the 2nd Rebellion has failed. However, there are still the other twelve Districts, their reaped tributes still begging for survival. Rated T because it's the Hunger Games. I do not own the Hunger Games because my name is not Suzanne Collins (sorry...). SYOT closed, but you can still read! DISCONTINUED (read Author's Note)
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Death. It's what this all is. Stained by blood. Stained by children's last words. Stained by pleas for mercy. A one-shot on a tribute's thoughts as they are waiting to be slaughtered. Rated T because it's the Hunger Games. I do not own any of this, because my name is not Suzanne Collins.
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