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Anubis Facts

Male, 17 yrs old

Brown/Green Eyes

Brown/Black/White hair

Likes: Vicodin

Dislikes: Get out a pen, you'll need to take notes.

Catch Phrase: "You can't even fathom, using the inhuman comprehension bestowed upon thee, of just how screwed we truly are."


Welly, welly, well then. How truly nostalgic, finding myself here again. It's almost poetic in a sarcastic, mind throbbing sort of way. I am the second, but for you out there staring at your screens in the Interwebs, you may call me Anubis117, since I don't give my name out like that. Hey! It's the internet. Steall someone else's identity, eh? You wouldn't want mine anyway. If you have reached this page in error, you obviously have no knowledge as to how the computer can work.

Those looking for my RedvsBlue page should use this: 0o0o0

For those of you looking for my Deviantart incarnate, click the HOMEPAGE button.

Where to start?

Many of you who ever gave a damn about my page here may have noted that, I haven't been active in a while. Like almost two years. Hence, I'll give an explanation.

I am brilliant. I'm not trying to sound like a pompous asshole, but I am. I've been going to college already, despite the fact that I am only in high school. And upon the introduction of said higher learning being thrust in my eyes and ears, I have come to appreciate a much wider forte of my writing skills. A sort of creative revolution, if you will. As such, I read my previous writings and cringe with the utmost pain. I wrote these stories mostly as rantings in my younger years, before I had any sense of logical thought. And not to insult any fans out there, but, really? I don't even like the stuff I wrote. Charming, yes. Imaginative, maybe. Good writing, hell no.

As such, as I am now busy with a private film company, a manga version of my Final Gate stories (OH NOES PLOT!), and various happenings in movie land I cannot mention without lawsuit, I have no more time to continue my escapades here. I may read some more here, and there may be a few notices here or there. But I am deleting my incomplete stories and going inactive for the time being. I'm not promising I will never return, but I cannot continue with my writings here as of yet. I will linger in the shadows, reading, but not posting.

Oh! And please stop spamming me with "R U dead?" in my Gmail account. I use that for file transfers at school now, and I cannot keep getting important server updates in between angry text.

Trust me you will know when I die. It will be televised.

Halo: Invasion by GundamX67 reviews
Continued from The Begining of the End, these events occur 50 years later. Humanity is dying, and portals have appeared everywhere. All seems lost, and hope is quickly diminishing. It is finally the end...or is it...
Halo - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 9 - Words: 12,392 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 12/7/2006 - Published: 9/3/2006 - Complete
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Halo SG1: Combat Ascended reviews
Master Chief goes back for Cortana, but he comes back with Asguard and Ancients weapons, a new set of armor, and tells Cortana that the Final Halo is actually an Ori SuperGate! SG1 Halo 2 crossover! No flames, please!
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[Tamers] [Sequel to The Middle Man] Someone who was thought to be dead is very much alive and summoned into the human world to reunite with the kids he sacrificed himself to save. But what is throwing the balance of the two worlds out of whack?
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[My first DigiTamer fic.] 3 months after the DReaper attack, a hidden threat leaves the children in danger. A mysterious program is sent to bridge the gap between the two worlds and realize a destiny he may not want. [Matrix references.] Bit of Rena X OC
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Part Two of Final Gate. The Wraith are hunting the humans instead of feeding, the Asurans are on the move, and The Ancients are breaking their own rules to fight the Ori. The universe's only savior... is dead...? Or is he just waiting? R&R. SG1 crossover.
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