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Tari: Welcome to Hellish Scones and Cheesecake heaven! This is a Hellsing fan fiction done by me and my buddy, Nyx!

Nyx: Yo :Waves: Cant wait to have some fun with this, Jade and Naomi are getting ready as we speak...

Alucard: What sort of name is that? Seriously, Hellish Scones and Cheesecake heaven? Sounds like a fricken' Cooking show!

Nyx: . Well Alucard, this isn't your story, it's ours

Alucard: ... Well, that's besides the point, isn't it? It's still a stupid name.

Tari: Not if you're us, it 'aint. You do not know the wonder of Cheesecake!

Nyx: And Scones!

Integra: ... Hellish Scones?

Nyx: And Cheesecake Heaven.

Tari: You got it :High fives Nyx:

Seras: So... what else is it about? Besides cooking, I mean.

Tari: There's actually very little cooking involved, 'cept a love of good food. There's lots of talk of cooking, and we do cook, but it plays a rather minor part in the story.

Nyx: Yeah! The main part is well... I'm not going to tell you. But it has to do with Hellsing!

Integra: Oh dear Lord... do tell me you do realize Hellsing does not belong to you?

Alucard: Heh, gotcha there.

Tari: Hmmm... Well, there's always a way around that!

Nyx: Yup Yup, mind if I do the honours?

Tari: Sure thing!


Hellsing does not belong to us, nor do the characters having to do with the Hellsing Anime, Manga, or OVA. The characters are respectfully credited to their owner, Kouta Hirano, who authored the Manga that all other versions are based off of. Pockey is credited to the inventor and company who produces Pockey, whatever that may be. All other figures unintentionally used are credited to their owners. The characters Jade and Naomi, however, belong to us and may not be used in any form without our permission. That is all

Nyx: Whoa, that was a mouthful!

Tari: No kidding! Well, the disclaimer is done, what shall we do now?

Nyx: Start the story!

Tari: Of course! Let's get this show on the road!


:December 24, 11:30pm:

I didn't forget about you! But again it is the season of finals and tests. We have with us a Christmas Special, which is almost written but not quite, so I have uploaded the start of it for your Christmas Morning Viewing pleasure.


Also, the main plot for the next chapter has been worked out. Start complaining if it is not uploaded by January 10th.

Merry Christmas=D

:November 13, 2006:

The Spacing on the Page will be fixed ASAP! I'm sorry, I just noticed it was there despite Nyx mentioning it being there before ._.;;

So, where have we been all summer and fall? Well, there is no specific answer for that. It was Nyx's chapter due up, but she ran into some life-in-general problems and was unable to finish untill the end of summer. After that, I'm afraid I failed you. I started a Hallowe'en specail but got sidetracked by a major school project. I am also doing a NaNoWriMo this November, which has pushed everything further back. No worries however! I am only going for 20,000 words instead of 50,000 words, and because I am part of a club we are doing it as write-anything-as-long-as-it-is-fiction routine. This means there will hopefully be a chapter of HSACH by the end of the month!

In the mean time, happy late Hallwe'en to everyone, and happy American Thanksgiving too!


:July 31, 2006:

Could the Annonymous Reviewer ValkyrieRaven PLEASE PM me a link to the story which was so similar to mine. I had no idea somebody else had put something up! O_O I must see this before I do anything rash, but I swear that this was a complete conicidence, I wrote that thing two years ago!

In other news, I (Tari) am going away on vacation for a short time so no updates for at least another week. Where am I going? Sasakchewan! The Vancouver girl is going inland to the Praries =D

So yes, I hope everyone else has enjoyed their vacations, or work, or whatever they have at this time of year. 'Till later!


:July 26, 2006:

Tari here! I uploaded a new story, a one Shot a wrote a few years ago and decided to post up, since Nyx tells me the next chapter is not coming along too well. I'm writing a NaNoWriSum in the mean time, I might post a link here once I actually get it online at all. Hehe, it's a vampire story, I'm half way done now :)

That's all for now!

:June 21, 2006:

The chapter is done, and it's a beautiful 5 pages long! Amazing, huh? I'm just having some transportation issues, expect it up sometime this week :)


:June 14, 2006:

I'm sorry people, it is the season of Exams, and many exams I have. I'm afraid I havn't had the time to come up with the next chapter, but I can guarentee there will be a chapter not this week, but next week, seeing as its...


Ahem Yes, I will be free soon. Very soon. VERY soon. WHOOT! CHEESE AND SCONES FOR EVERYONE!

That will be all.

:May 14, 2006:

I'm sorry people, the lack of an update is my fault. I havn't finished the next chapter, and our archive of chapters is gone! I hope to get it up by this Friday, and with luck I'll have some other extra goodies as a peace-offering.

Good news is I've got about half the Chapter done, so I -should- be able to finish soon! That is, if I don't have another essay this week -.-;;

:May 5, 2006:

Okay, so, when I went to fix up and re-load chapter 7, I discovered that Chapter 6 was in some sort of discombobulation! So I deleted it, changed it up, and have re-submitted it. Spiffy, ne? Things should make a lot more sense now, so read read read!

And Review.

Also, chapter 7 is up and working properly now, an on-time update! Yaaay!

The Website is almost done too! I'm in the final stages of making everything work, because lots of stuff isnt. Eheheh...

'tilll later!

:May 2, 2006:

I'm sorry, people. I couldn't login to update the chapter for some odd reason, I tried for hours to get in, refreshing and closing windows and everything but no luck whatsoever! Finally, I got in touch with Nyx and she was able to upload the chapter for me, however late. Sorry again! I hope it wont happen again...

Sadly, we are nearing the end of our extra updates. We had pre-written 6 chapters, and Nyx has a 7th one done, but I'm yet to write the 8th... which will be uploaded not this Friday, but next. This is not good.

Ja, vell, ve shall see 'ow it goes!

:April 21, 2006:

Tari here, again. I'm very, very sorry for the late chapter, I didn't get a chance to get to it untill just now, and it took a while to edit and spell check (The chapters are emailed back and forth, it messes around with the spacing so everything is so many characters long...) So yeah...

Again, I'm very sorry. Though it's up at last! I was considering leaving it to saturday, I'm exausted :(

:April 14, 2006:

Tari here, I had a bit of an uploading blunder, so the chapter is up later in the day than usual. I'm not quite sure how the alert system works, so for thoes of you that received two I apologize, 'tis my fault ;;

Otherwise, I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! I've got the day off... mweheheheheh.

Dont forget to tell us what you think! Nyx has to hurry up and write the next chapter, before our update schdulal comes to a stop, Urges Nyx

Untill later, people!

:April 7th, 2006:

Chapter 3 is now up! Written by Nyx, we both hope you enjoy it!

I'd like to start up a 'Letters to the Characters' collum sometime, but I wont say too much at the moment, but start coming up with questions! Tell us your concerns! Review!
'Till later!

:April 3rd, 2006:

Chapter 2 is up, and Chapter 3 has been uploaded. Nyx isn't feeling very well, so I'll be posting the chapter for your viewing pleasure as of this Friday. In the mean time, read and review Chapter 2 for us, and feel free to correct any spelling errors! Spellcheck only goes so far ;)

:March 23rd, 2006:

Here's how it works people!

Chapters will be uploaded every friday, so long as we have a good sized backup behind us. I, Tari, have written the second chapter, and all even ones as well. Otherwise, enjoy the chapter!

the Prologue and Chapter 1 - Make us like you - have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Please review if you do read, as I had to go to a lot of trouble to fix the error that happened to occur while uploading.

First Chapter for Hellish Scones will be uploaded March 23rd, as per rules.

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