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Author has written 11 stories for Star Wars, Gargoyles, James Bond, Harry Potter, StarTrek: The Next Generation, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Batman, Game of Thrones, StarTrek: Voyager, Angel, Dresden Files, and Gravity Falls.

Writer specializing in speculative fiction cross-overs.

I try to emphasize continuity and world-building.

Much like Tolkien and allegory, I "cordially dislike" excessive shipping in fanfic.

That said, I confess I am a fan of May/Coulson (Agents of SHIELD), Nebula/Tony (MCU), River Tam/Spike (crossover ship), Batman/Catwoman (Batman), Batman/Harley Quinn (Batman), Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy (Batman), Admiral Holdo Captain George Kirk (crossover, and I think I may have been the first to invent this one), and Rey/Finn/Rose with optional Poe foursome (Star Wars).

Update: This list has evolved somewhat since I first posted it, and is always in flux, but I'm definitely still on board for Nebula/Tony and Harlivy, and let me add Buffy/Batman to that list.

Update: As a former Harry Potter fanfic writer, I wish to state my unequivocal repudiation of JK Rowling's views re trans people, as well as other bigoted subtext in her work and public statements. #TransRightsAreHumanRights

I am not entirely sure how I feel about writing Potterverse fanfiction at the moment. I don't object to doing so in principle, because fanfiction does not directly support the original author, and can indeed challenge and reinterpret aspects of their work. I simply haven't quite figured how I'd want to approach certain subjects now.

On that note, apologies to anyone who is frustrated by my multiple unfinished stories. The truth is that I frequently have grand ambitions as a writer which I do not always have the time, energy, or sustained interest to fulfil. Its not a great character trait, but it is what it is. That said, no story is truly abandoned. I may or may not come back to it (even if only in the form of starting from scratch and rewriting it), but I do not rule it out.

The Fan Fiction Writer's Code of Ethics (which I confess I have not always followed)

(Note: Some definitions may be subjective.)

1. Thou Shalt Not Character-Bash.

2. Thou Shalt Not Character Whitewash.

3. Thou Shalt Not Use Canon Characters, Out Of Character, As A Mouthpiece For Your Own Views, And Present Their Attitudes As In Character.

4. Thou Shalt Not Alter Canon Without Providing A Coherent Reason For Said Change.

5. Thou Shalt Clearly And Accurately Describe/Advertise The Content Of Thy Work. Thou Shalt Not False Advertise.

6. Thou Shalt Not Represent Changes To Canon As Accurately Reflecting Canon.

7. Shipping Should Grow Naturally From The Story And Characters, Rather Than The Story And Characters Being Twisted To Support The Ship.

8. Fan Service Usually Comes At The Expense Of Writing Quality.

9. Thou Shalt Respect The Basic Principles Of Good Writing, Particularly Continuity, Contrast, Doing Your Research, And Coherent Spelling/Grammar.

10. Respect Constructive Criticism. That Said...

11. Never, Ever, Ever Let The Audience's Expectations Dictate The Course Of Your Writing, Either By Pandering To Them Or Going Out Of Your Way To Refute Or Subvert Them. "Written By Committee" Is Not A Compliment, And A Fandom Is Merely A Committee Of Thousands.

Rediscovery by Argonaut57 reviews
A survey of the Pyrrhus Anomaly seems a routine mission for Captain Picard and the crew of the 'Enterprise-D'. But when the ship is flung into the Anomaly, the crew find themselves meeting a lost part of Earth's secret history - a world of wizards!
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"Sixty degrees that come in threes. Watches from within birch trees. Saw his own dimension burn. Misses home and can't return. Says he's happy. He's a liar. Blame the arson for the fire. If he wants to shirk the blame, He'll have to invoke my name. One way to absolve his crime. A different form, a different time."- The Axolotl's poem, "Curse of the Time Pirates' Treasure!"
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