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Dearest Reader--No, that won't work...

Howdy! I'm Deystar, and I'm weird!--That's silly...

I like ducks. Ducks are nice.--What was I thinking!

Okay, now that it's clear that I can't write introductions about myself... Hello! I'm Deystar Skyi... or, well, that's my penname. Always has been, always will be! As a little note, Deystar is the first name, Skyi the last. I'm either Deystar or Miss Skyi... but I prefer the former!

Well... let's do a little Q&A, shall we?

Name? Deystar Skyi! Another name I go by that's safe to say online is Lizzi.

Age? I'm 16 by birth...

Gender? Who wants to know? (hint- Is Lizzi REALLY a boy name? I don't think so...)

Summary? Er... I'm a happy goth, if that makes sense. Like eveyone, I have random moments of joy, but that tends to leave when I'm alone, bored, or writing. I'm more of a tragic-story-lover... and my life pretty much can be summed up in two words: Catholic Writer.

I absolutely adore Harry Potter, and tend to write in a british style (grey, colour, ect.)... even though I'm American.

Fav Fanfics to Read? Furuba, DNAngel, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Pokemon, and Harry Potter. I THINK that's pretty much all I read...

Fav Fanfics to Write? Basically the same...

View on Yaoi/Slash and Yuri/Femmeslash? Well, let's see... my first fic on here was an HP yuri/femmeslash, so I'd better like it, I guess.

Fav Pairings? While I love just about anything...


DNAngel-Aw... do I have to? The only ones I really-for-truly support are Dark/Risa and Daisuke/Risa... though I do alot of Dai/Riku mixed in with some not-so-straight boys...

Fullmetal Alchemist- Eh... every once in a while I'll find a good Roy/Riza, and I use dot love Ed/Winry...

Furuba- SPOILER ALERT! Kure/Akki and Gure/Akki are my only true pairings, but I don't mind the others. Kyo/Tohru can be pretty cute.

Harry Potter- Harry/Hermione (my ship), Draco/Hermione, Neville/Ginny, Ron/Luna, Neville/Luna...

Naruto- Naruto/Hinata! (Hinata's my favourite girl); Shikamaru/Sakura; Sasuke/Hinata are pretty good; the occasional Sasuke/Sakura... and my sister kinda made me like Sasuke/Ino with an RP we did. Lee/Sakura is cute. I've seen the pairings Gaara/Hinata and Lee/Hinata, which seem interesting.


DNAngel-Haha... Dark/Sato is my favourite, though I am a strong supporter of Krad/Sato and Dai/Sato... the occasional Sato/Dai is good... and my best friend LOVES Dark/Krad and Krad/Dark, so I naturally read those. Another good one is Takeshi/Dai...

Fullmetal Alchemist- Okay, all may hate me, but my OTP is Maes/Roy. (You may now commence with the 'He's married' talk that I've heard seven million times from my sis.) I also like Ed/Roy and Jean/Roy. (Why is Roy always uke? I don't know...)

Furuba- Ooo... THIS could be fun. I tend to like Yuki/Kyo ('cause Yuki would NOT let Kyo seme, come on!), Haru/Kyo, and I have this weird thing where the ONLY threesome I've ever liked was Haru/Yuki/Kyo.

Harry Potter-Ron/Draco, Ginny/Luna (my two favs), Harry/Draco, Snape/Draco, Snape/Harry, Percy/Draco, Ginny/Hermione, Cho/Hermione... I ONLY draw the line at family pairings such as FW/GW, which I don't agree with.

Naruto- Hehe. I like Naruto/Sasuke, Kisame/Itachi (though Itachi normally doesn't go into a pairing), and I KNOW there should be more than two... O_O I've heard Sasuke/Gaara is good... I just don't like Itachi/Sasuke or Sasuke/Itachi or whatever's your fancy. Maybe it's because I'm too much Itachi myself, but... eck... and it's not even the incest that bothers me, it's the... wrongess of it, I suppose.

Other? Well... I'm in 10th grade, love JROTC, and spend all my time reading, writing, RPing, or drawing. Well, that's a bit of a lie, but... you get the idea. I love you readers, and I hope you love my stories. I write for you readers, and you only.

My other self with darker stories is the author Xx Heartless xX. Please read those, if you think you'd like them.

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Drabble Collection: NC Addition reviews
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