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Leona and Iori are my all time favorite KOF couple as well as fighters

About me:

Gender: female

age: 17

hair colour: black

eye colour: black/dark brown

i'm a crazied anime fan

i'm asian if you didn't already know

Hobbies: reading, writing, artistic pleasures, and spending time with my boyfriend.

animes that i like are:

witch hunter robin.



Ninja Scroll Series/Movie

Full Metal Alchemist series/ movie

Onegai Teacher

Onegai Twins

Karin (Also known by an alternative title of chibi vampire)

Chobits series/ ova


Dragonball Z (This is actually based on a famous Chinese novel "Journey to the West") Interestingly enough, The third's monkey summon is a tribute to the monkey shin that had 72 transformations and the legendary battle stick/rod.) Kid Goku (Dragonball series) also has his extentable rod. This is also another tribute to the novel.

King of fighters anime (another day)

Laputa: Castle in the sky

Spirited Away (Award winning anime movie)

Howl's Moving Castle

Elfen Lied (sad and alot of gore) I like to believe that Lucy comes back at the end.

Black Lagoon (That tatooed girl is so refreshing)

Tales of Symphonia Ova

Princess Mononoke

Shuffle (Harem anime that ended really weakly) In many ways this was the only harem anime I ever semi liked.

Evangelion (A classic that all anime lovers have to watch)

Final Fantasy 7 movie and anime series

Street Fighter Movie and series

things/people that i despise:


and any sexual related content (OMG I THROW UP WHEN EVER I TAKE A GLIMPSE AT THAT KIND OF STUFF) Note: I hate watching that stuff, i don't really mind writing about it because i find that writing is more sentual and purer than that filth that people subject themselves to on the internet. I'm sure you know what i mean.


things/people that i love

my family

my annoying boyfriend (i know he's annoying but i still love him so much and especially when he nuzzles my neck)

and all anime related games and shows. KOF being my all time favourite!

games that i enjoy

TOS (tales of symphonia) note: I strongly recommand that no one read the Tales of Symphonia story. I'm going to redo that story.

FF7-FFX2 (That includes the never released FF9)


Tales of the Abyss: I loved the ending, Luke and Tear finally become a true couple after two years time, tear starts crying because her lover returns. So romantic.

Valkyrie Profile 2-Silmeria: hard ass game... but very enjoyable.

Baten Kaitos-Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean: very fun game with some unexpected plot twists.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3: I'm so getting this game when it comes out. Yondy-chan is so awesome!

FINAL FANTASY XII: Although the battle system change may be a little weird at first you get used to it. Plus, this is the first final fantasy game (not counting square enix's FFXI which was online) that introduced a semi real time battle system. Also, no more random encounters. I'm sure most people liked the random encounter system but I personally disliked it. When you're low on health and are trying desperately to get to a safe territory it's not all that convenient to run into a monster that can kill you in a few hits. In dungeons it gets even worse as the random encounter rate increases. It's a welcome addition to the ever growing FF titles. Penelo and Vaan are so cute!

Current stories

Our love for you Naruto: This is basically a story about Anko, Kurenai, and Naruto. 4th chapter is up! Although it seems that the forth chapter isn't one of my best. Please keep in mind i couldn't think of how to continue the story so logically it would be natural if the 4th chapter isn't what you were hoping for. But i tried my best at it. I will make it better if you give me more suggestions.

Kyuubi's undying love: This is a story of Naruto and female Kyuubi, 3rd chapter up. I know it feels like it was rushed but i have my reasons, this fic is still going to be very good. I'm very dedicated to my work.

Crimson Bliss: This is a story between Tayuya and Naruto. At first it seems that Tayuya is just a mere servant but, to Naruto she is much more than that. Naruto doesn't treat her like a servant at all, instead he will treat her like an equal. Later on Tayuya will WILLINGLY love Naruto.

A Renewed Version of TOS: This story was originally Lloyd's Journey with Sheena but soon i realized that it wasn't fair to my readers that i gave them peices of trash and called it chapters so i redid it with a twist. It's a cross-over between Naruto and Tales of Symphonia. I did this partly because someone also imposed a friendly challenge for me to do a cross over. I assure you it's well written and much better than my original work.

A Sincere Appology

For those of you that have read or are going to read the third chapter of Crimson Bliss, allow me to appologize/ appologize ahead of time. There is a section within the chapter that, shall I say, goes beyond the normal level of inappropriateness. Please don't lose faith in me, I know what i'm doing. If you feel like not reading the lemon then just skip it. I realize that I'm probably going to affend many with this chapter, but for the sake of the story, it had to be done.

Once again, I just like to say how sorry I am to all of the people that read the third chapter. There will be nothing like that in the oncoming chapters. Just bear with me.

Addressing a problem

I'm not sure if these problems are just happening to me or if it's a wide spread epidemic of sorts. There seems to be a major slow down with this site. several issues I've encountered are listed below.

Long load times to get to the site itself.

problems with the stories. (chapters missing, content missing in the chapter and so on)

Furthermore, with the loading problem, it seems as though when you access the site at night, the issue gets even worse.

what else is strange is that, in the morning it's fast... plain weird perhaps? (I have high speed internet, for those of you that are wandering)

Also one last thing, sometimes when it does load (only somewhat), the bottom left corner of the internet browser will say "done but with errors on page"

Again, this may be just happening to me. So it be greatly appreciated if any of you reading my profile would respond and tell me what's wrong.


A Possible Name Change

Many of my friends suggested that I change my pen name. They offered testimony to their claims, saying that it was hard to pronounce. I'm still hesitant, but if you could tell me what you think about this. It'd be greatly appreciated.

Interesting discoveries on Demon Foxes

I did not make this up. I read it online. In many books, demon foxes have appeared as females. Very rarely do they appear as male. Usually, the case being that the female demon fox falls in love with a human. Through many conflicts, such as freuding families, wars, and prestige. The love is unable to progress. Later, they escape to a safe territory. Afterwards, procreation proceeds. The point being, this should offer enough justification that the Kyuubi can or IS female. To you yaoi lovers out there, I will not disrespect your opinion, but I myself hate guyXguy.


Continuing from where I left off before. Not just in books, but female demon foxes have also appeared in asian history. Both Chinese and Japanese culture have them appearing and courting with young males of various social rank. With the Japanese, female demon foxes have even gone one step further. Where the Chinese demon foxes have failed, Japanese demon foxes have succeeded. They've been formally accepted as part of the Japanese culture. This is something that is worthy of praise.

They've been an important aspect of culture and is often, if not always seen as females. I hope that serves as a backup for the "is Kyuubi a female?" argument. I also believe that this cements the fundation that most of the future Kyuubi stories that, not only will I write, but I hope other fanfiction writers do as well, that Kyuubi will be dipicted as a female rather than male.

My little Rants

I trust that all of you out there have heard about the release of the new pokemon games. The so called 4th GEN of pokemon gaming is nothing but a joke. If you have the time to read a rant about something completely meaningless then please enjoy this next little part.

Okay...where to begin...first off, all pokemon games should be based on the new pokemon species. All the other generations have atleast come up with something interesting in the sprite and artwork. The lastest game; however, fails to do even that. I mean, think logically for a second. They're obviously losing imagination with each new generation. Recycling all the old moves and making them look more flashy. That's all there is to it. the new pokemon are disgusting compared to the old school first GEN. I mean, growing up as a kid, I used to love charizard, calling it the flaming dragon. It was just so appealing to me. I dont know if its just me, but do the starter pokemon in the newest installment look bland? A mere over sized monkey, some land tortoise, and a steel plated bird thing. Come on people, don't buy into that kind of commercialism. It's all a marketing strategy. Also, almost no new pokemon created in the 100 new species appear to have any "megnetic charm" so to speak. There was almost no new fire pokemon created in Diamond and Pearl. I don't know what they're thinking. The only thing that has any substance is the online battling that the wifi connection offers and even that has its flaws. You don't have to go very far to find it either. The utilization of the "friendcode" manchanic was a good security measure against online harrassment of the young, but when you're talking about the endless expansions of battling, trading online, then I'm afraid that the feature just limits what the product originally promises. You're still in your little circle of friends. NOTHING HAS CHANGED that much.

Pokemon, no matter the games or the HORRIBLE anime, is just a bunch of recycled components polished to a fine shine. Or in the anime's case, pure (shit)

Then there is the issue with the character design that you play with. Okay, stop for a second and think about this. Taking extra care when examining the male character that you play with. Doesn't he look familiar? They basically edited his hat a bit from the fire red and leaf green character. Some people may disagree with me but hey that's life.

The female character isn't much better either. The default name that they gave her was translated into "Dawn". That's gotta be the worst name given to any pokemon character. Dawn sounds like you're talking about a new day. Again, lack of imagination.

At this point i want to pose a question to all of you out there who play pokemon Daimond and or Pearl, The elite four in the pokemon league has, within their team, many 3rd gen and first gen pokemon. Why do you think this is so? Why do you think that the makers of the pokemon games annonced that fifteen "fan favorites" will be making a return? It's all because they've lost touch.


Where have we seen this before? IN THE SECOND GENERATION OF GOLD AND SILVER. Again, recycling of the same old same old. I feel repulsed that they actually dared to bring such an innovative manchanic into the newest game. Back when gold and silver first "hit store shelves" people were in a riot. The time component that actually kept track of the day of the week, albeit that's only if you so choose to set it to the right time and day. It's still considered a break through. The cell phone function was the first effective way to know when other trainers were ready to battle you again. EVEN pokemon Emerald ripped off from that. Gold and silver were consquently the "golden days" of the series. I wholeheartedly agree that pokemon should be stopped while it still has some interest. I'm afraid that it's just going to get worse from here on. Hell, pokemon gold and silver were the freaking bomb. I mean, what other pokemon game actually gave you the opportunity to earn SIXTEEN badges. I also find it rather fascinating that in gold and silver they expand the story line from the traditional blue and red. Seven years past and team rocket makes a return. This is all after team rocket was disbanded by geovonni. I mean that's that kind of top notch quality that should be in all games. The deep entralling storyline coupled with the fact that you could actually command little monsters to do your bidding is just too rich to let up.


Ah yes... the red and blue factor of gold and silver. After you get all 16 badges... actually before i even go that far i should disguss the blue aspect. If you don't read the original manga then i feel pity for you. In the anime he is Gary Oak, Professor Oak's grandson. In fire red and leaf green he is the champion. In gold and silver he turns out to be the gym leader of the eigth KANTO gym. He basically has the same pokemon he has in the oringal red and blue versions only with better pixel display. It turns out that he grieves over his loss to red (the so called ash ketchem in the anime series (red) (ash was actually based "loosely" off of this character) coincidentally, red is also the person you played as in red and blue/ fire red and leaf green.) Anyways, blue stands near the now burnt down cinnabar island and he later challenges you to a battle, well really it's you him but that's beside the point. He's still as cocky and arrogant as you remember. He loses to you and that just degrades his ego even further. Which is quite amusing.

Red passes his position as champion onto lance and he goes and trains in mount silver. He is the strongest trainer in the game and if you beat him then you really beat the whole game. So technically there are two paths to end the game. What other game offers you that? Not one to my knowledge. What other game allows you to catch a shiny pokemon without having to go through the whole 1 in 8000 something chance thing to encounter one? Not one to my knowledge. (the pokemon is Gyarados... did I spell that right? emmm...)

So to end my little rampage on a happy note, I will give Diamond and Pearl this. It is the first to impliment 3D-ish graphics. Though they're about 10 years behind everyone else...Also, most of you may be trying to ring my neck right now (that was a pun on my lovable Kyuubi story) but do consider the solid evidence I have compiled here today. Don't let Televsion dictate our lives people.


With the release of pokemon crystal came the pokemon animations upon entering a battle. It was also the first game to ever feature a playable FEMALE character. Finally the levels of discrimination lessens for the opposite sex (no pervertedness intended). Again, these ideas were all filtched by the latter games that were produced. Pokemon animations were a fun little experiment that ended in atrocity. It was still a worthy attempt. It was taken out of ruby and sapphire but later introduced in Emerald and also in the Daimond and Pearl. Looks like a success to me...

That was the last thing...

Regarding My Forum

Recently I've checked my emails and surprisingly enough I got a reply for the question I posted on my forum. I really didn't think that I would get any sort of response. In fact, it was mostly done for fun. I'm very glad that people like my stories enough to participate in some sort of open discussion about it. That warms me to the deepest extent. I hope that more people will visit my forum and give some reply but it's absolutely not necessary. As I said before, it was mainly meant as a little experiment.

For those people getting impatient with my updating speed (again). I'll give something to keep your hunger in check. These little shorts are focused on Kyuu's personal thoughts on the one person she holds higher than anything. I'm sure that you all know who I'm talking about. These shorts are not related to the main story directly. It is merely meant as a little side quest of sorts.

Kyuu-chan's Personal Diary

The red headed beauty delicately walked into their shared bedroom after taking a much needed shower. It was another wonderful day filled with love and affection. So much so that her husband was too tired to even keep awake. Taking a glance at his adorable position on their sleeping quarters, Kyuubi gave a modestly reserved giggle. She really did over do it today. Kyuubi forced Naruto to spend the entire afternoon with her. He had no choice in the matter at all. The family of three took a vote and it was totally one sided. Never one to dishonour his own promises, Naruto had to hold his end of the bargin. For the rest of the day, he followed her to multiple shops as he waited for her to try on various outfits. It was never too exciting walking around observing. At the end of it all, she didn't even buy anything. Even despite her husband's insistance that she at least make it all worth while, Kyuubi decided on saving their earnings for something more useful. It wasn't that she disliked any of the outfits, quite the opposite really. She had her sights set on a super cute short skirt but after checking the price tag and eyeing the outragous price, Kyuu did what a responsible wife would do with her husband's money and kept it safe. After their little trip finished they spent their time at various other establishments until finally retiring for the night.

Thinking of the fond memory, Kyuubi couldn't help but blush affectionately. Her husband was the most generous, loving, and supportive person in the entire world to her. "Thank you so much for a lovely day Naru-chan..." Whispering a light thanks, Kyuu proceeded to the work table. Lifting the towel that concealed her luscious body, Kyuubi made sure that it wouldn't wet the chair. Picking the desired pen and paper she began her work. Deligently working at her own devices. It had taken her about a half an hour to complete her task. Proof reading her own masterpeice, Kyuubi deemed it satisfactory. "I know this little token of my appreciation for you doesn't explain half of what I truly feel for you but I hope you like it anyway Naru-chan." Quickly giving her snoozing baby a side wink. Kyuubi skimmed it over again.

(On page)

If anyone asked me why I love you so...I have but one simple answer. Do you know what that would be? It's something that no whore could take from me. This burning desire to smother you is almost too much for me to handle. Everyday I watch you grow a little more in maturity. With every minute that passes this love of my grows a little stronger. The bond between us will never be broken. I know that you already have a mother... I know my role is to be your wife and I'll do everything in my power to make you comfortable. I want to be everything you need. I want to be all that you need. These are but a fraction of my feelings for you. I could never fully describe the way you complete me. The way you make me feel like a woman. Your encouraging words that keep me going. Through thick and thin. I know we will be able to conquer anything that gets in our way. This is my love for you...Naru-chan...

Leaning gently on the desk for support, Kyuubi sobbed very softly. Her love was absolute. It will never waver. Those slutty bastards that cheated their man for money were nothing but the lowest of trash. She absolutely despised those types of people. In a slightly broken voice, Kyuubi declared her faithfulness to her one and only. "Naru-chan...I will your side..." These were her true thoughts. She didn't care that she was crying right now. All that mattered was that she loved her husband.

(Five Minutes Later)

Joining her husband in bed, Kyuu made sure that her confession note was safetly stored in her secret Naru-chan collectables compartment. Snuggling super close, Kyuubi kissed her husband on the lips as she nuzzled into the soft spot in his neck. "You're my everything Naru-chan..." soon afterwards, she fell into a blissful state of unconsciousness. Dreaming of various naughty positions they could explore tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that...

How did you like it? Keep in mind that several other diaries will be released later. This is not a story. It's just something to consider.

Kyuu-chan's Personal Diary (Entry 2)

"The one thing that I have dreamed of has been fulfilled. You finally took the courage to make me your own. I must say, you were everything I had expected and more." Writing every detail that was of importance to her Kyuubi blushed intensely at the beautiful memory. She and Naruto had finally done the "act". She wanted this to happen since, well, forever. It had been her true desire to bring Naruto what he deserved. Happily swaying her tail in serenity Kyuubi sighed contently. Twirling the pen between her middle and index fingers Kyuubi bit her lip in thought. "What would be an appropriate name for our little wonder? I sort of have an idea but I want to make sure Naruto approves as well." Kyuubi giggled as she bent closer to her diary. "If it's a girl then Kyoko would be nice. If its a boy then K sounds appealing." Repeating both of the names but this time with their family name attached at the end Kyuubi squealed childishly. "Kyoko Uzumaki...K Uzumaki. They have a nice ring to them." Clipping the diary closed Kyuubi rubbed her stomach. It would only be a matter of time now...

Another entry to the ever growing entries of Kyuu-chan's personal diary mini series. Hope you liked it.

Make your own pokemon trainer card!

Ignore that little outburst there, but it really is nothing special. It's just a custom trainer card that you design. This includes the background, the gender of the player and the pokemon that are on your team. The number of badgets are also displayed. Of course, if you do not have impressive pokemon then that's okay too. It really is just a cool way of expressionalism.

I'll post a link to my "trainer card" below. For those of you that want to check my team out, you'll find that it's geared towards something very special to me.

I really don't have to tell you that the pokemon listed on my card are actually really on my team now do I?

For those of you wanting to create your own cards after getting a glimpse at my, here's the link.

Interersting stories worthy of a read

Recently i've found an interesting tale on lactation and romance. This acts as the source of ideas for my own stories.

#this one is about some pretty erotic slavery.

This is only an interesting read, if you don't feel like reading this then it's totally fine.

Hemingway's Iceberg theory

For those of you striving to become creative writers, let yourselves have the freedom of expression. Don't edit out words or sections of your story just to please the readers. The story is an extension of your own body. By saying what you want to say and writing what you want to write, you have - in essence- talked about your true feelings on a certain character or senario. The Iceberg theory was Hemingway's famous philosophy that if an editor took out even one word in his works that it'd be the equivalent of taking out an entire paragraph. Now, you may say to yourself "that's over exaggerating it a bit Z-chan" but I'm totally serious. For a writer who won a prestigious award for his "the old man and the sea" novel, such words of wisdom do not just come from the blue.

His famous comeback to being flamed and criticized by reviewers of his books was a plain and simple - yet extremely effective- "Kiss my ass." He was a man that was unrestrained in his expressiveness. He was writing for the sake of creating art and not for the sake of pleasing readers. That is what I strive to be.

So for all the people out there that say flamers should go die, please reconsider once you lay your eyes on this. Hemingway and all the other great authors have endured countless failures and sensorships to get to where they were. These were masters of their own style.

I may write some pretty horrendous/graphic descriptions, but I will continue to do so and no one can stop me. I do this for the sake of creating the best story that I - as an individual- possibly can. Everything that I type has a place in the story. I realize that I may be a bit crazy but I don't care. As long as I have achieved the desired efffects that I wanted to achieve then I consider my story to be a success.

Favourite Music

1.) Agony (by Kotoko)

2.) Evolution, Heaven, and Naturally (Ayumi Hamasaki) My favourite artist of all time!!

3.) Whispers in the Dark (Skillet)

4.) Diary of Jane, Breakdown, Evil Angel, Breath, So Cold (Breaking Benjamin)

5.) A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton)

6.) She Will Be Loved (Maroon Five)

7.) Angel of Darkness (Alex C. feat Yasmin K)

8.) Until the Day I Die (Story of the Year)

9.) Famous Last Words, The Ghost of You, Welcome to the Black Parade (My Chemical Romance)

10.) Lithium, Bring Me Back To Life, Going Under, My Immortal (Evanescence)

11.) Over, The Pursuit, Pin Up, Q (Evans Blue)

12.) Bodies (Drowning Pool)

13.) The Game, Down With The Sickness (Disturbed)

14.) Into the Ocean (Blue October)

15.) Welcome Home, The Suffering (Coheed and Cambria)

16.) Here Without You (3 Doors Down)

17.) Winter Love (Boa)

18.) Just the Girl (Click Five)

19.) Geek in the Pink (Jason Mraz)

20.) Tears (Kyo Kusanagi) (by NeoGeo performance team) This is from my favourite fighting game of all time KOF!!

21.) I'm Blue (Eiffel 65)

22.) Missing You (John Waite)

23.) Me Against the World (Simple Plan)

24.) Miracle, Ready for Love, Everytime We Touch (Cascada)

25.) ElvenPath (NightWish)

26.) Can't Stop Falling in Love (nezzcrew)

27.) Feuer Frei (Rammstein)

28.) Island in the Sun (Weezer)

29.) Crawling in the dark (Hoobastank)

30.) Into Red Velvet (Bandari)

31.) Heaven (DJ Sammie)

32.) Second Flight (Kotoko) This is also the opening theme to Onegai twins. I completely fell in love with her voice in this one.

33.) Into the Oblivion (Warmen)

34.) Surreal (Time a go-go mix) (Ayumi Hamasaki)

35.) Scarlet (BRACE;d) :This is also the opening to Karin (Chibi Vampire)

36.) Dragula (Rob Zombie) both versions. remixed and original

37.) The Man with the Machine gun (Laguna's theme from FF8)

38.) Force your way (boss theme from FF8)

39.) Fighting (Battle theme from FF7)

40.) K-team theme (kof2000) Remixed version

41.) Esaka?(Acid Mix) (this is from kof99. Clone Kyos' theme)

42.) KD-0097 (Heroes Team Theme) (Kof 99) K team theme

43.) YOU (YURIA) Shuffle's opening theme

KOF combo videos

These combos are 100 legit. Below are two links to combos for kof 2002 and kof 2003 This one is for 2002 This one is for 2003

Very crazy chains and supers are so wonderful. This is why I love arcade fighting games in general. (The good ones anyway)

The Vampire Wife

Here's a very neat little segment on manipulation. Fallen victim to a beautiful demon female, the king will go to any lengths to please her.

A small suggestion to the masses

I'm in the process of restructuring "Our Love for you Naruto" and would like all my dear readers to temporarily stop reading it. I don't feel that the story was written with my fullest potential. I would like to offer some sort of apology. I will post a notification once I have fixed all the problems to the story. As of right now though, please read some of my other stories.

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Naruto the Silver Fox by swords of twilight reviews
Legends told of a legendary Silver Fox that holds great power. What if a boy named Naruto, a boy shunned his entire life from his village, was the next silver fox. NarutoxHarem.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 27 - Words: 142,100 - Reviews: 1196 - Favs: 3,686 - Follows: 2,909 - Updated: 5/22/2017 - Published: 12/16/2007 - Naruto U., Hinata H., Kurenai Y., Kyuubi/Kurama
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