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My new acconet will open soon. I will only be on this one for a short period of time and to write 'black hair angel'

Well lets see all about me, my names Jayne but i spell it like Janye but most people just call me Jay.

I love dbz, yu-gi-oh, Sonic the hedgehog, Sailermoon, final fantasy and Buffy the vampire slayer

The best bands or just singers in the world are: My chemical romance, envenescence, Kelly clarkson, linkin' park, t.a.t.u

The best films are: the color purple, She's all that, final destion 1 and advert children (haven't watched it yet but looks good)

Who I hate: Angel, seymor, Amy/Eggman/knuckles/all robots Tea, Cell/evil boo, sailer Jupetor

The best charters are: Tidus, Gohan (around 12 when he was facing cell) Bakura/Ryou, Shadow, Spike, Sailer venus.

I love: Cheese noddles and Bread

I hate: Onions and sunday dinners

Best friend: my friend Daniel

I'm making this story about sonic, i'll explain.

Shadow's the new guy next door, Sonic's just the kind of guy to get shy over things easily (in other words SHY!), So what happens when Shadow begins to take Sonic out to places? will the two fall in love (duh!)-this story is called 'offer me an apple' I suck at titles and summarys, i suck at the whole writing thing, and this is basicly a nice story no horror and blood, and yea they will wear clothes and stuff.

the other when i'm making and may-not come onto this website is of course a yu-gi-oh one

Isis finds out that the hikuri's also had a past life, and finds out that Ryou, Yugi and Malik were actally brothers! She also finds out that she had a sister called amadne who is Ryou's sister! Is Yugi and Ryou her brother and what is this light of safice thing?- this is called 'brothers of light' but i don't think i'll go into it to much.

I got a learning disaiblety and haven't been to school for 2 years

ok that's all about meeeeeeeeeee byeeeeeeeeeee

Shadow's gal xxx

best moment on tv: dragonballz

Goku's just died and he's hungry, he see's a cloud

Goku: I wonder what this stuff taste like 'mouth grows at least ten times than it should, goku takes bite'

I love this scene it's my favitoe in the whole dragon ball saga, then after he just starts scroffing them all down, and bubbles and that other dude sweatdropped. my other favitoe scene is the one where goku keeps running backwards and forwards coz he keeps forgetting things, it's classic.

best moment on tv: yu-gi-oh

Tea, Triston, Joey and Yugi find out that if they think hard enough they can fly.

Joey: 'imanting wendy from peter pan' I can fly!

there's also this food bit after but i forgot what they say. my other favitoe moment is this part.

Joey: yugi lost to one of them creeps, and lost his soul!


Kabia doesn't even care that yugi lost his soul which is funny

best moment on tv: Sonic X

Chaos 5 or 4 is beaten and eggman tries to row away with these funny paddle things.

Sonic: not so fast eggman!

that's funny to, coz Eggman isn't really going very fast. the next one is funny to it's in the Shadow saga.

Tails crashes into eggman then comes out coughing,

Tails:I did it!

big claw thing takes two chaos emeralds,

best game moment: final fantasy 7

Cloud: hey you look like a giant marshmallow!


this is the stupidest line.

Tidus: you can't think that's a cute girl, in the fifth row. understand?

Yuna looking as if he just said the most confusing thing ever

Yuna: I think so.

This is a few vids on my acconet i did some with my friends coz we all share a acconet

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