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Well, I'm 21 and love reading good anime fanfiction. I never really thought about writing any until a long car ride where I had a lot of time to just sit and mentally plan one out. _ I'm a hopeless romantic, so I love reading mushy romance fanfiction. Labyrinth, Rayearth, and X-Men are my fav fics I like to read. (Of course I enjoy other themes too!)
To really jump off the topic of writing I also enjoy cosplay. My main cosplay character is Umi Ryuuzaki. (My favorite anime character!)
My favorite anime at the moment is Magic Knight Rayearth, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Escaflone, andWolf's Rain.
Manga wise I enjoy MKR, Peach Girl, Video Girl Ai, Mars, Alichino, Chobits, and Paradise Kiss.

Status update

(July 05): I'm truly sorry that I've really abandoned my writing. I've found that I'm having a lot of trouble encouraging myself to take the time and finish Devotions. I keep going over my notes and redoing sections and not liking anything. I've really lost a drive to write. I'm so sorry to readers that are actually interested in my little bit of fanfiction. I hope that I can find inspiration again that I will finish it. Thank you for the support that the few of you left have shown. At this point JK Rowling is doing a much better job and keeping up writing than I am. lol

(March 05): I didn't realize that my alerts had been turned off on I just turned them back on so I'll know about reviews (and other author's story updates).

angel . w1ng - I'm sorry but your email addy didn't come up competely in your review. Feel free to drop me an email instead. :)

(December 04): I will be in studying England formost of the month of Jan.and prob won't be answering emails and whatnot. I have to admit, the longer I put this story off the harder it is to fall back into it. Almost want to scrap the whole thing. I can hardly believe how long ago I started it. Yes, I understand there are some grammar errors (neverclaimed to be a good writer lol) and the story is a little off of the normal happy-go-lucky Rayearth chain. But I do hope to finish it eventually. Thank you for the understanding comments in emails, reviews, and my domain guestbook about college and real life eating up so much time. Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. I know I will in London:P

(October 04): YES I am getting your emails and reviews and I do feel very guilty that I've left you all for so long. hides in a corner Thank you for them though and again I'm sorry. The old excuse about school and theater productions applies again. I'm also dealing with not liking a lot of what I write so bare with me as I attempt to get past that.

(September 04): Back at school with a production and classes to eat up time. Feeling horribly guilty and rather unhappy with the story on a whole. I'll still try to finish it when I get the chance. The next chapter has already been started but will be reworked a few more times I'm sure.

(June 04): The death threats have started to arrive. lol Well maybe not death, but leaning towards bodily harm if I let this fic just drop. As I said in my update in April I had a horribly busy semester and a lot of stressful and worrisome life issues. I also scrapped what I had for the next chapter after looking at it and not being pleased. I began to become aggravated with all the different ideas flying through my head and the worry of giving the fic a bad ending. After a good kick in the pants from Angel Wing I sat down with my little notes spiral and I'm proud to say I have almost the entire ending of Devotions plotted out and written down. So, I've already started work on the next chapter. I'll be trying to get it out before my summer job eats up all my time in July. Eeek! Once again, thank you for all the support and I am horribly sorry for pulling the JK Rowling!


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Devotions reviews
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