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Author has written 8 stories for Gossip Girl, Lost, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, and Kingdom Hearts.

Um, random facts about me that I am almost positive that no one wants to hear about me. But if you are sumpremly bored and/or for some reason would like to know about the girl behind the insanity, then read on:

Name: Um, just call me S

Age: Totally not disclosing- but I'm pretty young; teens

Nationality: Don't see how it matter, but I'm of indian decent (as in India, not native american)

Where I live: Manhattan- One of the best places in the World

Where I was born- I'm a Irish girl, born in Dublin, lived in County Kerry for ten years

Siblings: two younger brothers- blah

Pets:A half Husky, half-wolf hybrid(Sam-I-Am),a tiny little scottish terrior(Mr. Bo Jangles) and a lovely black kitty cat (Boo Radley). Hopefully my mother will let me get that wonderful ginger tomcat kitten I've had my eyes on. I'm going name him Atticus if I do get him.

Astrology sign: Libra-Scorpio cusp

Favorite sports: Snowboarding, tennis, lacorsse

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Anything by Meg Cabot, anything by Eion Colfer

Favorite Movies: Matrix, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Ring

Favorite T.V shows: Project Runway (I love you Daniel V.!), Lost, Olympics (don't know if this counts- but I love it), CSI, various Taiwanese/Japanese dramas (which my ex-boyfriend introduced me to. Now I'm totally obsessed with them)

Favorite thing to do on weekends: Hang out with my best friend on his roof garden, sipping bellinis, and getting piss drunk to the point where we make no sence. Or, getting together with a group of people and going out clubbing. You can't beat the Manhattan clubs!

Dream job: Diplomat- working somehwere overseas for the UN

Wierdest thing I've ever done: Driven from Monterray (California) to Las Vegas with my cousin and a totally hot bisexual bartender and win 200K at the blackjack table.

Second Wierdest thing I have done: I was visiting India with my parents and was asked to model of some crazy eyeliner crap and I agreed. It's pretty crazy to see your face on a billboard. I also modeled for univision- equally weird since I couldn't understand what in the world they were saying about me..

Colleges of my choice: NYU, Baylor, UC Berkely, Columbia, Brown, Oxford

Wierdest thing a girl's ever done for/to me: I did have a girl propose to me once.. that was akward

Wierdest thing a guy's ever done for/to me: Asked me out on stage in the middle of a play in front of the whole upper shool (grades 7-12)...even more akward

Favorite T.V. characters:

Boone (Lost): Ummmmm, hotness. Need I say any more? I love this man- his character is so innocently cute yet startilingly evil at the sametime. How can you not love him?

Hurley (Lost): He is so funny and just utterly loveable, They've already killed off Boone- If they kill off Hurley, I'm going to boycott the show.

Daniel Vosovic (Project Runway): A man after my own heart. He's like a person who would be the ideal boyfriend for me. Too bad he's gay...sigh...

Masihari Morimoto (Iron Chef): He has always been my favorite Iron chef. I almost cired out of happiness when he beat Bobby Flay.

Grisom (CSI): He's like the ultra cool grandpa I wish I had.

Favorite Book Characters:

Draco Malfoy (Not Tom Felton) (Harry Potter): I love this boy so much for more reasons than I have room to list. Basically he is the reason I keep reading the books.

The Marauders (Harry Potter): I love all of them- yes even Wormtail- because he makes the rest of the three look more amazing.

Boo Radley(To Kill a Mockingbird): Aw, Boo. I love his name and I love his tortured self even more. Poor litte Boo...

Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird): I would love to have Atticus as a dad- that would be so cool.

Serena Van Der Woodsen (Gossip Girl): She just makes me laugh... her life is so much like mine that's it's scary...

Artemis Fowl: I would so do that boy...does that sound weird?

Well there I am, in all my gloryness (yes that is a word). If you want to know more abut me that would be a bit weird and scary...

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