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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy IX, and Tales of Legendia.

Name: Danielle

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Occupation: Student

Interests: Fanfiction, art, comic drawing (doujinshi and original), anime/manga/games (you know the whole spiel), rainbow things, goth fashion, (Music too. This shit rules.) German Language, silly/random poetry, romantic poetry/lyric, keyboard, awesome hair, arachnophiles and... rainbow stuff...? Hee. _O

Dislikes: Guys with no respect for women (sees with his eyes, not his heart, everyones his bitches and hoes.), people who put down other people for no apparent reason (Just for something 'smart' to say), people as deaf as I am, Rap in all it's annoying glory (Sorry... I'm not a hater but that superman song... and the whole genre... I can never quite feel that funky beat. I don't know why i just hate how it sounds.), People who take spanish class. I have heritage too, but most kids in my school take it because its "The easiest language', while I study my butt off every night with my tutors on German having been kicked out of the actual class but determined to learn on my own. The muffin look. You know... when guys let their hair kinda... puhf. It's not a fro... it's more like a muffin. The colour orange unless its with black, Hairy shoes... gah!, Animal skin clothing... It's skin! It's nasty! Eggs... thy come out of chicken . I avoid that at all cost. Homophobes. They aren't really afraid, they just think they're funny acting scared of gays. No. They're ignorant and need to be told all humans are the same race, so what if one doesnt like the other gender? It's the same only they both have... let's not go there. Also, people who use the words Gay, Retarded, ect like they're curse words. Both delicate subjects. They don't need to be brought into the convo, most of the time. Cheerleaders. Why are they there? (The players don't even seem to look over at them, and the fans watch the game. The smiles are fake. The outfits are skimpy.), Big headed people and otherwise people who need a reality check and need to not annoy me so they aren't on this list lol

Pairings I like: Paine/Lulu, Jay/Moses, Riku/Auron, L/Light, Mello/L, Maribo/Shiraz, Drumhort/Solca, Felk/Darsul, Yazoo/Vincent (I know, weird.) , Grune/Chloe, Xion/Nagi, Testamate/Dizzy, Xion/Long, Ranmaru/Samanosuke, Ranmaru (3 eyes form)/Samanosuke (Roflmao), Ansem (KH1)/Riku, Zexion/Demyx, Ken/Jai, Shido/Cain, Riho/Gunni (I'm weird, remember?), Rachal (or however it's spelled)/Allura, Ari/Stan, Xelperpolis/Mouse, Claire/Loriel (OMFG hawt.), Eric(Phantom, O.G.)/Giry, Dita/Zima, Larva/The guy who gets eated by the mermaid lol, Orochimaru/Sasuke (Even tho I hardly watch the show anyemore) Malbec/Shiraz Dart/Lavitz(lols)

Favorite characters: Jay The Unseen - Tales Of Legendia, Xion - Bloody Roar, Mello - Death Note, Dita - Chobits, Ranmaru - Onimusha: Demon Seige, Eric - The Phantom Of The Opera, Ansem - Kingdom Hearts 1, Yazoo - Final Fantasy 7, Advent Children, Anju - Karin/Chibi Vampire, Gunni - Nightwalker, Testamate - Guilty Gear, Shiraz - Samurai Legend, Musashi, Drumhort - Forever Kingdom, Auron - Final Fantasy 10

Characters I don't like: Solon (...god...) -Tales of Legendia, Busuzima (WTFFFFF!?) - Bloody Roar, Misa Misa (My friend made me hate her when she explained what Cliche' meant) - Death Note, Blizzardo (Damn him!) - Trapt, Christine (It's all her fault!) - The Phantom of The Opera, Xaldin (...he had a hot voice but... then... he took off his hood... his facial hair...) - Kingdom Hearts 2, Rummy (Shes cute but needs to get over Xelperpolis) - Ephemiral Fantasia, The whole cast of Poke'mon, Clochette (OMFG) - SLM

Music: Eisbrecher, Wolfsheim, Thou Shalt Not, Bella Morte, Clan Of Xymox, Dead can Dance, Melotron, The Cruxshadows, Noirhaus, Trauma Pet, Kanon, Ayria


Male: Chilli, Chachalowa, Kumarz, Jestof, Ramzi, Monica, Marshal, Morgaisia, Valgomo, Darsul, Rocky, Lorey, Rin,Chojie, Xion, Ryoda, Loen, Dexon, Cives, The Hood (Yes that's his name. The Hood. Yeah, with a The in front of it.)

Female: Pinjee, Panchu, Saloona, Mibel, Pepper, Lorelei, Airea, Dea, Ashe, Cainon, Dolen, Nami

Prodjects with OC's (That means non-fan-fiction): King of Chains (Main), Freaks in Orbit, The Bin Beyond The Recycle Bin (Science fiction stupidness lol), Mirror Girl, and the Story in which Xion, Nami and Ryoda are that I have not decided on a name yet with my partener in writing. (partener in crime...?), and The Hood

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