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Someone, find my motivation for me.


Love It If We Made It.

NZ, Hufflepuff, District 4.

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I looove submitting tributes so if you've got an SYOT that needs tributes please hit me up.


Cato's Story - The 74th Games Wasn't happy with this story. Will be re-worked then re-uploaded in future.

Tempestas the 189th Games - Back from the dead.

Tribute List:

District One Male: Ace Platinum, 18 - Greywolf44

District One Female: Weiss Forge, 18 - Team Shadow

District Two Male: Nathaniel Mattingly, 18 - iridescenteverdeen

District Two Female: Cassia Slader, 16 - Booklovin'03

District Three Male: Callum Lennon, 18 - FrostyShadow

District Three Female: Talia Lancaster, 15- FrostyShadow

District Four Male: Blake Calloun, 17 - 66samvr

District Four Female: Carolyn Aquana, 17 - TheAmazingJAJ

District Five Male: Oliver (Ollie) Apollo, 17 - StephenSwiss

District Five Female: Caroline Hollyhock, 17 - jaded-love-pure-hate

District Six Male: Jerry Kapper, 15 - Paradigm of Writing

District Six Female: Esme Layton, 17 - iridescenteverdeen

District Seven Male: Nirvana Ivanov, 18 - BabyRue11

District Seven Female: Willow Ashes, 16 - Team Shadow

District Eight Male: Weft Loomis, 15- destiny's sweet melody

District Eight Female: Violet Mercury, 14 - Booklovin'03

District Nine Male: Cole Rockweld, 15 - The-Moth-God

District Nine Female: Kalista Stone, 17 - The Girl With The Knives

District Ten Male: Trafalgar "Trav" Zaun, 15 - 66samvr

District Ten Female: Eva Brath, 14 - Team Shadow

District Eleven Male: Harvest Kohl, 15 - curiousclove

District Eleven Female: Poppy Northrop, 15- curiousclove

District Twelve Male: Flint Fraser, 13 - iridescenteverdeen

District Twelve Female: Pricilla Winters, 15 - Mewkitcat

My tributes in other SYOTS:


The graveyard:

The one waiting to go: Adrian Tenera Dunbar, 17, District 4 male. Placed 6th. Read here.

The one with more to say: Caiden Pacatus Grove, 17, District 11 male. Placed 7th. Read here.

The one who is afraid of time: Alexis Ferox Telle, 16, District 2 female. Placed 7th. Read here.

The one who can see further: Telle Filum Zaavan, 13, District 3 female. Placed 9th. Read here.

The one who is hidden: Amelia Occultus Waltraud, 16, District 5 female. Placed 11th. Read here.

The one who's desperate: Bella Pacificae Sage, 16, District 11 female. Placed 11th. Read here.

The one who is silent: Lumen Tutela Maahes, 17, District 3 male. Placed 13th. Read here.

The one with the weight of the world: Rochelle 'Shelly' Parvus Pascal, 15, District 3 female. Placed 14th. Read here.

The one who has no past: Caleb Ultorius Odalric, 18, District 5 male. Placed 20th. Read here.

The one willing to take on them all: Caiden Clawford, 17, District 11 female. Placed 24th. Read here.

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When Head Gamemaker Aetius Valter is challenged to make a Game's like no others he feels over his head. Facing an inward rebellion and a soft President he wonders how he will manage it. That is until he meets the Tributes. These Tributes are one of a kind and ready to fight, love and go against the norms. Let the 189th Hunger Games Begin! SYOT Closed Viewers can sponsor.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 55 - Words: 256,522 - Reviews: 305 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 5/26/2020 - Published: 3/12/2018