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8/4/07: Hey people, I got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is I won't be updating for a while. The good news is thats because I'm going to rewrite all my stories by adding new stuff to them and editing them too. I'm going to start off with Determination and Control so look out for its new verison Determination and Control Remix. If you have any questions then feel free to PM me them and I will try to answer all of them the best I can. I guess I will see all of you guys soon. L8er!

Weekly fact: ttrulytt rules!

Name: Ummmm you should know...

Real name: Wouldnt you like to know?

Age: 15, I've gotten older, NOOOOOOOOO!

Birthday: 8th June

Gender-Sex: Male and yes please lol joke or am I? its up to you to decide, I dont know...AND I DONT MEAN WHAT SEXUAL TYPE I AM, I KNOW WHAT IT IS!


Race: NZer, Australian, English, Scottish, German, Irish, Samoan... lots of others... mostly white races.

Colour of eyes: Ummmm Dark blue near pupil and light blue at edge of Iris. Like marbles in away. Sometimes in winter they get abit of green in them, would look like Robin's or Sora's eyes.

Looks: People say I look like Robin and Sora...So I guess I'm across between Robin and Sora...maybe even a little bit of Yoh off Shaman King

Colour of hair: Really dark brown almost black in winter and gets blonde and brown in summer...

Height: Dont know around 5.10 ft and still growing alot

Build: Medium/ Solid

Weight: I got no shame since I'm tall and got muscles...58.5 kgs and Ive gone down 4...I need to eat more.

Hobbies: Watching TV, flirt with girls...? writing, playing gaming consoles like PS2 and Xbox 360, hanging out with friends, being lazy, EATING, EATING, MORE EATING, sleeping, reading, not doing homework, being straight, EATING! and making you guys laugh

Favourite Foods: CHICKEN BEST MEAT, PIE hmmmmm pie..., CHOCOLATE, ICECREAM, all things bad for my health well nearly everything.

Favourtie couples: ROBIN AND STARFIRE... STARFIRE AND ROBIN...I've been watching Shaman King and I think Yoh and Anna are kind of good together, BB/Rae cus I hate Rob/Rae, Cy/Bee, I like Kingdom Hearts so Sora and Kairi.

Couples that I dont like

Rob/Rae: First of all how is this possible people? Ok so he saves her inTHE END but how many times has he saved Starfire? Nearly every episode...Plus theres always Rob/Star fluff in nearly every episode too...I just dont see the love between them like Rob/Star...I mean Robins serious, mean and not that fun while Star is playful, nice and out going...they complete each other lol. Plus the movie so take that Rob/Rae!

Any gay slash ones like Rob/BB cus that will never happen unless Michael Jackson took over TT which then I would go over to WB and steal his nose and threaten to feed it to my dog, well not really, my dog would get sick, anyone would if they ate his nose.

I dont know how I feel about the lesbain ones I mean I am a guy but it will never happen so I dont know...I AM NOT A PERVERT!

Anyone with Slade: Stupid.

BB/Star: Same as Rob/Rae will never happen..

Cy/Star: They have big brother, little sister relationship.

Star/Red-X: I dont know what I think about this couple apart from that a super hero and a villian dont go together...

Couples I find weird but funny:

Rob/Silkie: Yes people there is a story about these two and I had to drink bleach to forget about it cus it was was funny however...Good job Insane but Happy, you made me laugh,drink bleach and go insane myself...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Favourite Cartoons: Teen Titans, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bro town (NZer), South Park, Shaman King.

Favourite Movie: ...dont know...

Girls I like lol: Close to my age and really really hot...figures doesnt it? Nah I go for all girls...well almost all girls, will not go out with a girl who use to be a guy or looks like a fried boot. I got for girls like LovingYou34 and essenceofire off the shrine (sexy).

Animals: 1 Dog and 2 Cats

Favourite Console Game for Xbox: HALO 2 soon to be HALO 3, HALO ROCKS!

Xbox 360: oblivion cus I like Elder Scrolls

PS2: Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 cus they are so COOL! Lots of other people will agree that these games are a 100 out of 0 which doesnt even make sense! Or dollars for that fact!

Music I like: Ummmmm I like rap, rock but I am a metal follower all the way! I do not wear make up or act goth...

Fav Bands: Linkin Park, Green Day, Disturbed, Ill Nino, Still Remains, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Chemical Romance, Blindspot, Wierd Al Yankovich (this guy is seriously funny) Roadrunner United.

Favourite Songs: (Disturbed) Prayer, Liberate, Conflict, Ten Thousands Fist In The Air. (Linkin Park) Breaking The Habit, PPR: Kut, KRWLNG. (Ill Nino) All but All I Ask For,Violent Saint and I Am Loco which has a mean swearing diss part in it stand out I guess. (Roadrunner United) The Dagger, Blood & Flames, Army Of The Sun, No Mas Control. AND (Wierd Al Yankovich) Weenie InA Bottle lol that is a funny song and Your Horoscope For Today which is quite funny too.

Names: Grim Reaper (I'm not goth) BLOODMASTER (I do not kill babies) and Mysteries Boy Wonder Robin (I am mysteries) Freddy Bob G Jr (dont even ask about this one and my name isnt Fred, Bob, F or Jr either)

Mates: Flame-boyy who lives about 1 min away from me by car lol, down the road. In his profile it says why should you know who his gf is well I know...CUS I GOT HER FOR HIM! Lol. Another thing is hes not gay and likes pie, also will help me get my pie back from the evil Ddogg...yes Ddogg got my pie, I will get it back (hell in background) IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO!

Friends: Famous all around the world with the first 3 names so I got lots and lots of friends...god I sound cocky there...famous is to much yet lots of people do know me and like me. Lol I've got a big ego.

Enemies: Not many people... Dont like Milk Man... he jealous cus I beat him in Halo online, and I've got a new enemy now...mail man who stole my soda when Isa Lumitus sent me in e-envelope...I'll revenge that soda if its the last thing I do...(loads shot-gun) O and the guy I stuck a dead hedgehog which was rotting (could see heart, ribs and stuff) in his mail box and my friends cat crap...I hate that guy...But that was when I was little, I wouldnt stick a dead hedgehog in anyones letter box now...hopefully...possible...maybe...good chance...normal chance...WONT!

Personality: Funny, only serious when I want to, Fun loving guy... NOT GAY, dont really let my emotions show apart from funny and NOT BEING GAY!(Note:...I AM STRAIGHT! lol but I dont have anything against gays its just that I'm STRAIGHT!) and also flirty when I want to be.

Injuries: Millions of bruises and cuts, lots of gashes, lots of sprains and twisted, over 20 bones broken, fractures and compound fractures, lots of scars that YOU cant see so I'm not all ugly with scars, lost lots of Blood, probably inkilo-litreslol and so on and so on...I have felt lots of pain over my life...probably worse pains then being shot I mean breaking the ball off my elbow and having to the side then having it pushed back which hurt then going to hospital to have the docters see if I have nerve damage and re-break my half broken arm...I've had worse through...

Favourite Writer: Princess Starfire of Tamaran! Who will not reply to my

Other Writers: Wild Fantasy,ZoloIsSoHOT, Dark S3cret, Seductive Angel, -Glittery-Bubbles-,
TitanGirlzRox aka InnocentStarintheanimesky, -EHWIES, trekkie, TheRealStarfire, Purple Wolf Girl, iluvyaoi, BehindmyBlueeyes, Teen Tyrant, xxsweetinnocence yeah you made it in but then again you knew you would.
Ok everyone be nice to this person, new comer starfire1993. I like her shes cool. So no one mess with her, shes like a little sister to me. And lots of other people.

Stories: Determination and Control, Magic of Pie, Reincarnated X, TT/KK: The Two Key Bearers Of Light (kingdom hearts version) KK/TT: The Two Key Bearers Of Light (teen titan version) Betrayal, sacrifice, and the untold love.

Quotes: Ummmm lets see... ok heres one. Hmmmmmm pie... and how could I forget this one...if you are reading Determination and Control then you will what I'm about to say...IM STRAIGHT!And my ultimate word HAZABUDADOBANG which is © to me...

Favourite Stories on Fan Fiction: 'Torn Identities' made by Wild Fantasy (one of the best writers on this damn website!) 'True love' which is really funny and makes my stories seem like my science teacher...not funny.

Girlfriend: Being asked by lots of people, mostly girls. ANNOYING! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Favourite books: Eragon books, Alex Rider series, books like those...

Favourite Person: Well usually me but there might be a special "someone" I'm thinking of...god I sound like I am one of those people who stare at the mirror all day...I dont...thinking of a girl...NOT IN THAT WAY! Or am I? I've got to stop saying that before I get bitch slapped.

Secret facts: Well this isnt really a secret but I do have an editor and I reckon he's a really good writer. I also know Wild Fantasy's real name...but she kind of knows mine as well so I cant tell you or she will tell you mine but I do know her real real name too so yeah...but I know her real real name too hehe. Even her last name and what she looks like. No I havent been stalking her.

Interesting facts I know: Ok heres one...The voice of Squidward off Spongbob Squarepants is the voice of Docter Light as well, that werid light villain who is scared of Raven.

As you know I know Wild Fantasy's name MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Problems I found with Teen Titans BUT I AM A FAN SO DONT TRY TO KILL ME:

Ok when Starfire went back to Tamerain to get married she talked to that big guy Galfore or something in Tamerainean but then went back to did all those Tamerains know english...I thought Starfire was the only one thanks to a kiss unless...Robin kissed them all, lol Robin kissing Galfore, I would be sick but would laugh.

We never find out if Robin asks Starfire out and if they do...stuff...THATS THE WORST PROBLEM IN THE WORLD! Who gives a crap about the ice melting, what about Robin and Starfire, I find that much more important...I mean in the comics they go out, kiss alot, have it, get married, have children...COME ON! And in the stupid comics I think they break up...thats impossible I think...EVERYTHING IS STUPID! Well apart from you guys...I'm stupid...and a bit grumpy since I have to go to school tomorrow...(I'm not anymore lol)

Parts I like from other peoples stories:

OK this is from Comfort Zone

“Richard…” Starfire said with a blush as they mounted the cycle, “…do you by chance still have my…erm…undergarments?”

The Boy Wonder smirked as he started the engine. “Afraid so. Don’t you remember? I gotta keep ‘em on for the rest of the day. A bet’s a bet.”

Starfire matched his expression. “A pity…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well…I have neglected my laundry duties lately. The undergarments you are currently wearing…were my last pair…”

She leaned forward to whisper the last bit in his ear.

“…and I am afraid I had none left for myself tonight.”

Richard’s eyes bulged as he craned his neck to look at the girl sitting behind him, who just smiled slyly and, as if to accentuate her point, wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her hips against his lower back.

Richard grinned as he gunned the engine and took off into the night. Maybe this bet wouldn’t turn out so bad after all.

(Now if that isnt something to remember I dont know what is...)

This is from Fan Mail

About half an hour later, Robin was almost done with his own bag, but Starfire was barely halfway through hers. He glanced over at her, and saw that she was blushing.

“What is it, Star?”

“Oh, well…this letter…it is quite similar to the one Beast Boy shared, in that the sender included a photograph…hehehe…”

She held up the photo, and Robin had about half a second to register the image of a muscular dark-haired man in a Speedo before he covered his eyes in horror.

“DAH! Put it away, Star!”

Starfire looked startled. “What is the problem? Do you find him unattractive?”

“Well, no…I MEAN, YES…I mean…er…um…just…never mind, Star.”

“I thought he was rather handsome,” she said.

“H-handsome?” Robin stuttered.

“Well, not as handsome as y…eep!” She clapped a hand over her mouth, blushing again.

“Not as handsome as what, Star?” Robin said.

“Nothing!” she said quickly. “Erm…let us continue with the fan mail!”


This is also from Fan Mail

“Robin, I have never heard this word before. What is its meaning?” she asked, showing him the letter in her hand and pointing at the word in question. Robin leaned forward and squinted his eyes so he could read it.

It was a four letter word that began with an ‘F.’

Robin’s eyes bulged behind his mask. “Let me see that,” he said, snatching the letter and glaring at it. It was unsigned.

Ooh, baby, you get me so HOT! You gotta come over to my place sometime, sweet-cheeks, I’ll show you a good time, I promise…oh yeah, first I’m gonna-

Robin stopped reading at that point, shredded the foul letter into pieces, and more pieces, and more pieces, until it resembled confetti.

“Robin, what on Earth was the matter?” Starfire asked.

“It…just…gross…idiot…totally uncalled for…” he muttered incoherently as he shredded.

“I was concerned,” Starfire said, “when he said I caused his body temperature to rise; did I perhaps cause him to come into close contact with my star-bolts? They do generate a rather large amount of heat, and…”

“No, Star, nothing like that…” Robin said. “Look, forget about that one, you didn’t want to read the rest of it, trust me.”

“Oh…very well. But Robin, what was the meaning of that word?”

“Um…well…it’s…man, how do I explain this…” he muttered. It was quite hard; Starfire was looking at him like a curious child that had just asked her mommy where babies come from. It didn’t make matters easier for the Boy Wonder. But then an idea came to him.

“Star…in the Tamaranian language, do you have…y’know…bad words? Swears? Curses?”

“Well…yes…” Starfire said hesitantly. “I would rather not repeat them, however.”

“No, you don’t have to…but, well…that word you saw…that’s an Earth curse. A bad one. Probably one of the worst there is.”

“What does it mean?”

Crap, Robin thought, redness quickly creeping onto his face. “Umm…you see…it’s a really…really derogatory term for…um…y’know…ahem…well, uh…having…y’know…sex.”

Starfire’s own face flared red. “Oh!” she said. A look of shock and indignation crossed her face. “How rude! Why would someone write such foul language in a fan mail?”

“Well…some people are just…creeps like that. Bad people. That stuff isn’t really fan mail, it’s just…well, garbage. You shouldn’t waste your time on that sort of thing. Real fan mail is like…it’s when there’s some person that you really look up to and admire; someone who you wish you could be more like; your ‘hero,’ I guess. It could be anyone…your brother, your best friend, a political figure…a superhero,” he added with a smile. “When you write fan mail to this person, it’s to tell them how much they’ve affected your life for the better. To thank them for everything they’ve done for you; to tell them, even if they’re not aware of it, how big an impact they’ve had on your life.”

“Then a letter containing such…foul words as that,” Starfire said, gesturing to the shredded letter, “is not a true fan mail?”

“Not even close,” Robin agreed vehemently.

“I see,” Starfire said, and this time Robin could tell she meant it. “So…anyone can write fan mail, yes?”

“Yeah, of course, Star,” Robin said.

lol again...if you think this sounds good read it.


Robin was, for once, utterly speechless. He read the letter over again just to make sure he’d understood it correctly, and it was no different the second time through. His mouth was moving, trying to say something, but his voice wasn’t cooperating.

“Robin…?” Starfire whispered.

Robin turned to look at the alien girl. “I…I don’t know what to say…”

“Oh, you do not have to say anything, Robin,” she answered a little too quickly. “As you said, the recipients of fan mail are not expected to respond to them…”

“No, it’s not that, Star…” Robin assured her. “I…I’m just…well…surprised. I…I had no idea you felt this way.”

“Is that not the point of fan mail? To inform my hero how much he means to me, even if he is not aware of it?”

Robin couldn’t help but smile at that. “Well, yeah, I did say that…”

“And that anyone, even superheroes, could have heroes they look up to, yes?”

“Yeah…that’s how it works.”

Starfire smiled. “Then I was successful!”

Robin smiled too. “Yeah…really successful.” He glanced at the letter again. “By the way…XOXO?” he said with a raised eyebrow.

Starfire blushed. “Erm…well…I would have written more, but I did not wish to be greedy.”

Robin took her hands in his. “Be as greedy as you want, Star. Goodness knows I won’t mind.”

And before Starfire had a chance to be surprised, his lips were on hers. Their fingers intertwined, and before they knew it they had both relaxed into the kiss as though they’d known how to all along. It was a good half-minute before they parted, both seeing stars.

“I guess answering my fan mail isn’t so bad,” Robin managed to whisper.

“Hehe…no, it most definitely is not so bad,” Starfire agreed.

“But you know…” Robin said. “That was only one ‘X’…and you did ask for at least two…”

Starfire grinned eagerly, and pulled the Boy Wonder forward again.

(wiggles eyebrows, just like me lol.)

This is from

Interlude with Hormones

Starfire nodded, putting the bottle down. “Yes. I have strange feelings concerning Robin – I feel as though I want to ‘fight’ him.”

Raven did a double-take. “You mean, you don’t like him? Not even as a friend?”

Starfire looked confused. “No, no! Robin and I are very good friends, and – perhaps I have mistranslated this…” She took out her pocket Tamaran-English phrasebook. “Hmmm…I want to ‘dance with him’? Does this make more sense?”

“I think so…is dancing how you express feelings on your home world?”

Star shook her head. “Again I fail!” She flipped through the book a little bit more; suddenly, she stopped on a page, eyes wide as she pointed at a passage. “Ah! I want to ‘fk him wild like a cowgirl’! I think that is the one…your stare is discouraging, though. Perhaps ‘make sweet, sweet love to him the whole night through’? No, still you stare in horror…it must be ‘take his genitals into mine and make him scream my name in ecstasy, again and again, until…’”

“I…get the picture, Star,” Raven assured enthusiastically, holding up her hand. “All three were right, just kind of…crude…and sudden…and dirty…and sudden.” She shook her head slightly. “Wow…”

“Why do you seem so shaken, Raven? Have I said something bad? Do you not want to take Beast Boy’s genitals into yours and make him scream your name in…”

This made me laugh a lot...made my editor laugh too.

I cant put up things from 'True love' because I would have to copy the whole story...but READ IT I ORDER YOU TOO! READ IT I SAY WHAT WHAT!

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Starfire is told she cant get a rise out of Robin, she thinks she can.....poor Robin, can he control himself? Rated M for sexaul reference and lemon later on. Robin and Starfire act the same but flirt alot with each other so not the same in away
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Starfire leaves the Titans and joins up with Surderic, a magic user, to win Robin’s heart. But she is betrayed by him and Robin takes the fatal blow for her. What length will she go to get him back? And will Robin get back to life before the Grim Reaper f
Teen Titans - Rated: M - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,953 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 7/8/2006 - Published: 5/9/2006 - Robin, Starfire
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Teen Titans - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,932 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 5 - Published: 4/15/2006 - Robin, Starfire
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