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Yes, this is my profile page, as if you didn't already guess. Well, I am a simple guy with different ideas and opinions on different things. I have interests and am 100 percent human being. You all have probably read or are interested in reading my stories currently under construction. Please read and review. I have been on for quite a long time and I must say, I have followed many authors. Just a little few things about little old me...

I am a boy of simple interests in...

Reading, writing, artistry, biology, psychology, and of course, Teen Titans.

Reading and Writing...

I read Fanfictions and write them. I have read hundreds of fics and saved quite a few (So I'm a pack rat, big deal). Perhaps you have searched and read my Fics: Video Gamers and Rich Boys.

Video Gamers: Beast Boy and Raven get stuck inside his favorite game, and the only way out is to win. Funny, actiony, angsty, romancy, and has many tricks and turns inside the game. Interested? Read below.

Rich Boys: Raven Roth and her daughter Gale meet up with a rich and boyish hearted young man, Garfield Logan, who lets them in after she is kicked out of her boyfriend, Richard Grayson's life. But is Mr. Logan hiding something? Interested? Read below.

Many hundreds of authors have piqued my interest as well...too numerous to list at the time, however. Close to 100 I think.


I only have five decent art works on paper that could even be considered decent. I'm an ink and pecil worker. No paints, clays, water, or tracing. My works include:

Witch Symbol: A tinted pencil representation of gothic style symbols surrounded by oddly colored fire. All sketches tinted in different shades and hues. Symbols and diamonds within the piece are present.

DEMON: A box style puzzle similar to Andy Warhol. The boxes are all black and white and the big words in each are reflected with the opposite shade of black and white of the boxes. The words spell out: demon.

Intersymbol: A compilation of different made-up symbols made entirely in ink design. There are minerals, outer design, two main weapon-like pieces, and various little objects resembling oddities. The center is a crown in flame over a lion crested shield.

Signaturesque: A paper made entirely in ink based signatures that cover the entire page. Sizes of the signatures vary from big to small and the signatures themselves are weird and abnormal, some not even making sense.

Theatrics of the Bat: A grouping of ink gothic style concoctions that symbolizes the dark side of things. They all have swirves and black and white design. Each piece has intricate and fullfilling design withihn each big object or symbol. Symbols include a bat, star, moon, crest, cave, rose, creature, and a comet. Each piece is merely a symbol or represetation, not meant to look like the real thing.

Flowerpot House: No Data Currently Available

Biology and Psychology...

I'd say I am very skilled and knowledgeable in the fields of naturalism, envorinmental and animal sciences, and of course, ecology. It is a career that I have explored with good grades and a major interest.

I know animals and animal behavior and facts very well.I also understand and respect the laws of nature and how it affects with theories in science.
I like to explore the natural environment and the sources of knowledge it presents to human beings. We can learn much more than we think. I am very well attuned with human thoughts and behavior.
I understand how different people think and act in terms of brains, intelligence, and reactions with other humans.
I also have a great understanding in emotional boundaries and discoveries. How people feel affects how they think.
It is something I study regularly.


This show is without a doubt the most entertaining and well made hero show ever produced. I have been watching it and obsessing over it since it began in 2003. I love every hero, vilain, ally, plot, episode, and prop in the show.

Favorite episodes: Nevermore / Apprentice I and II / Every Dog has his Day / Fear Itself / Aftershock Part 2 / Deception / Haunted / Spellbound / Revolution / The Beast Within / Titans East I and II / Episode 257-494 / Birthmark / Employee of the Month / The Prophecy / Stranded / Mother Mae Eye / The End I II and III / For Real / Hide and Seek / Lightspeed / Go / Calling All Titans / Titans Together. AND OF COURSE THE TEEN TITANS MOVIE !

Favorite Heros: Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Bumblebee, Mas y Menos, Kid Flash, Pantha, Herald, Argent, Robotman, Elastigirl, Negative Man.

Favorite Villains Jinx, Control Freak, Red X, Doctor Light, Ding Dong Daddy (I have no idea why), Kid Wicked, Slade, Brother Blood, Trigon (Who wouldn't?), Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Billy Numerous (Once again, no idea), Mumbo Jumbo, and of course Malchior.

All in all, each and every part of the Teen Titans Series is fantastically made and should be praised. From characters to episodes, everything about it is great. It is also my main source of doing things. Like after school, work, artistry, studying, stuff like that. Being my main interest I have had lots to do with the show.

And that's all just a little bit about me...

Ciao for now -blanklist-


I ABSOLUTELY loathe the stupid, ignorant, over-used idea, stupid characters and dumb little pre-pubecense of the wierdest show I have ever seen. I HATE BEN 10!

It is such a waste of time. I cant imagine why people like it at all. It is so juvenile. I mean seriously, a spoiled, pre-pubescent little ignorant kid who fights aliens. WHOA. Like we havent seen that a billion times in dumb alien cartoons (like the stupid Atomic Betty show). It is completely pointless. There is nothing good about it, I think. The dialogue is lame and infantile too.

Oh, oh, and the name Ben Tennyson, that has got to be the laziest, stupidest sounding convenient alter-ego name I have ever heard in my life. The Cartoon Network People got lazy with this monstrocity of a show.

(Teen Titans never got lazy, they were always at the top of their game!)

I experimented Ben 10 by watching it one time and I was like WTF! I know enough about the show to understand that the little snot-nose kid can turn into ten stupid looking aliens by using his gay little pocket watch. BUT...when I saw the show, I counted TWELVE monsters that he can turn into. TWELVE!

They also talked about foot fungus in one episode and made Ben produce it like it was some hilarious joke. Bullshit. That is just plain sick and gross. I dont need to know about some kids foot fungus or athletes foot. And in the show I saw, he was waving it around like it was the most fascinating thing in the world. Disgusting. That must be what all the episodes are like. No thanks.

Doesnt that kinda fuck up the point of the show being called Ben 10! If he's Ben 10, how come he turns into 12 ugly things? It makes no sense at all. And dont say, "Oh, I've only seen ten creatures." That's Bullshit. I saw the show bio with all the monstrocities. And the episode I experimented with featured two more that were not part of the original ten. It makes me vomit.

What freaks me out the very most is that Tara Strong (talented voice actress who played Raven masterfully on Teen Titans, and other shows) is the vocie of Ben himself. I am so sad about that. I love the voice of Tara Strong. She, along with Greg Cipes and Scott Menville (wonderful voices of Beast Boy and Robin of Teen Titans) have inspired me to the career of a voice actor. But the fact that she is the main character on the dumbest show ever makes me question the quality of Cartoon Network. I would much rather hear her chant "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" as Raven, than hear her waste her unbelievable talent by saying "I'm going XLR8" on Ben 10. I love you Tara Strong, but please, REJECT THE MONSTROCITY OF BEN 10!

All in all, I have never seen another Ben 10 show and never will. It is wierd, overused, and just plain badly delivered. I honestly don't understand why people are drawn to the dumb story of a hideous group of dangerous monsters who are the slaves of a bratty ten year-old. It disturbs me.



There are many many many Teen Titans petitions out there and this is one of them. Just FYI, they brought back Celebrity Deathmatch that has been cancelled for three years, all because the viewers wanted it back by sending their stuff to the the network. We can do the same thing for Teen Titans.

Just go to this site down here, and keep looking around the internet for more

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