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Erm..sorry. Hi! This is Elle Johnson,teenage freak.

I am weird. Get over it. It's a fact of life. I 'm also your normal Obsessive Syndrome Diagnosed teen. Pretty normal anyway. I have notebooks upon notebooks of fanfictions just waiting to get submitted in here, so lets get started on what you should expect from me.

Elle Johnson:

Elleis a 14 year old girl. She is in love with Fruits Basket, D.N.Angel, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy VII, Adevent Children, Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, and Avatar the Last Airbender. She is an obsessive freak when it comes to reading and writing, and is excellent at the both. She also likes to draw and sketch Anime and Manga, but hates coloring. She specializes in cute Harry/Hermione fics, fantasy stories,Mabudachi (non-yaoi)fics,and Zuko/Katara fanfics. She is also an enthusiastic poet. When not reading or writing H/HR, Zutara, orMabu fics, she is probably talking on the phone withLydia and Paul, watching and ranting about D.N.Angel, or Fruits Basket;(She is a humongous fan of animeand manga), or playing the Sims2. In school, she is an over-achiever and teachers-pet in every subject except Algebra, which she fares well in. She has a close group of friends, mixed with boys and girls, but not all in her group get along. Her best friends are Lydia, Steph, Paul, and Elise. She takes tennis, swimmingand classical dancing for extracurricular activities, and is in her school Student Leadership Council. She is single, and loving it, and is very close to her guy friends. When she writes, she gives her fics either a dark aura, or a light, sensual one. Her writing is reflected by her moods.Elle is really fun to be around Hehe.She and her friends have many inside jokes, complete nonsense that they are, and have recorded them in 6 pages of printer paper, typed. She has one statement her life revolves around: CLOUDIS THE COOLEST CHARACTER EVER! And Rahul from Phantom of the Opera sucks. And Daniel Radcliffe has to like Emma Watson. And Ayame Sohma is the best. Okay, that’s four things. She has an individualistic mind, and have an over-powering sense of creativity, which can get annoying to ther friends sometimes. But they will have to live with it, because one day Elle will Rule the World!

Pairings That I Lovez:

Harry/Hermione- Harry Potter

Cloud/Yuffie- FFVII;Advent Children;Kingdom Hearts I and II

Vincent/Tifa- FFVII; Advent Children

Leon/Aerith- Kingdom Hearts I and II

Riku/Kaitou Dark- D.N.Angel

Satoshi/Risa- D.N.Angel

Voldemort/OC (hehe, doesn’t like to read it though)- Hary Potter

Zuko/Katara- Avatar the Last Airbender

Zula/Sokka- Avatar the Last Airbender

Kyo(Kyou)/Tohru- Fruits Basket (wooo)

Taichi/Mimi- Dig01

Sora/Yamato- Dig01

Daniel Radcliffe/Emma Watson-Real Life

Phantom/Christine- Phantom of the Opera

Pairings ThatI Hatez:


Cloud/Aerith- FFVII, Advent Children (Seems too perfect, you know...please don't kill me)

Reno/Yuffie- FFVII, Advent Children

Cloud/Vincent- FFVII, Adevent Children

Risa/Kaitou Dark-D.N.Angel









Contact her at PumpkinPie21703@Hotmail.comor


animal: Giant Panda

color: Violet

number: 7

food: Chinese( Vegie Lo Mein)

T.V show: Unan1mous, American Idol, Parental Control

book/other literature: Furuba and Harry Potter

subject(s): French; Language Arts

FFVII and Advent Children Characters- Cloud, Yuffie, Vincent, Tifa

Kingdom Hearts I and II- Yuffie, Leon, Aerith, Cloud, Sora, Selphie, Riku, Kairi

D.N.Angel Characters: Kaitou Dark, Riku Harada, Satoshi Hiwatari

Furuba character(s): Ayame and Shigure

Harry Potter Characters: Voldemort, Sirius Black

Avatar characters: Zuko and Zula and Mei

Also, check out my friends website if you are a fan of any kind of anime or manga, it's reallllly active:

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