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Author has written 4 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog.
Hello. I am Sonic-Ruler. I am a huge, huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. I have mny ideas for stories so I will continually make new stories. I am 15years old now. I thank all people who review. I have an interesting sense of humor and Ilike rock music. I hope you read my stories and I will be one happy ruler of Sonic. Thanks again.

Upcoming stories:

Shadow, lost in space.
The ARK is put off of orbit by a meteor. Shadow, Maria and Gerald meet many creaturs and one creature that is an ancestor of a recent foe.

The protectors and the thief.
The Sol Emeralds are stolen and only Rouge can help Blaze recover them. (Sonic the hedgehog 2006 really helped me with ideas for this one.

The Ultimate Weapons
Emerl has always helped his friends to stop those that try to harm the planet. When Nightmareok attacks with the most powerful weapon ever he has to face his own past to find a way to win.


Even though some of you probably think I have died or given up I have not.
I am currently rewriting my first story and I have tons of ideas for the other stories. I hope to finish my first 3 stories by the end of September at the least. If I write fast enough I might be able to make it by the end of august but don't count on it.


I have a couple right now but there are tons in the works.

Nightmareok: The former GUN Commander Red Devil from fifty years ago. He orchestrated th attack on the ARK and put the robotnik's souls into stasis. Meanwhile he took the black emeralds that had been discovered and harnesed their energy to change into a monster. He later orchestrated the possesion of Eggman to try to destroy Sonic and his friends. Even at full strength and using tons of strategies he was defeated by Sonic and friends combined might. He crashlanded on Earth and was presumed dead until a powerful being who he works for saved him. He has an unexplained hatred of Sonic.

Allismon: Has not been formerly introduced yet. He is currently taking a great interest in Sonic and friends.
A/N He is going to be the main character in future stories. (He is the one who makes the moon out of Future Sonic's ashes.

Important/Main Characters: The characters are critical for the later stories and have huge roles later on.
Dr. Eggman

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