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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Devil May Cry.

SufficientlyAwkwardBadass here.

Personal life: I'm a college student in the Philippines who has not been able to get over her fangirling phase but is still sane enough to maintain grades and responsibilities... and a slightly reviving social life. Haha.

As of now, I only read fanfictions of Devil May Cry, Naruto, and Assassin's Creed. However, I'm also a big fan of Code Geass, Game of Thrones, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and other crime dramas and brainy animes. I only read fanfictions of games and anime though because I find myself having a hard time imagining anything with real actors in them.

Favorite/Preferred Pairings:

Devil May Cry

  • I support DantexLady, but I do not hate DantexTrish either. I guess DantexLady is just more interesting in my eyes.
  • I love SpardaxEve. Of course we do not know much on the characters and personalities of the two, but really I love how some fanfiction writers manage to paint a beautiful portrait of the two.
  • Naruto

  • Right of the bat, I am a SasukexSakura fan. Oh yes. It may never happen in canon, but I guess when I was a naive thirteen year old girl, I was blind to the improbabilities of the two and I was never able to get over that phase. That, and I was a slightly-shameless-but-still-has-dignity-in-tact Sasuke fangirl. And though I loved Temari back then, I believed Sakura was the only one capable to get to Sasuke.
  • KushinaxMinato. I swear when I saw the episode where Kushina prompted a flashback on her relationship with Minato... I cried. THESE TWO ARE THE MOST EPIC AND AWESOME COUPLE IN ALL THE FANDOMS I HAVE (Even more epic than EzioxCaterina). I cried so hard. I cried.
  • NarutoxHinata. If Naruto wasn't this dense, I swear, these two would make another epic and awesome couple. Not as epic as Minato and Kushina, but whatever. Hinata is awesome. And she DESERVES Naruto.
  • Assassin's Creed

  • There is only one pairing I support here and that is, EzioxCaterina. It broke my heart when Caterina left a very hopeful Ezio. Oh god. These two. These two would have made the best power couple. But no. Caterina... oh Caterina... Ezio would have protected you with all his life, along with your family. Sigh. I still love this pairing. Really, I do.
  • Favorite Characters:

    Devil May Cry

  • Dante. Duh. Old dante, reboot Dante, I love them both. But I still love the old Dante better than the reboot Dante though. I guess it's because reboot Dante was funny but lacked life.
  • Reboot Vergil. Okay, I hate his wardrobe. But I love his personality. To bits. It's better and deeper than the old Vergil's.
  • DMC 3 Lady. The way she was portrayed in DMC3 was just perfect. She wasn't shallow. She wasn't weak. And she just wasn't some pretty face. Her character had more depth than any other female character I've encountered in video games. Damn, I wish she could have just been there at the reboot of DMC.
  • Naruto (get ready for a long ass list)

  • Uchiha Sasuke. Okay, so my thirteen year old self still has not gotten over it. But I do have a love-hate fangirl thing over this dude. Why? Because everyone treats the man like a god! Hell, the mention of his name almost always has to be followed by a sudden breeze with leaves going with it. HIS FREAKING THEME SONG PLAYS EVEN WHEN HE ISN'T EVEN IN THE SCENE! I guess the only reason why I still like his character is that he has one of the best "fucked-up" angsty stories and I really feel sorry for the guy, and the fact that he still is pretty badass when he fights. His moves are almost always sneaky, but that's what a ninja is supposed to be, ne? Outsmarting the enemy. Now, anything that degrades him or embarasses him, makes me stand up for applause. I'm sorta sadistic when it comes to him now.
  • Uchiha Itachi. Again, another love-hate fangirl thing over this guy. Oi! We get it Kishimoto, Itachi is the perfect ninja and the perfect brother, and is the wisest of them all! I guess why I love him as well is because of his story as well, and the fact that this dude's actions caused me a lot of heartache. Mhmm. And he's actually more gentle than the iceblock at the top of my list.
  • Hyuuga Hinata. Whenever this girl steps up to the plate, reveals her true feelings, and pushes herself beyond her limit just for the sake of Naruto, or proving her worth, I find myself tearing up. This girl never fails to amaze me and I loved her even more when she just slapped Naruto's face when Neji died.
  • Tobi. Because Tobi's a good boy and he's freaking hilarious. Done.
  • Hidan. You know, he's pretty scary and sexy at the same time. I sometimes question my sanity whenever I find him sexy and badass.
  • Suigetsu. He really doesn't do much for the plot of Naruto, but his antics make the manga so much lighter and I love him for that. And he's sorta adorable when he speaks his mind.
  • Time-skip Haruno Sakura. This girl actually got smarter, and more useful. She's already got guts ever since the first part of Naruto, and frankly that was the only thing I liked about her. But now, she's gotten better. She's emotionally mature now, THANK FREAKIN' KAMI, and she has better moments in the manga. I just wish the manga would have made her slightly more better at offense, even if she just had a slight improvement on offensive genjutsu. I would be happy.
  • Assassin's Creed

  • Ezio. I don't need to ramble more about this. We all know why.
  • Caterina. Again, a perfect portayal. A woman who isn't shallow. A woman who isn't weak. A woman who isn't just a pretty thing. SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT FOR EZIO! (Alas, real history must be followed).
  • Shaun. I love it when he's sarcastic. Which is almost all the time.

  • Upcoming Fanfictions:


    "On Uchiha Sasuke" - A lot of things come to mind when it comes to Uchiha Sasuke. Above all things, he is an avenger. But he is also a friend, a brother, a rival, a protector, a student, a fighter, a teammate, a fellow ninja, and many more. Anthology.

    "Protector" - There used to be a time when he believed he was only in it for the money. But ever since she arrived in his life, he believed in something more. DantexLady. One shot.

    "The Silent Temptress" - It is when she fights that the walls around him that he has worked so hard to build, collapse. It is when she heals that destroys his attempts of severing his bond with her. SasukexSakura. One shot.

    Thank you for checking out my profile.

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