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Hi everyone,

I'm currently 23 years old, and live in Australia, in sunny Queensland. I'm an avid traveller, and have been all over my beautiful country in my time. I recently moved back to my homestate of Qld, after having lived in Tasmania for a year, where I attended University.

I'm a 5th generation psychic and an Astrologer, who also dabbles in the other sides of the occult, ie. palm reading, tarot cards, spiritual readings, etc etc, and yes, I do it all for free, as I believe I was given a gift, therefore why charge for it, as I get it for free so why not everyone else?

I, like millions of others across the globe, am obsessed with Harry Potter and used to do 'hosting' work on a RP website. I have written quite a few stories, but only have one posted currently, which is a parody/humour based on an adult Pansy Parkinson, her husband, Vincent Crabbe, and their four children. I've been told it's quite funny. I wrote it when I was very sick, so it's not my best but hey, apparently it's not bad.

My favourite HP characters are all three of The Family Malfoy, Severus Snape, Voldemort/Tom Riddle, Marcus Flint, Gregory Goyle, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Bellatrix LeStrange and Merope Gaunt, ALL for the same reasons, they aren't (with the exception of Hermione, Ron and Voldemort) main characters, and therefore can be moulded easily to fit into fan fictions as not much is known about them, really, when you consider how much is known about the central characters.

The characters I don't like are Harry Potter himself, as I find him too bland and quite frankly, a carbon copy of Adrian Mole, Arthur Weasley, as he's often made fun of for his quirks, ie battery and plug collecting. I just don't find him funny, or interesting. Professor Umbridge, as she was just too life like and we've ALL met people like her in real life, haven't we? What WAS there to like about her? Percy Weasley, as he's very two-dimensional and just not focal to the plot. Ginny Weasley should have died in CoS to make it more interesting. I don't like the idea of Happily Ever After, and that's what JKR is doing by making her long time crush come to life. Now, really, how often does THAT happen in real life? It would have been FAR more interesting if she had died early on in the series, as that would also ensure that Ron has a piece of the final action by avenging his little sisters death. Ron is underestimated by a lot of people as being a mere 'sidekick' to Harry, but I have faith in his character, and believe he could be a hero in his own right! Hmm, I feel a storyline a'brewing...

Anyway, I'm also a proofreader/editor, so if anyone wants me to look over their stories or beta them, i'd be more than happy to, as for health reasons, I'm seldom very busy, and stuck at home for most of the time.

That's enough about me.

To see the most beautiful drawings of the HP characters, especially the Weasleys, go to:

On HPFF, I recommend Ravenclaw Lady's stories. She's very talented and makes very addictive OC's.

Also, for those of you who have read my story We All Have A Cross To Bear, you will notice that I substituted The Three Broomstick pub for one i made up, The Six Hilda's. The background story is this: I have a friend, who has a great aunt who lived, in her prime,in the early 1900's. She had six daughters, and, as this wasn't made illegal until later, she named them ALL Hilda! Oh sure, they all had seperate middle names, and were named as such, ie. Hilda Laurel, Hilda Bette, etc, but what I found funny was that the eldest was called 'Hilly'. They also had twin sons, named Clement John and John Clement! This is a true story, I swear! So, naturally, I had to incorporate it into my story somehow. evil grin

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