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Author has written 37 stories for Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Calvin & Hobbes, Neopets, Harry Potter, Disney, Naruto, Pokémon, Flatland, Warriors, Misc. Books, Young Wizards, and Lord of the Flies.

Hey, all my fans! I'm currently having a little-alright, a BIG-writer's block on most of my chaptered fics. Right now, I'll mostly be churning out little oneshots. Also, I'm working on a REAL novel, called Reclaimant: Dancing Shadows (working title). If anyone feels like beta-ing it for me, I'll be grateful! Just drop me a PM!

Also, got visit my little sister on Fanart Central! She's a great artist!

I also have an account on there (Akrita), but there's nothing up really.

Common Notations I Use:

GoGH: Guardians of Ga' Hoole

OiL: Owl in Love

C&H: Calvin and Hobbes

Fave Pairings:

GoGH: OtulissaxTwilight, DiggerxGylfie, CorynxKalo, some HoolexLutta

Harry Potter: HarryxGinny, RonxHermione

C&H: CalvinxSusie

Series of Unfortunate Events: QuigleyxViolet

Warriors: FirestarxSandstorm, GraystripexSilverstream, BrambleclawxSquirrelflight

And most OCxanyone romance. Cause OCs rock.


Under the Full Moon-chp 2

Anilegna: -kicks her owner's neck-

Owner: Ow!


Director: Take 300...

Without You

Coryn: -falls to his knees beside Nyra and leans over her- Mother...without you...

Nyra: HOHOHO! Watch your feathers! You're tickling me!

Director: Stunt double time...

Forgotten-chp 4

Calvin: -runs towards school, hitting his head on the door...which swings open-

Director: CUT! What? The lock-the-door commitee is late again?

Planned Fics


Sharptooth's Child: Sunpool, daughter of the noble Moonpool, and one of the youngest Healers in her Tribe's history, is in despair. Her father has died at the claws of fierce mountain cats. Now she has become the Healer. Unable to choose a sucessor, she embarks on a journey into the land beyond the mountains. What she discovers will change her life forever. Action/Adventure and possible Romance.

Fate: Sequel to Destiny. Will be a Young Wizards and Harry Potter crossover. Summary: Only a fool defies fate's call. When several wizards are thrown into the forest, they face four wild Clans of cats. Will they ever fit in? And why have they come? Action/Adventure/Drama/Romance/Humor (will decide specifics some other time)

Inevitable: Sequel to Fate. Working title. May be a crossover.

~Artemis Fowl~

Shuffle Shuffle: Artemis would never have come home if he knew what insanity lay ahead. Nose-breaking, white roses, hot tubs, Taylor Swift, and a promenade into the fourth dimension! What do you mean it makes no sense? Crossover with the movie Jumper in later chapters. No pairings, but hints of some. Cowritten with Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha XD. Humor, maybe Adventure.

~One Piece~

Scary Little Sister: Why you shouldn't mess with my little sister. Humor

Four Kids, a Raven, and Six Pirates: Four beginners in the field of magic and thier familiar, a raven, perform a spell that goes a little awry. Good thing they keep their heads when they meet up with pirates. Humor

Canceled Fics

Forgotten: It's being rewritten under same title.

Under the Full Moon: Blah, nothing to say. I'm not really interested in Neopets now.

The Journeys of Yerill and Perka: I'm planning a new Pokemon story!


These are the planned pairings for my Destiny fic, a Warriors/C&H/Baby Blues crossover.

Strawpaw (Calvin)xFlarepaw (Zoe)

Skypaw (Darryl)xShadowpaw (Wanda)

Stormtail (OC,)xStarsky (OC)

Windpaw (OC)xJunglebeat (OC)

Stripedfang (Hobbes)xWhitestar (OC)

PS: The warrior code was changed to legally allow the last couple to be legal mates. (Not sure if I should do this or not-illegal=fun!)

These are random quotes from my story, Shuffle Shuffle, that haven't officially appeared yet.

Dutch people: Stop bleeding on the tulips!
Holly: We don't care about your stupid tulips.
Dutch people: GASP! You insulted the tulips! You must die! get out a giant clog-shaped tank
Holly: I think I just insulted them.
Ryz: Shuffle for your liiiiiiiiiives!

Ryz: I need to go scrub out my eyes now. I think I'm scarred for life.

Clan Allegeinces in Destiny (Constantly Updated!)


LEADER: Whitestar-A white-furred she-cat with blue eyes (APPRENTICE, Strawpaw)

DEPUTY: Rosethorn-A white she-cat with red patches and unusually sharp claws (APPRENTICE, Flarepaw)

MEDICINE CAT: Foxfire-A bright red, yellow-eyed tom with a bushy tail and unusually pointed ears and muzzle

Starsky-A black she-cat flecked with white and with a white left hind foot (APPRENTICE, Shadowpaw)
Stormtail-A black-gray tom, unusually dark eyes
Junglebeat-A brown-gray she-cat with larger paws than usual (APPRENTICE, Windpaw)
Stripedfang-An orange tom with green eyes and long whiskers, looks a lot like a tiger
Owlwing-A soft brown tom with yellow eyes and darker brown patches that look like wings (APPRENTICE, Skypaw)

Shadowpaw-A dark black she-cat with river-blue eyes (exception, since she already had a kit upon arrival)

Windpaw-A gray-white tom with black stripes running along his sides
Skypaw-A mussy fire-colored tom with sky-blue eyes
Strawpaw-An amber-eyed tom with messy yellow fur
Flarepaw-A fire-colored she-cat with dark blue eyes

Wrenkit-A small black she-kit with cloudy blue eyes (MOTHER, Shadowpaw; FATHER, Skypaw)
Ravenkit-A black male kit with turquoise eyes (MOTHER, Shadowpaw; FATHER, Skypaw)

Mouseberry-A gray she-cat with yellow eyes, the oldest member of ThunderClan


LEADER: Waterstar-A blue-gray tom with a long tail

DEPUTY: Longleg-A gray tom with unusually long legs

MEDICINE CAT: Tawnytail-A yellow-brown she-cat with a ringed tail (APPRENTICE, Lionpaw)

Swiftstream-A silvery gray she-cat with unusual blue eyes
Runningriver-A dark silver tom
Silverfur-A soft silver she-cat with a crooked tail (APPRENTICE, Rabbitpaw)
Streampelt-A silver-blue tom with silvery paws
Jungletree-A dark brown tom with darker paws (APPRENTICE, Mousepaw)


Lionpaw-A light yellow tom with bushy fur
Rabbitpaw-A small, quick-footed white she-cat with a shorter tail than usual
Mousepaw-A small gray she-cat with short ears


Berryfur-A grayish she-cat with silvery splotches, retired early due to failing sight
Tornpelt-A scarred yellow tom with a ripped tail, one of the oldest Clan cats


LEADER: Falconstar-A yellow-eyed brown tom with unusually long claws

DEPUTY: Windtalon-A long-legged black tom (APPRENTICE, Runningpaw)

MEDICINE CAT: Berrytail-A reddish she-cat with one twisted paw

Hawkclaw-A brown-yellow tom with long claws
Leopardfang-A yellow spotted she-cat (APPRENTICE, Risingpaw)
Eaglestrike-A large brown tom with yellow eyes
Skywalker-A blue-gray tom

Birchtail-A brown she-cat

Runningpaw-A gray tom with a curly tail
Risingpaw-A yellow-gray she-cat with amber eyes

Shiningkit-A bright yellow she-kit with amber eyes (MOTHER, Birchtail; FATHER, Hawkclaw)
Glowkit-A yellow she-kit (MOTHER, Birchtail; FATHER, Hawkclaw)

Halfear-A tom with a dirty-white pelt and one ear completely torn off


LEADER: Clawingstar-A large black tom with unusually sharp and long claws

DEPUTY: Shadetail-A gray-black tom with a black tail

MEDICINE CAT: Gravelpelt-A mottled gray she-cat with one badly twisted leg (APPRENTICE, Cloudpaw)

Slashingtalon-A lean, striped brown tom (APPRENTICE, Beetlepaw)
Birdcloud-A white she-cat with yellow eyes
Swiftwind-A small gray tom with unusually long legs
Smalltail-A short-tailed gray tom
Thrushsong-A brown she-cat with yellow eyes (APPRENTICE, Robinpaw)

Jaycrest-A gray-white she-cat with an unusual crest of fur on her head
Chasingbreeze-A gray she-cat, the youngest nursery queen

Cloudpaw-A fluffy white she-cat
Beetlepaw-A sleek black tom with unusually dark eyes
Robinpaw-A brown she-cat with a touch of red on her chest

Breezekit-A gray male kit (MOTHER, Chasingbreeze;FATHER, Swiftwind)
Rushingkit-A gray she-kit with unusual blue eyes (MOTHER, Chasingbreeze;FATHER, Swiftwind)

Mudpatch-A brown tabby tom with one blind eye

STARCLAN (Only those who appear in story alive or dead, so this thing doesn't get flooded with dead cats)

Firestar-A handsome ginger tom, originally of ThunderClan


Sealwhisker-A gray she-cat with yellow eyes and unusually long whiskers, originally of ThunderClan







Without You


That Horrible Minty Taste


Fireflies of the Water

The Grape Wars

The Card

Desert Lovers

Forgotten (As it has been canceled, it counts as finished.)


Fanart collection: Currently working on: Kelpie.


Farewell, Teacher: Poem about Soren's reaction to Ezylryb's death.


YAOI/YURI: Seriously, would this ever come true? Plus, it's just sick. I'll admit that some good yaois/yuris have been written, but did it have to be yaoi/yuri? -sigh-


CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: It's outlawed, but I'm just soooooooooo addicted to them! -hugs her (wanted) humongous collection of Choose Your Own Adventure books-

BLOOPERS: Make me laugh my head off! I know they're outlawed, but oh well!

HUMOUROUS DRABBLES: Short and funny! I laugh my head off!

CROSSOVERS: Crossovers are cooooooooool...

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Did you know that no fanfiction has ever made me cry? As my sister put it, "Every Tragedy invovles death, and it's always the same character. You become numb to it." If you make me cry with a fanfic, you are a wonderful writer.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Unoriginality 1: An Original Trainer Story by Farla reviews
Meet Kazikami, the blue haired seventeen year old just starting her journey, and others! Totally and utterly original, really! No cliches here! Chapter 30: Pokemon Picking.
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Parody/Adventure - Chapters: 30 - Words: 32,821 - Reviews: 2349 - Favs: 270 - Follows: 139 - Updated: 1/31/2017 - Published: 4/22/2005
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Crossover - Pokémon & Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Words: 31,143 - Reviews: 152 - Favs: 194 - Follows: 178 - Updated: 4/2/2010 - Published: 7/24/2006 - Naruto U., Sasuke U., Sakura H., Kakashi H.
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