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Hi peoples! I'm TeenAnimeOtaku, formally known as Crazy Teen. I had to change it when I got an account! So my friend, huffpuff, helped me with this name since it's similar! I'm a teenager, and I'm an anime otaku! Otaku means fanatic, which is so me!(HP:It can also mean geek or nerd. coughcoughhinthint)Who agrees?

Well, I guess you really wouldn't be here if you didn't! -_- you know what- I love smilies: ) :o O / ; ) ; p _ XD _ @_@ LoL! Well, N-E-Wayzz... Just so you know- I am so random! Even my mom calls me a scatter-brain and I drive my friends INSANE! But they still love me!

(HP:Brittany? I'm going to fix your profile. I found a lot of mistakes that made me both crack up and desperately want to fix them at the same time. -_-" However, I will not exactly be fixing them. I will simply leave little comments near your errors to point them out ot you. XD This will be fun. By the way, for those of you who are wondering what in the world is going on in this profile... T is who's profile this is, and HP is me whom enjoys being evil and correcting her typos.)

6/1: Well, um...hi...I'M SORRY! MY COMPUTER HAS CRASHED! COMPLETELY! So all my fics are on hold! It really sux, I'm having to write this from Cassie's(your-deadliest-sin) house. Does that not suck! Yes it does! Well hopfully I'll be back soon! I love you all! Bye!

Say bye cassie...bye Check out her profile! (no fics, just fun...yet)

2/25: Wus up? I just updated IRYT, and I'm going to make Data-A-Match a muti fic by demand of the people. If anyone knows the exact date Avatar starts tell me! I heard it was March 25th.

Well, everyone seems to describe themselves on here so let's see:

NAME: Brittany (there's so many I don't even have to worry)


EYES: green

AGE: between 14-17

FRAME: According to my friends, I'm skinny. I'm pretty strong, but people think I'm small and weak...until my fist is planted into their arm, or back.

STYLE: T-shirt and jeans kinda girl. You'd be lucky to see me in a long sleeve shirt. Last year all I wore was T-shirts, but now, I wear T-shirts that flatter my figure alittle more.

RELIGION: Christianity. Anyone who wants to join, feel free to ask!

ORIGIN: Italian, german, and some cherokee, and suix

LOCATION: Under you bed! ASHABWAHAHAHA! Were I have internet access, a satalite T.V.,a hot tub,and all the food I need! The boogie-mans my cousin...I'm ten times worse. (HP:I'll believe that last statement. XD) (T:I hate you!) (HP: XD XD XD)

COUNRTY: America

Occupation: Mc Donalds. Hey, I probably make more than you so stop laughing! (My mom's making fun of the fact that I want to work at Mcdonalds... Only for highschool! T_T)(T: OMG! Get a job with me! There's a bookstore right in the next parking lot! Unfortunately, no manga! The jerks!

Well, that's about it!

Personality- I am pretty much a kind person...unless you get on my bad side. (HP: Heaven forbid you should do anything THAT bad.) Then you don't want to know me! I am an easy forgiver, but not until you admit you're wrong, and promise to stop. I like to lay around, but I like to get out, and walk, go to the track, and do laps. I love hanging out with friends! When I get into something, I really get into it! I am like huge into stuff, some even say slightly obsessive. I'm pretty much a huge dork that people love for some reason unknown.

THINGS I LIKE: Anime(Duh!), manga(duh!), Food! reading, writing, the Bible, church, parades, the fair, cotton candy...ALL candy, rocks, music(In my head it never stops), recieving reviews, and e-mail(but because I refuse to delete anything, I now have over 500 messeges), Garfield, dogs, wolves...ALL animals, ICONS, stuffed animals, HOT TOPIC, Build-a-bear, poetry, AMV's, and just about nearly anything japanese! ( I just fixed all the errors in that paragraph. I'm not even going to try to point all those errors out. -_-")

THINGS I HATE: Back stabbers, liers, overly judgmental poeple, snobs, preps My friend is Hitler the 2nd, will kill all preps mother f-ers(in her own words)), bashers, haters, annoyingly stupid people, in anime when the girl has breasts the size of three freakin water-melons for one boob, and your parents give you that "Do you watch porno?" look,"Avatar" THE SHOULDER TOUCH! It's like "You did great"shoulder touch "I'm so sorry" shoulder touch "I'll miss you" Shoulder touch "please help me" Shoulder touch "I LOVE YOU" Shoulder touch. Has ANYONE ever heard of a hug? When Iroh tried to hug Zuko he pushed him away, and I was gonna stab someone!

Facts about me

I'm slighty good in school (HP: I think you should put the slightly in bold. XD Just my opinion, though. XD XD)(T: Shut up! I make A's)

I'm pretty atheletic

I love to sing (To bad I suck!)(HP: At least you saw at my birthday party that you're not the only one who sucks at singing! My mom is afraid to ever hear any of us sing ever again! XD)

I'm not afraid of death. I almost commited suiside when I was like nine. It wasn't out of missery, but curiosity. What I'm afraid of is the after effect of death. I will age grace fully like a rose...don't touch me! I'll stick you! (HP: Just to see his reaction I told my dad that "one of my friends" nearly killed themselves out of curiosity when they were younger, and he gave me this "WTF!" look, shook his head, and told me to go away. XD)(T: YOU IDIOT! WTF!...That's kinda funny. Just so everyone knows I'm not suicidle! I'm the one who tells people not to!

I have what I call deep moments. that's where I get really in emotion, and I think with great maturity.

I also have blonde moments to match. (HP: XD I found an icon that says "Brunette on the outside, Blond on the inside. I thought of me, you, and Rachel. XD)(T: So true, so true, but kelsey is just plane blond! XD)

I have probably been to every dang gas station on I-75

I love to swim! I wish I could live in water. Not really.(Unless I was a mermaid.)(HP: -cough- Uh... yeah... Just... capitalize the n in not.)

I love almost anything that is suposedly not real, like :ware-wolves, vampires, mermaids, dragons, the lock ness monster, and everything else in that 'not scientificly prooved' category! (Me too_)

I have a scar on my leg, and hip from surgey. (Oh yeah... I remember that!)

I still love Disney classic movies. (I still cry in the Lion King if I focus)

I prefer rock bands over boy bands. (Hate boy bands!)

I don't like to cuss, but I do when repeating something or I'm really angry. I try to stay clean mouthed though.

Preps anoy me so bad!

I hang with the goth gang! Not really we just say that cuz we're wierd! lol!

Me and my long time bf broke up(Thank you God) and now I'm going with my long time crush!

I have found that I have an inner Sakura, and Foamy.

I don't do drugs, they screw up lives. No one try and tell me they don't! Over half my school is on drungs, and trust me, I work at Mcdonalds.

I have become obessed with Dane cook! Go on youtube and type in 'Dane Cook-Avatar' and you'll know why.

I support Bush. Got a problem with it? I hate how people take it out on Bush for the fact that he's the only one with enough balls to settle the middle east! Lets see, how many times have they attemped or succeded the attack us? A lot, and every time we don't do anything about it, they take it as a sign of weakness, and fear, and if we don't stop them now it wont end!

Now for some Quotes:

That sucks monkey balls!-Lakin, when she's mad

Chub Chub is sexy!-Me(I think Gohan from DBZ is Hott!)I was on the computer and I saw a pic of him that made him look fat, and I just screamed CHUB CHUB! Now me and Lakin yell, "chika chika chub chub!"

HIIIIIIIIIII!-huffpuff(she greets people with a friendly...loud...high-pitched,HI!(HP(huffpuff): It's fun to try to get the pitch of my voice higher every time)

Friendship is like peeing in your pants, everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth!-my friend Kirstie told me that, but I don't know who actually wrote it.

I'm a cat, I'm a Kitty Cat, and I dance, dance dance,and I dance, dance, dance! I'm a cat, I'm a kitty cat, and I meow, meow, meow, and I meow, meow, meow! (who else got that email!)

You're going down the hellevator!-me

I'll stab you in the ear... till it bleeds! LOL( just ask if you want to know whats so funny)

Blood, Guts, Fingers, and toes! Blood, Guts, Fingers, and Toes! Who's goin chickin huntin, we's goin chickin huntin!( ICP's Chikin huntin)I don't own it!

I like peanuts-Natalie, lakin and Nat were at some store and there were peanuts and Lakin screamed, "PEANUTS!" Then Natalie said, "I like peanuts," in a really country accent and it was hilarious!

AK 47, BWAHAHAHAHA!-Zukoscute2 I believe, but my boyfriend always talks about AKs, and I luv maniacle laughter! So when I saw that I fell in love with it!

The emptier your head is the more room to fill it with dreams!- I got that from the japanese version of the Dragon Ball Z theme song! I don'town DBZ or the song! (HP: Let's hope you don't! You'd be married to Gohan faster than he could say, "I do.")

Stephonie:They're floating! Me: No they're not! Cassie: Yes they are! They have nothing to stand on. Me: They're on a hill!Stephonie, Cassie, and Brooke: They're floating! Me: No, they're not! Here, I'll put a shadow there!Stephonie...They're floating on a stick! Cassie, Brooke, and Kirstie: Yea! Me:NO!- Me and my friends in art talking about a pic I drew for a project and it involved my principle, and a student on a hill in front of the school, but it looked like they had no ground, so I put a shadow under it, and then it looked like they were floating on a stick!

Toph:How'd you find me twinkle toes? Aang: How'd you know it was me? Sokka: Don't answer to that! It's not manly! Katara: Your the one whos belt matches there bag!- the Avatar cast. I was about to pee on myself!(not really!)

"I AM THE AVATAR BENDER OF ALL ELEMENTS! SWOOSH!"Throws water at Kerry "Ha! I water bended!"-me at Splash Country with Kerry. We were in the lazy river, and the floats had arrows on them (Now you know it's trouble)(HP: XD Ya, really.), and I stuck a big green float to my head, and yelled, "I AM THE AVATAR!"

CAPS LOCK DOES NOT FULLY EXPRESS MY FANGIRLY JOY!- An icon kerry sent me! Isn't it true though.

"I hear voices...and they don't like you."-phone background(HP: XD Nice.)

"And this is Katara. My flying sister."-Sokka.

"I LOVE polish people!"-Vicki at work.

"How am I like a penguin? Come on tell me! What do I have to do with your brother, and a penguin?"-Zuko from one of Jakia's stories.

Brooke(little sister)Chants.I read your diary. Me:Chants back. You can't read.- At my B-day when Brook was like three or four.

"Amassment" Kerry pointed out to me. A typo in my story. I think she said it sounded like someone was constapated.

"They're beautiful!" Wipes away tearfrom eye.- me everytime I eat one of Kerry's dad's brownies.

My sunday school teacher: Men find some of the most unthinkable things on a womans body attrractive. Like my husband, and ankles. The class: Ankles! SST:Yes! Me: Starts rubbing ankle "Flesh babe, flesh." Other people in class: Oh my gosh! Your ankles are so sexy!- Very odd church discussion. (o.O -cough- I just fixed all the errors in that one in the hopes that I'll never read it again.)

Silence is gold, but duck tape is silver.- Shirt at HOT TOPIC. (HP: XD)

(Pushes cup-thingy in and out at work)"This is fun!" Crystal: Ok Brittany, stop being ADD now. (We were not making fun of ADD poeple because I seriously am. ( HP:-cough- I think you're just stupid and easily amused. Kelsey doesn't have ADD and she was having fun swishing water back and forth in a water bottle on Field Day. -_-") (T:Hey! I do that too! Don't make fun of us!)(HP: I'm not making fun of you! I'm simply pointing it out! You know what I was doing the other night? I was clipping staples into little bitty pieces with a fingernail clipper!)

"You can't jump a track/ without cars on a cable,/ and lifes like an hour-glass glued to the table/no one can find the rewind button now." From the new song "Breathe" I don't own it!

Alright this is a thought in my head. Hmm, it's raining. It's pretty when it rains, so peaceful. Oh look! It looks like a bird! How neat! Crap! It just got it's head cut off! Oh it came back. I know I'm so interesting. (Amazing. I tend to have similar thoughts, but... not quite thoughts like that...) (It looked like a bird on my windsheild!)

"I ate fish balls, and spicy peas!-Me.

"We are such fangirls it's not even funny!"-me

"I want to show you something disturbing!-me. Kerry's mom slowly turns around. "What?...Brittany, it's not that kind of party."-Kerry's mom. "NO! I just ment my DBZ collection! Pulls out an armload of it.

"My fingers smell like ketchup and milk."-me...a very odd lunch story.

Shanon: "O.k. We all are strait here." Nick: Speak for yourself honey!" Everyone: o.O o.O o.O

Camels go moo!-Kelsey

Camels go moo!-Me He-he, that's funny...really?-Crystal No!-me Oh! Cause that would be hillarious! It's like hey what am I, MOO?-Crystal Uh I don't know, a cow- The person she believes is real NO! I'm a freakin camel!-Crystal. (My friends worry me.)

OMG! Ok this is from Kerry's anime, and manga party! I will not have the names because I can't remember who said what. There are four of us. "DID YOU SEE THAT!" "It showed his butt!" "WHAT!" "Quick, Where's The Rewind Botton!" "I can't find the dang botton!T_T" "HERE IT IS!" "NO, you rewinded too far you retard!" "THERE! STOP REWINDING! NO!" "Just watch it from here!" "Here it comes!" SQUE!" "We are SUCH perverts!" That has to be one of the funniest conversations we've ever had! LOL! We're not really that perverted! Sad thing is that's the short version. It really took like ten minutes! lol!

"Me love him even kno him durt, Me did not kno him was a flurt, O gosh O gee How I love he, but he loves she, and she ain't me, Damn him hate him wish him die, Say him love me but him lie, but love is love and always was, I'll get him back, I always does!- Poem by cassie's mom!

"That cloud is so...poofy...poof.-Ty lee (I went around saying that and people thought I was insane.)

"Kerry, if I was desperate enough, I could scale the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING! And trust me I'm DESPERATE!" -Me running away from my b/f, and kerry saying how I couldn't get in her two story house.

"Uh-oh spagetti-o's! No one says that any more!" Me. One of my random moments.


"He didn't smell like a hint of piss, or a smidgin of piss. It's like that morning when he woke up, he jumped out of bed and said: Bring on the piss!!"-Dane Cook.

Some of my favorite shows are:

Dragon Ball (Z), Inuyasha, Avatar, Tenchi Muyo, Naruto, Family Guy, and recently Bobobo-bobo-bo, Sister Sister, Suit life of Zack and Cody, Raven, Scooby Doo, and many more! I strongly recommend you watch some!

Fav Mangas: Dragon ball (Z), Inuyasha, Naruto, DN Angel, Yuyuhakisho, Clemore, School Rumble, Moon Boy, fruits Basket Gaba kawa, vampire knight, millenium snow Bleach One pound Gospel Hanazkai no Kimitachi he(Hana-Kimi) Crimson Hero Meru Puri, and probably more.

Fav Couples! (I respect all of your ideas, but this is how I feel.)

Zuko/Katara My main Avatar pairing! Love it!

Aang/Togh(So cute!)

Sokka/Suki, or Yue or Ty Lee. (I can't decide yet)

Gohan/Videl(LOVE THEM!) (HP:She also loves Gohan/Her...) (T:Shh no one knows that.)(HP:Sure they don't. How many plastic figurines of him do you have now?)(T: Just 3...and a sticker...and a few movies with him. but thats it!)(HP: -_-" Why am I not surprised?) (I'm also going to get a Zuko one! o Then an Inuyash one!)(HP: -sigh-)

Chichi/Goku (omg! That's all I have to say...)

Vegita/Bulma(gotta love'em)


Inuyasha/Kagome(Hate them with anyone else. Latest in my therey, I have come up with this! When Inu was with Kikyo her spirtual powers got weaker. When Inuyasha is with Kagome his power increases!)

Inuyasha/Kikyo(Yes, she pisses me off A LOT but they were in love! He was willing to die for her, and she couldn't kill him! I still think he's Kagome's though!)

Miroku/Sango (can you say, Aww!)

Koga/Iame S/C (I feel so bad for her)

Tenchi/Ayeka(No one else!)

Sakura/Rock Lee (He really likes her, and has a really big heart!) Other than that I don't know. I haven't thought much about pairing on there. Still thinking. (-hiss- I hate that pairing. Every time I try to picture their child I see a black haired girl with a bowl cut and Gai's eyebrows. o.O XD) (T:... o.O...Oh my...)(HP: XD Exactly.)

Naruto/Sakura (My original pairing, but I kept getting confused!

Naruto/the quiet girl (She has such a huge crush on him! She's like his little stalker! "I wanna mary my stalker" That's an actual song!)

Saske/Sakura (I'm not sure about a real pairing, but her obsessing over him would be lots of fun! Kerry encourages Itachi/Sakura(Opposites attract! Gotta love it!))

Gasser/Beauty(They were in love from the 1st time she saw him hidding behind the tree)

Ash/Misty(Leave me alone! I don't watch it! I just hate may, and wish misty would come back! Also I just recently found out, in the japanese version, Ash's name is Red! Don't ask me how I know this!) (I can't figure out how to e-mail the stupid volumes to you! There's something wrong with them! T_T)

Darian/Serrina(Shut up!)

Daisuke/Satoshi (Just kidding, but sometime i think it might happen...that scares me.



Katara/Aang (Trust me! I could go on and on why I hate that one)

Zuko/Azula (Can you say INCEST!)

Zuko/Jun(What is she 25!)

Zuko/Aang (I'm not a homaphobic! I have bi friends! (I'm strait!) I just know it ain't gonna happen, and I REALLY DON'T want to read about it!)



Ash/May(I WILL kill the show before that happens!)

Koga/Kagome (STA STAB, STA, STAB!)

Inuyasha or Kagome with anyone other than each other!

FAVE SONGS: OMG! WHERE DO I BEGIN? Here we go, Almost anything buy Nickleback, Almost anything of Simple Plan, Walking on sunshine, Do you believe in magic, many things by Queen, Send me an angel, I Hate Every thing About you, Broken, almost anything of Kelly Clarkson, Sweet Dreams, Every Heart, Itzura na kiss(mistievious kiss),Red neck woman, I'm all grown up(OMG that song is funny! These girls just start going, Hey daddy hey daddy, I'm all grown up.) B.Y.O.B, alot by avril, pink, Lips of an Angel, The Dairy of Jane, and OMG many more!

Well thanx for reading, by the way I will be writing a story so please read it and tell me how it is! I know huffpuff is having a fit!(HP:Having a fit about getting to read it! But right now I'm having a fit trying to fix all your spelling mistakes! I'm not even going to bother trying to fix one of the paragraphs below this any more than I already have!)

If you want to read some of the stories I've read feel free to! I love them all they're really awesome.Oh, and I will add more I just have to relocate them!

fav foods: Steak, pizza, fettuchini alfrado, spaghetii, ramen, rice, chicken...the list goes on, and on! Thanks, God bless you, Bye~~

Proofread and slightly edited by huffpuff. (It doesn't make enough sense for me to be enabled to fix it all) You and Kelsey can't spell worth a flip, Brittany! You spelled "met at" as "meaneat".(but I fixed it) Surely you didn't meaneat the people you met at my B-day party! (T:Do you freakin make mistakes wile I'm gone so you can make fun of me?)(HP:If I understood what the heck you mean by that then I'd respond. If your asking if I change your profile to where it has even more mistakes then no. It's all you. And you mispelled while when you were just accusing me.)(T:And you misspelled wile accusing me!) HAHA!(HP: I spelled while correctly. You're the one who keeps spelling it wrong!)

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