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Well several things have changed on the site since I last updated.

But I think I finally figured out the quotation marks problem.

Hopefully now I can continue to write. While I am working on 'After the Pain' I want o get 'Return to Sound finnished because it explains a lot of things that happened to Gaara and others so that I Don't have to go inot too much detail in ATP. Hope I haven't lost too many people.


Well my computer is working again. And my Muse seems to have fianlly returned from whereever it was she had run off too.So I am once again working on my stories. I hope to get the three I already have posted finished by the end of the year. (Knock on wood) So that I can start posting a few others that I have in the works.


I am sorry (and a little miffed too) to announce that my laptop has bitten the dust. Since I have no idea when I will be able to afford a new one, I will have to rely on visiting my sister to transfer any writing from paper to computer. Since that is not a common occurance, I have no idea when I will be updating my stories next.

Sorry to all of those who have been patiently waiting, but that is life.

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So hereI am, I got tired of waiting for adult fanfiction to come on line so I thoughtI would see what would happen if I posted on this site and see what people think of my take on stuff.

Any way Ihave an over active imagination so here are a few of the worlds acording to me.


Okay well I thought I would add a little more here since I have found so many wonderful people on this site and they seem to like my stories.

Even though I only have three posted here and on adult I resently did a count of how many story idea's I have for fan fiction. (That means I didn't count the seriouse original stories I am also working on)

As of this moment in time I have 59 stories swimming around in my little head, (MY friend calls it THE BLACK HOLE THAT HAS NO OFF SWITCH)

So depending on life and how long it takes me to fininsh these ones I may have a few more to put up at some time.

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