sesshy the ninja kitsune
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I like inuyasha the anime,sailor moon,full metal alchmeist,

I am 14 years old

im a pisces

im in 8thgrade

i have a cat & a dog (chawawa)
i have an older sister she draws really well she can draw a very good sesshoumaru

i play a werewolf game every sunday

i also play tactics i just sighned up so im not really used to this stuff yet my science teacher is mean i had a months worth of writting 4 my i need to

get it back as soon as possible! mmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppp. so be nice when i write my fic.

uumm i hate no not hate loath no despize kikyo i also despize kagome inuyashas a whine ass


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