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E-mail: Feel free to contact me, send comments , flames, etc. Each honest opinion gets me one step closer to being the writer I wish to be.

Bio: I am currently working on my first novel, and using fan fiction to keep me flowing when I get writers block or need a break from the universe I am creating. I a huge fan of the following authors: S.E. Hinton’s, Laurel K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Lara Adrian. If you didn’t catch the thing I’m a sucker for series and interconnecting works of fiction.

I have a name for each genre I work in

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HarryPOtter- Aweasley26

Author's Notes:

December 15h, 2007

Hello All, I have to apologize about the lack of updated. My muse is pulling me in different directions. I know I have stories that need to be updated, but I only seem to be able to think about my beloved Fred, and George, so I’m forced to apologize while I focus in with them. Happy Christmas to everyone.

Status of Stories

A Weasley Johnson Story- Updated Chapter 3: Denial Added

Travel By Bloodline- New Story


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Quotes From One of My Stories:

This is My Sundown

Chapter 2: Re Learning Laughter

“That was a grand welcome to my new place,” Angelina said rolling her eyes as he grinned.

“Can’t say you didn’t know what you were in for from the start,” he said as she snorted.

“ I knew what I was in for from the first moment I met you in First year and you freaked the girls out with your rubber spider grinning at me before you two scurried off.” She said shaking her head as they walked around the apartment together.

“ We didn’t get you though,” he said shaking his head as she smiled sadly.

“ I was the youngest of three brothers, Id’ been there and done that, besides spiders never bothered me,” She said saddened once more by the heavy losses she’d suffered. Kale, and Ranger were still alive, but Chev had died, tortured by death eaters for information he never gave.

“Well they taught you well because if I remember correctly you were in on quite a few of our pranks at Hogwarts,” he said as she laughed.

“ I like to think of myself as the mysterious third party,” She said as he chuckled.

“ I don’t know where to start,” She said shaking her head. It felt wrong to take any of it away. Like they’d be forgetting Fred some how if they were to box anything up.

“ Whose to say we couldn’t just clean?” he asked quietly.

“And leave it as it?”

“For now,” he whispered as she nodded.

Cleaning they shared the memories that surfaced finding more laughter than tears was to be had. Their time in the flat had been almost golden, as if nothing going on outside could enter their sanctuary.

.Staking a Claim

Pausing to watch the sun make the rest of his final descent for the evening he shook his head. Turning away from her as he looked out over the sea as the puzzle pieces fit together. She was his, that was why they had matching marks, why they’d’ always been best mates, and why he felt strangely drawn to her. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her… a characteristic that didn’t come naturally to Slytherin or Malfoy’s. This was what they hadn’t been able to explain to them as children. Never won to hesitate when there was something he wanted he let his arm wrap around her waist meeting her purple gaze when she looked up and holding it as he lowered his lips to hers.

Feeling his mark burn as their lips brushed gently he was spurred to deepen the kiss letting his tongue snake out to caress her lips before slipping inside as he devoured her branding her his as fire shot through her veins warming her whole body. Pulling away for air he looked down at her with a fire in his green gaze she’d never witnessed before.

“You’re mine,” He said growling as something inside of her answered him. It was like a link had been opened between them that had existed unused until now when she could feel everything he did.

“What is this?” she whispered shaking her head as he trembled slightly glad his arms had crept around to support her.

“Fate,” he answered definitively knowing this was the beginning


I write and post on the board solely for my own enjoyment and hopefully for the entertainment of others. I don’t own any of the story universes I work within. But all OC Characters are my own so please don’t’ steal just ask to “borrow” them.

Life Isn’t Black and White, its Shades of Gray
S. E. Spurlock

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