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Name: Laura

Age: 15

Home land: Ireland

Appearence: 5,6-ish, shoulder lenght dark brown hair,very pale(re:above irish) greeny bluey eyes,dimple birth mark on coller bone

Hobbies:Acting, talking, reading, falling over, listening to music, writing, singing very badly, being bossy, dancing in front of the mirror (hey, at least i'm honest!) hanging in the city centre, laughing and surfing the net!

Ideal job: Author and director

Favourite music: dresden dolls, evenescnce, pink, opeth, marylin manson, my chemical romance, bad religion,dashbords porphets,beethovan,imogean heap,green day..the list goes on!

Favourite books: TWILIGHT!, come clean, the breakable vow, mediator, missing, she went all the way, angel expirement,a little love song, harry potter,artimise fowl, there are so many i can't name them all!

Favourite films: Serenity! the note book, a walk to remember, dogma, hero, x men 1-2, pirates of the carabien,moulin rouge,chicago,four wedding and a furneral, 10 things i hate about you, v for vendetta, again endless list!

Favourite t.v shows: firefly, dr who, veronica mars, buffy, angel, ER, desparate house wifes,

My fan fic's: I love to write and i love to hear what you think of it, good or bad i really want your opinions!

A big thank you to... : i would like say a big thank you to thank peyton 818 for introducing me to the book twilight and for always giving me her honset opinion and for being the best little spell checker in the whole wide world! and for always listening to my endless chatter about how much i love edward!

I recommend: twieveluv! anything she writes is gold! check her storys out right now! also read nightfall and the lion and the lamb!

I'm very sorry that i have updated so little this summer, and to be honest the updates won't be much better during this year as i have started an exam year and will be very busy, but i'll try, for those of you who read my story ' i'm yours' i want you to know that i will finish this story and it is within its last two chapters, and fans of my other story 'undaed lover' i'll continue to add to the seris as often as inspirating strikes me! thanks for your surrport and all the emails! and reviews! i wish i had more time to write but as it is i bearly have time to sleep and live in this world let alone stephenie meyers! ah well - much love- laura!

well done you managed to stay awake during my profile!

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Undead lovers reviews
A collection of poems inspirered by bella and edward's love, some angst some pain, most love.
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