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I stumbled on fanfic by accident and was instantly addicted. Even read the Wincest ones. I even enjoyed some of them... (a lot of them, actually.) A good story is a good story, subject matter not withstanding. Startling personality revelation to say the least. Not only have I become a review junkie I go into major withdrawal if I don't have something to read. Ta for all the smashing writers on this site.

...And if I could get my blasted cats to stop jumping on the keyboard!

I have been writing for years but being the slow learner I am, I had no idea web sites like this existed. Glory be to God and the rain came down, I am among my own kind!

I love the reviews, they keep me pumped. Talk about instant gratification! I like a good story as well as the prerequisite angst and pain of which I am so terribly fond and am thrilled to discover, in this, I am not alone...(Turns out I'm not as warped as I thought I was. Which is good...I think...) My stuff tends to be a little on the dark side, usually a lot of emotional and or physical turmoil, mostly with Dean. I also like simple, but strong descriptions, I want readers to feel the rain and smell the blood but not have to wade hip deep through a lot of superfluous words to get there.

Me, personally, I'm tall, have very short hair that is currently platinum blonde (not anymore, it's now back to black with a white streak like a lighytning bolt in the front, my signature style) and green eyes. That's me in the avatar, holding one of my favorite knives. It was anyway, I forget which avatar I'm using right now. I wear a gold snake earcuff made from my old class ring and some diamonds from a necklace I found in a parking lot and two silver thumb rings. I have a green and black tattoo of a celtic knot on the inside of my right forearm and just acquired a new one on the left inside forearm.

I'm told I can be very intimidating when I'm not being charming. (My son says , I'm not intimidating...I'm frightening (?) I never did anything to HIM) It depends on what I want and whether or not my good friend prozac and I have united that day. (The fact that I am writing on this web site instead of sitting in prison for murder or lying on my back in a grave is a testament to what that little jewel can do.)

I have been, among other things, an antique dealer, an exotic dancer, a graphic designer, layout artist and art director, a bakery manager/cake decorator, cafeteria manager, used books dealer, a car dealer and a suicidal depressive. I own four large, lazy, useless cats and am in possession of a very patient man who readily indulges my various obsessions and treats me like I am made of glass. I have two children who have happily grown up in a kind of 'Night of the Living Dead' world. (If the world is ever overcome by vampires or zombies, my kids are who you want at your back). My tastes have always drifted toward the bizarre and I guess I passed that along to them.

My own mother once asked me (after finding a bunch of books on witchcraft under my bed) not to get too weird. I'm the relative that gets pulled out at family groups and is introduced to strangers as "You've got to meet Terry!" When I was a kid I spent a lot of time playing in the graveyard near where we lived, (trying to break into the masoleum, if you really want to know).

We collect swordcanes, among other things, (my son stabbed me in the leg with one once, long story, accident...he said) and I keep a hunting knife next to the driver's seat in my car, (It belonged to my grandmother, what can I say, I'm sentimental like that). Click the link if you want to see my toy box. http:///crazyhousebiostuff.htm

I took up knife throwing at my husband's encouragement. Hell, he has a 7 foot blowgun and a hand held crossbow. I carry a pocket watch and the best presents my husband ever gave me were a stuffed elephant I sleep with and a Swiss Army knife. I don't sleep with that, he won't let me because of the spider dreams, but it goes where I go.

He also recently gifted me with a beautiful wooden stake to add to our vampire kit. It's got a good grip, well balanced and the business end is sharp as hell and smoother than glass. (Well, I liked it!) Craftsmanship is craftsmanship.

As an anniversary present, he got me a life size animatronic zombie butler for our entry. White gloves, tuxedo, the whole nine yards. We named him Edward and he breathes, laughs, talks and moves his eyes. A man who truly understands a woman's needs is a gift! (I am not into Goth in case that's what you're thinking.)

I once set myself on fire (never volunteer to light a big pile of gunpowder with a kitchen match) and was once thrown from the back of a truck after an unexpected game of chicken (asphalt burns HURT and when people write about the effects of concussions on this site they're not kidding around, it IS possible to see two of something. It took 20 years to find out who was driving the other vehicle.)

Oh yeah, I once punched my best friend in the eye with the butt of a gun. Thinking back, it was really her fault, she startled me, she wasn't supposed to be standing there

I think it's a sin to take yourself to seriously, or anything else for that matter. Unbelievably, there is humor in everything, or at least something to smile about, even if it's a sad smile and it takes a little time to find. (As proof, I offer the fact that when my mother died we picked out a casket that reminded us of her car and kidded around about having her beloved bumper sticker put on the coffin. It read. "Not a well woman." She would have loved that.)

I'm very sarcastic by nature and am one of those acidic people who can look at someone and see the neon sign on their forehead that flashes 'potential victim'. Some people are born with silver spoons in their mouth. In my family, we're born with razor blades for tongues. It's a sickness...

Hopefully, I will be able to channel my darker side into my stories and not outward at the people who are forced to share space with me. They tend to keep a safe distance anyway.

I will keep writing as long as someone tells me they want to read my stuff. I won't stop writing it for my own sick entertainment, but it's nice to know someone else is giving it a look and hopefully enjoying it, so it's worth posting.

Ta to everyone who reads my stuff, whether you liked it or not. Hopefully you did. Ta always for any reviews, good or bad. Hopefully good. The writers on these sites are nothing without the readers, we are trees falling in an empty forest without you wonderful people to acknowledge us and throw treasured tidbits our way. Ta so much for them, they are priceless.

And ta for taking the time to come here and try and find out who I am. If you figure it out, e-mail me. I'd like to know too, although I do have my suspicions.

Family mantras:

1. Work with what you got.

2. It's NEVER to late to try.

Family lessons: (No crap, my kids will repeat this verbatim if you ask)

1. In the case of zombies. Cut the head off, then burn the body and head in seperate piles.

2. You can't get out of the back of a police car if you don't have a screwdriver.

3. ALWAYS carry a knife. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Family policy: Be nice. If nice doesn't cut it, then do what you need to, to control the situation.

You know what the really pathetic thing about this profile is? Every damned word is true...

Onward and upward or as I am wont to is pain.

My daughter has a movie coming out on DVD in August 2008, called Johnny Sunshine: Maximum Violence, from Dissolve Pictures distributed by Brain Damage Films. She's Johnny. The one wearing electrical tape. If you want to see the trailer here's the link. It's played at the Hong King Film Festival and will screen at Cannes in May I think. I'm very proud of her. After you see the trailer you really will wonder what kind of a mother I am. The guy beating the crap out of her was her real life boyfriend at the time who is a very talented artist.

I AM ashamed of one thing about the movie.

She KNOWS that's not how you kill zombies.

Where did I go wrong...

I am posting these stories on my website at http:// and they include art. If you liked Moonstar there is an illustrated version being posted on there with over 200 pics to try to make it come to life. I hope you come by and take a look. It will also be available shortly in a stand alone zine at conventions curtesy of Agents With Style.

If you like the stories you read on fanfic, whether they're mine or someone elses, cause there are a lot of talented writers on this site in whose shadow I am humbled to stand, show those writers how much their efforts mean by considering nominating then for a Supernatural FanFiction Award at http:///snfa/index.php?c=63 , or through Sensue's site at http://. Sensue has instructions on nominating your favorites and if you are confused by them she is always ready to lend a hand. Whether you win or not, the fact that someone enjoyed your story enough to want it nominated is a great compliment to the writers who offer these stories for your enjoyment.

My fanfic, "Chipping Away", won first place in the category, Chick Flick Moments and Best Story Overall in the 2nd round of the SNFA Awards (http://)

Cry In The Night won something too but I forget what. (rolls eyes, I can't believe me)

I was an artist and writer for the first and second Supernatural Virtual Season. My Virtual Season Episode "Writhe" http:// won first place in the category, Daytime TV and was Runner Up for Best Story Overall in the 4th round of the SNFA Awards (http://) The Virtual Seasons of Supernatural is now available in print as full color magazines with story art inside and original cover art. Season one is in print and Season two is just now becomiong available. Get it at conventions or thru http://

Reading all this crap is like sitting thru the credits at a movie hoping for an easter egg.

This is all there is.

Go do something .


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