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Hiya! It is me, Neo-Nebula the great! Welcome to my bio! I am also on under this same name, under the name of Gamer_of_Light, as Lost-Remnant, and am on as YoshimiTheEtheral. I have been on this site for a long time and have really enjoyed my time here very much. If you read one of my stories, a review is very much appreciated, as I hardly update unless I have at least one. If you cannot or will not review, but want me to get an "unofficial" one from you, try contacting me on one of those other sites.

Age: 17

Gender: ??

Hottest People ever: Teru and Kamijo (Versailles Philharmonic Quintet), Gackt Camui, and Kami (Malice Mizer. RIP).

Favorite Games: FFVII, Crisis Core:FFVII, FFX, Tales of Symphonia, Kingdom Hearts II, Xenosaga III, FFIX, FFVIII.

Favorite Movies: FFVII: Advent Children, The Last Samurai, The Phantom of the Opera, The Island, Spiderman series, Star Trek series.

Fave Shows: Star Trek, General Hospital.

Fave Voice Actors: Steve Burton, Dave Whittenburg.

Fave singers/bands: Malice Mizer, Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, Lareine, Aikaryu, Gackt, Klaha, and Utada Hikaru.

Unfortunately, I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and problems with my arms that I do not know what they are, and I have had the CTS since I was 13 or 14, so it is really bad. I will be 17 next month and it is a shame that I have such problems, and I am afraid this will affect my usage of this site. Because I am in so much pain, I am going to have to cut down my writing dramatically. I am sorry for this, and I wanted people who may watch for my new stories to know this.

Here are some stories I am writting and are not on here yet. If you have any interest in any of them, tell me and I may post them.


"Wakka's Taters 2", a sequal to "Wakka's Taters". Unfinished right now. Now has Squall and Seifer added to the mix. Wakka's new baby tater is stolen again! Who did it this time? Rated T.

"A Wonderful Life in Spira". After FFX, Auron and Tidus survive and Auron adopts him. Humor and randomness. Lots of "unique" pets and a crazy adventure! Rated T.


"Tiny House". Based on the Geico commercial. Unfinished right now. Cloud wins a house for he and Tifa in which to live after fighting Hercules in the coliseum. The house was built too small . . . Rated K=+?

Tales of Symphonia:

"The Legend of Zelos". Humor and randomness! Unfinished right now. Zelos has a birthday party and finds out that Seles and his mother no longer love him. The party causes Zelos to leave his house and try to escape from the idiots that burned it down. Those idiots are the other ToS main characters. Rated K+.


"A Chaotic Christmas". Humor and randomness! It is only a short while until Christmas, so the group is excited and getting prepared. Shion thinks that good is bad and bad is good, Ziggy wears banana peals, KOSMOS thinks she is sophisticated, Jr. and MOMO just want food and presents, Jin is obsessed with cookware, Albedo is determined to ruin everyone's Christmas, and chaos and Allen are the ones having to suffer with these idiots! Rated T.

"Jr.'s Big Ideas". Angst along with some random humor. chaos messes up in battle, causing the party to lose, so Ziggy decides to make him pay. Pretty much Ziggy beats on chaos and he must find a way to make him stop, but cannot tell anyone or his punishments will become worse. Rated T.

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Ashes and Ghosts by Clownfood reviews
A building on fire. Yazoo can't just walk by, can he? The children. They're screaming...Yazoo ends up at Tifas care. What will she do? can you kill someone just for looking like somebody else?
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Tidus and the rest of the FFX gang are going to preschool! AU. Mean bullies, an irresponsible teacher, and time out are the enemies! Beware! Muahahahahaah! Disclaimer: I do not own any of these wonderful characters or any thing else. Tetsuya Nomura and th
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