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Name: Kaiena
Age: 18

About Me: My name is a name of a character that I've created, one that none of you will see because I hate OCs and Mary-Sues. I love to write for various fandoms, and I love to draw and paint. I'm considered smart with my GPA and I'm open-minded about everything, as well as opinionated. I'll be graduating in May, and I'll be going to college in Kendall.


~ Legend of Zelda ~
Link x Ganondorf (dark)
Link x Dark Link (because it's hot)
Ilia x Link (meh)
Link x Malon
Dark Link x Vaati
Dark Link x Vio
Zelda x Ganondorf

~ Yu Gi Oh! ▼~
Yugi x Atem/Yami
Atem/Yami x Anzu
Jounouchi x Yugi
Jounouchi x Mai
Atem/Yami x Mai
Ootogi x Shizuka
Seto x Atem/Yami

~ Resident Evil ~
Leon x Ashley
Chris x Jill
Wesker x Leon
Jill x Wesker
Shiva x Chris
Leon x Fiona (Haunting Grounds)

~ Final Fantasy ~
Cloud x Tifa
Cloud x Aeris
Zack x Aeris
Tifa x Aeris
Zack x Cloud
Kadaj x Reno
Reno x Rude
Vincent x Yuffie
Sephiroth x Cloud

Squall x Rinoa
Zell x Squall
Squall x Seifer

Yuna x Tidus
Lulu x Tidus
Yuna x Lulu
Rikku x Auron
Tidus x Rikku
Seymoure x Yuna (dark)
Rikku x Paine

~ Kingdom Hearts ~
Axel x Roxas
Sora x Riku
Riku x Kairi
Namine x Sora
Kairi x Namine
Olette x Roxas
Namine x Riku
Larxene x Axel
Marluxia x Larxene
Vexen x Marluxia
Zexion x Demyx
Lexaeus x Zexion

~ Pokemon ~
Ash/Satoshi x Misty/Kasumi
Mewtwo x Mew (favorite)
Ash/Satoshi x Gary/Shigeru
N. Joy x Mewtwo (depending)