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~~When The Dancer Becomes The Dance...~~

Hey Ya'll! MaybeBaby17 here, just NOW figuring out this whole profile thing. (I swear me and technology don't get along lol)Well Browse and enjoy I guess.


Movie: "Pirates of the Caribbean" Arrr!

Food: Pizza (...yea...I know...I should have been born Italian)

Candy: omg! Godiva chocolate! ah! lol

Place: the beach

Store: Victoria's Secret!

Hobby: writing, DANCING, going to the beach

Actor: Johnny Depp!

Actress: Kate Winslet

Curse Word: Fck lol

Color: Red

Band: MCR, Guns and Roses, HIM-way too many to name.

Things I Love To Love:

Dancing-I'm a full time dancer, The Stage,Johnny Depp-I love all his movies (and not JUST because he's hott but i guess that helps too! ;) j/k), Music-dude I'm a dancer and it makes me loose control, MRC-love their music, Writing-yea thats pretty selfexplanatory lol, Shopping, Clothings-yet somehow I NEVER have enough money for it, Chocolate, Victoria's Secret-but I think I mentioned that from above, Guys with accents or who know how to salsa it, Movies, Popcron-how random, Random things

Things I Love To Hate:

People who are close minded-need i say more, Lindsey Lohan (or however you spell her name)-I don't know maybe its just me, but there's just something really fake about her, Fake Tans- okayI know people want to look "healthy" and "stylish" and all andI can understand that b/cI live in Miami but dude c'mon, thats so overated w/e, Fast Food-I only eat the fries, I've seen too many of my friend put stuff in other people's food that and seeing "Supersize Me" totally turned me off.

Well that about sums me up. I love my reviewers like a fat kid loves cake! Feel free to read my stories! xoxo

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