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Why, Annie? Well, first off I should say that over the years I have been beyond in love with writing fiction. My head, especially as of late, is always buzzing to the brim with new ideas for different stories, which can probably explain why I have so many. I do intend to finish them all one day and I'm working my way there. Also, my writing style has changed immensely from when I began my account at a very young age, so I am trying to re-write almost everything to fit my new criteria. All in all, you can say that I'm absolutely obsessed with writing. It's my life, it's my source of energy every day, it's my dream. I'm working on a novel as well right now, so fanfiction may come second to that at times, but my viewers mean very much to me, so I do my best :) :)

A Special Note: As my stories progress, I'd really like some publicity for them on Youtube, but I have absolutely no skill what-so-ever in making videos. So, be that as it may, I welcome any of you to whip up a video for one of my fanfics. I think it would just be so fun to see how others portray my story image-wise.

I am a lover of all things dark and romantic. That means that I am an avid fan of Gothic romance and tragic, dark heroes—candelabras, looming castles, bloodthirsty vampires, phantoms, ghosts, and haunted forests all hold to my appeal, for it is the genre I love. I have this twisted little thing for the "dark-hearted" men (those who have a darker past, are troubled, have flaws, but all in all have a good heart and have traits that make them unique and irreplaceable)—Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre, Erik from Phantom of the Opera, Mr. Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, etc.

Why do I enjoy this? I don't really know. I suppose it is because it causes someone to have an imagination and fully immerse themselves into a world so unlike our own. Also, I believe that everyone has a dark side and that each of us relate to these characters in more ways than one, even if we don't admit it to ourselves.

I like to think that I write differently than most, because I like realism as well as fantasy. I try to make my characters as believable as possible and as true to their originals as I can, or in the way that I first came to envision them. That means that I give them a personality, traits that differentiate them from others, pasts and circumstances that anyone could go through, so as to make my reader feel as if they aren't just reading some mindless trash; they are reading a story that could be real in that world.

About me:

A little bit about me, I suppose, since this is my profile. I thrive on writing. Without it, I would die. If you were to compare me to a character in fiction, it would be Erik from Phantom of the Opera; his love and passion for music is like mine for writing. Without it, I am nothing. I am currently working on several novels at the moment, all of which--and many more--I hope to publish.

From the age of 3, my grandfather—the most important man in my life and the one man who has inspired my passion for so many things—would tell me the story of the Phantom of the Opera every night before bedtime. He would sing me to sleep with songs from the musical, we would listen to Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman every time we drove in his car, and he would call me Little Lotte. The Phantom of the Opera has always been a part of my life and I feel a deep connection to it. I know others do as well, but it isn't every day that I come across someone who fully understands the story and the characters within it—and I can't say that I necessarily blame them; they didn't grow up glued to it, indulging in it, thriving on it, and there are now so many different versions and perspectives that anyone without a solid background with it could be swayed in so many different directions.

Erik— I love almost all versions of Erik, for in a way he is all of them—the mad, obsessed, deranged Erik (not incredibly overboard of course, just the hints to his insanity); the seducer, because heis seductive in so many ways; the stoic man of passion, scorned and hated, who finds a gentleness in the beauties of the world. One thing I do not like, which many "phans" place in their writing is the "sob story Erik". Nothing annoys me more, probably, than an Erik who is so self-pitying that he becomes worthless. I can't tell you how many times I have come across fanfictions where Erik hates his life (he DOES, but honestly?), where he is suicidal, where he criesevery chapter for all that he's lost, where he repeats over and over again that he never believes he should deserve love because he's just so ugly and wah wah wah—do you see where I am going with this? In short: it disgusts me and it is an insult to the humanity of Erik and his persona.

Christine— Many people misunderstand Christine, just as they do with Erik and Raoul. I personally can never bring myself to hate Christine or imagine her as most seem to—the whimiscal teenager with no brain who whores her way through both Raoul and Erik, leaving Erik broken and betrayed, and runs off with Raoul, "the fop". *inserts scoff here*. First, I love Raoul. I think he is sweet and that Christinedoes love him, but in a different way than she loves Erik—yes, I do believe she loves Erik, too. I believe that Christine loves Raoul and that she chose him because, in her circumstances, at her age, in her time period, who wouldn't have? She was young and with Erik she bonded a large connection, one that can never be severed. They shared a passion for life, music, imagination, and all the things she thrived after. But she was also young and religious, too, and what she felt with Erik was strong, mature, and at times incredibly horrifying—how could she feel this way for a man who has killed, who is deformed, who has never known love? How could she be happy with him forever and leave her entire life behind? Raoul was a safe-guard, a protector, a familiar face, and a warm hand to hold; he was also rich, stable, and could provide a loving, caring home for her. She could be happy with him. She loved both, and she was torn when she left Erik, for she loved him deeply, but her choice to pick Raoul was the logical choice and I would never bash Raoul or her because of it. I could enjoy both ways: Christine + Erik = Love or Christine + Raoul= Love.

So, that is my Phantom, well, only part of it. Haha. ————

I am also an avid fan of Harry Potter. I personalize most with Hermione Granger because I was the bookworm in school, I was teased because my hair was obnoxious and bushy, I read the dictionary for fun after tests, I had a love for unique information, I loved knowing things that no one else knew just so I could explain it to them, and I stressed to no end when ever my grades were less than they should be. Harry Potter is a series that I grew up with and therefore feel strongly connected to it, just as I do with Phantom. There's nothing better after a rough day than to escape into a fantasy world with characters that are so real and relatable, who all face the same trails we do in everyday life. Okay, so we don't have wands and we don't attend Wizarding school and we don't have to give our lives to defeat a power hungry Dark Lord who has split his soul seven times so that he could live forever.But , if you are religious, we face trials every day in that aspect. Even if you are not religious, you still face trials, death, finding a place in the world, etc, which is something that Harry Potter symbolically captures.

My favorite Harry Potter pairings

Hermione Granger/Tom Riddle- I love Tom. He is a "dark-hearted" man, and, as I stated above, I happen to be quite fond of those. I think that Hermione is his perfect match. They both are the best of their year in academics and talent, both have strong personalities and ambitions, and are each others perfect challenge. It just clicks for me.

Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy- By this point, you might be saying I have a thing for Slytherins. I do. "Dark-hearted" men, remember? Draco has a complex personality. He's torn between what everyone expects him to do and what he believes to be right. I find him interesting and I believe that he has a deeper personality that most people don't look for. I am not sure why I like him paired with Hermione; perhaps it is because they have such great passion between their fighting, passion which, in the end, can be handed off to their romance. *eyebrow wiggle*.

Hermione Granger/Harry Potter- I love this pairing; always have and always will. When I first began reading the series, I believe they would become a couple in the later books (unfortunately, they did not). They just fit, in my mind. She and him understand each other in ways most could not even dream of; they are best friends. They both are strong, willing to fight for what they believe is right, and honestly, I believe that Hermione needs a man. Harry is a man. He is strong, loving, brave, loyal, and he does what is right, follows his duty, lays down his life to protect the ones he loves. Hermione deserves someone like that, in my opinion, because I think she's great like that.

Harry/Ginny- Occasionally, I can accept this pairing, if it is written well. I like Ginny and I like Harry. It depends on the day whether I like them together. I don't think they really fit, but I suppose I've yet to find a story that persuades me that this ship is "meant to be". I think they are both outstanding characters with strong personalities and dreams, but we never really got anything from Ginny and Harry. We were pretty much just spontaneously told that Harry liked Ginny and then pow, "magic". Yeah, I don't see true love that way at all. I need more depth than that. And I've yet to find that in Harry and Ginny, but it is always possible.

James Potter/Lily Potter- Love it, what else can I say? It's a love/hate relationship from the start. There's a story behind them, something to work with, a chemistry and a bond.

My Writing Style:

Regarding Genres: You will most likely never see anything under the "humor" category or the "sci-fi" category, or for that matter "angst". I personally cannot stomach angst, but I think that if it is written the right way and it is believable, then it is acceptable, so occasionally I will write it. As for the other two, I will not. I am a "serious" writer and I like to have a story, which is why one-shots are usually so hard for me. I wish to be an author one day, so I am used to writing novel-length things. You will most likely never see a fanfiction written by me that does not involve romance. I am a romantic in so many ways and to write something without having romance in it is like taking my nails to a chalkboard and slowly, agonizingly, making me drag them down it. I can't stand it. As for "horror", I love it in so many ways people that know me and then discover this about me sometimes take a couple steps back and eye me as if I've grown three heads, because I can be that twisted. If I want.

Regarding Sensuality: Do you truly expect to find a piece of writing out there these days without some sensuality? Phantom of the Opera is full of it. So, yes, there will be sensuality as needed in my fiction. However, you will never find "smut" or anything of the sort in my stories; I find it degrading and repulsive, and I simply can't bring myself to ever write it. I will personally not write anything extremely scandalous because that is just not how I roll; my apologies for those who enjoy that. Personally, I believe that sex is a perfectly normal part of life and if expressed in certain ways, can be appropriate in fiction. I suppose it just depends on the story. For example, my lovely "dark-hearted" men are very sensual, which is part of why I love them so much because they are so exciting, but I will never write them in a way that will take away any of their personality and create a different image in someone's head about who they are.

Reviews/Feedback- I love receiving reviews for my writing; if I didn't, why would I be writing fanfiction? I love to hear what people think about what I write, I love it when they ask me questions, and I love it when they encourage me to keep going when I believe I've lost it all. My reviewers are my best friends and I strive to reply and thank everyone who reviews and comments on my stories. To me, I believe that writing is an extremely intimate thing. When others read my writing, they are reading what I pour out from my heart, my soul, and my mind—the three most important things that make up a human being. It is an indescribable feeling when a reader tells me how I've touched them in some way, or made a difference, even if that is not my intention. I don't necessarily like flames and I find them disrespectful—I would personally never be rude in any way toward a fellow writer; we all have our different opinions—but I do welcome criticism, for it is vital in helping a writer gain some backbone and improve themselves. But, in that regard, one must realize this one simple thing about me: You may tell me what you feel is right and what you like or do not like, and what you wish I could change, and I will hear you and take your thoughts into careful consideration, but that does not mean that I will change it for you. :)

Feel free to message me if you want! If I don't reply right away then it is because life is crazy and I'm most likely busy!

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"We were meant to cross paths, and even if we die this very instant, we'll find each other again. Our souls are connected. Enemies, friends, lovers, whatever it may be." With nothing more than a faded dream directing her, Hermione flees her safe harbor on an altering journey to re-discover herself and the mysterious man that still calls to her in her dreams. Sequel to Destiny.
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After the war, Draco is given a mysterious secret heirloom. Suddenly, he is bombarded with nightmares about Hermione Granger—dead. In a race to stop the clock, Draco must realize he holds the power to rescue the one girl he wouldn't mind turning up dead.
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Hermione's wedding night is everything but perfect for the young witch. Her new husband and long-time friend, Ronald, is passed out drunk and she thinks upon her life leading up to that night. Hermione falls asleep, despondent and alone. When she wakes up the following morning, she is still in bed with her husband. But it isn't Ronald Weasley. :Under temporary construction.:
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His arm shot out, slamming her into the brick wall. "Ah yes, my suspicions are confirmed, witch," he hissed. "As are mine. Vampire," she snarled and their eyes locked together in the equal fury of a hurricane as she raised her wand and he bared his fangs.
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When the future crumbles to dust, Hermione Granger makes a desperate last choice to save the world and flings herself backward through time. What she does not expect is to find love and a realization that prejudice can be a very dangerous thing.
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